Data Science Certificate

Master the tools to become a data scientist: Python, SQL, automation, and machine learning. Learn Python programming fundamentals and analyze data with Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib, and query databases with SQL. Use machine learning to apply regressions and other statistical analysis to create predictive models.

72 Hours


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Python for Data Science Bootcamp

Pick up Python fundamentals and quickly transition into analyzing real-world datasets. You will learn to how to clean and combine data, as well as generate useful statistics and visualizations. The final sessions will be focused on using linear regression to extrapolate from data and make predictions.

30 Hours


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Python Machine Learning Bootcamp

Take a step beyond normal programming, into using algorithms that can independently learn patterns and make decisions. Machine learning skills are in high demand, as these algorithms now run the majority of trading on Wall Street and the product recommendations at big companies like Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix.

18 Hours


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Intro to Python Programming

This Python course is designed for students to learn to code from scratch and become comfortable with programming in Python. Students will learn the syntax, principles, and thought processes that programming entails.

12 Hours


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Python for Automation

Learn Python to extract data from websites. Along the way, you’ll learn how to write loops so that your web scraping code can process a large number of pages.

6 Hours


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Learn Python live online (virtual) from anywhere with our interactive online Python classes. Learn from top instructors live and start applying your skills to exercises and projects in Python. Start a career in data science with our Python classes online.