Adjust Font Size
Increase Preset Range Ctrl-Shift->
Increase In 1-Point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift->
Decrease Preset Range Ctrl-Shift-<
Decrease In 1-Point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-<
Adjust Leading
Increase In 1-Point Increments Ctrl-Shift-"
Increase In 1/10-Point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-"
Decrease In 1-Point Increments Ctrl-Shift-:
Decrease In 1/10-Point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-:
Adjust Kern / Track Amount
Increase In 10/200-em Increments Ctrl-Shift-}
Increase In 1/200-em Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-}
Decrease In 10/200-em Increments Ctrl-Shift-{
Decrease In 1/200-em Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-{
Baseline Shift
Up In 1-Point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-0
Down In 1-Point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-9
Modifying Horizontal Scaling
Increase in 5% Increments Ctrl-]
Decrease in 5% Increments Ctrl-[
Increase in 1% Increments Ctrl-Alt-]
Decrease in 1% Increments Ctrl-Alt-[
Scaling Pictures in 5% Increments
Increase Ctrl-Alt-Shift->
Decrease Ctrl-Alt-Shift-<
Resizing Boxes and Scaling Pictures or Text
Scale Box and Contents Ctrl-Drag
Constrain Box Shape to Square or Circle and scale contents Ctrl-Shift-Drag
Maintain Aspect Ratio of Box & Contents Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Drag
Scale just box proportionally Alt-Shift-Drag
Centering and Fitting Pictures
Center Ctrl-Shift-M
Fit Exactly to a Box Ctrl-Shift-F
Fit to a Box (Maintaining Aspect Ratio) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F
Modifying Width of Lines
Increase In 1-point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift->
Decrease In 1-point Increments Ctrl-Alt-Shift-<
Move Object w/Item tool 1pt Any Arrow Key (add Alt for .1pt)
Move Picture w/Content tool 1pt Any Arrow Key (add Alt for .1pt)
Special Characters
Indent Here Ctrl-\
Discretionary New Line Ctrl-Enter
New Line Shift-Enter
New Column Enter (keypad)
New Box Shift-Enter (keypad)
Right-Indent Tab Shift-Tab
Inch Marks with Smart Quotes Checked Ctrl-Alt-"
Foot Marks with Smart Quotes Checked Ctrl-'
To Enter One Special Font Character
Symbol Font Character Ctrl-Shift-Q, then type character
Zapf Dingbats Font Character Ctrl-Shift-Z, then type character
Changing Fonts
Highlight Font Name in Measurements Palette Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M
Display highlighted text in next font Ctrl-F9
Display highlighted text in previous font Ctrl-Shift-F9
Hyphens and Dashes
Nonbreaking Standard Hyphen Ctrl-=
Discretionary (Soft) Hyphen Ctrl-Hyphen
Nonbreaking en Dash Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Hyphen
Breaking em Dash Ctrl-Shift-=
Nonbreaking em Dash Ctrl-Alt-Shift-=
Page Numbering
Page Number of the Previous Text Box Ctrl-2
Page Number of the Current Text Box Ctrl-3
Page Number of the Next Text Box Ctrl-4
Nonbreaking Standard Space Ctrl-5
Breaking en-Space Ctrl-Shift-6
Nonbreaking en-Space Ctrl-Alt-Shift-6
Breaking Flexible-Space Ctrl-Shift-5
Nonbreaking Flexible-Space Ctrl-Alt-Shift-5
Breaking Punctuation Space Shift-space
Nonbreaking Punctuation Space Ctrl-Shift-space
Selecting Text
Select one whole word Double-click
Select one whole line Three clicks
Select one whole paragraph Four clicks
Select one whole story Five clicks
Style Sheet Palette
Open Style Sheets Dialog Box Ctrl-click on style name
Display edit style sheet pop-up menu Right-click on style name
Apply No Style, then style sheet Alt-click on style name
Lists (Style Sheets, Colors, H&Js, etc.)
Select contiguous components in list Shift-Click
Select noncontiguous components in list Ctrl-Click
Miscellaneous Good Stuff
Copy Paragraph Formats to Selection Alt-Shift-Click
Remove All Tabs from Paragraph Ctrl-Click on Tab Ruler
Activate Hidden Items (box behind box) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Click
Change page numbers Click on “Page #” in document layout
Add multiple pages Alt-drag master page into document area
Remove or move guide Ctrl-click-drag guide
Delete All Ruler Guides Alt-Click on Ruler
Change “Find Next” to “Find First” Alt
Close Find/Change Palette Ctrl-Alt-F
Open Item Specifications Double-click on object w/Item tool
Highlight Measurements Palette Ctrl-Alt-M
Bring up Font Usage F2
Maximize/Minimize Window F3
Searching for Text in Find / Change
Wild Card (in Find only) \?
New Line \n
Tab \t
New Column \c
Paragraph Symbol \p
New Box \b
Punctuation Space \.
Backslash \\
Flex Space \f
For Use in Dialog Boxes
Cancel Esc
Apply Alt-A
Yes Y
No N
Display next Tab in Dialog Box Ctrl-Tab
Display previous Tab in Dialog Box Ctrl-Shift-Tab
To halt redraw on screen Escape
To force redraw on screen Shift-Escape
Select next tool Ctrl-Alt-Tab or Ctrl-F8
Select previous tool Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-F8
Zooming / Display
Zoom In (using the Mouse) Ctrl-Spacebar-click or drag
Zoom Out (using the Mouse) Ctrl-Alt-Spacebar-click
Zoom In/Out (using Scroll Wheel) hold Control and spin the scroll wheel
Zoom In Ctrl-plus (doesn’t work in text boxes)
Zoom Out Ctrl-minus (doesn’t work in text boxes)
Access View Percentage Field Ctrl-Alt-V
Fit Spread in Window Shift-F3
Use Page Grabber Hand Alt-drag
Live Scroll/Disable when Already Live Alt-drag scroll box
To next page down Shift-Page Down
To next page up Shift-Page Up
Index Palette
Display Index palette & highlight Text Field Ctrl-Alt-I
Click Add button Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I
Edit highlighted index entry Double-Click
For Use with Bézier Paths
Create a point Alt-click on line segment
Delete a point Alt-click on point
Convert point from Corner to Smooth or Smooth to Corner Ctrl-Shift-drag curve handle
Smooth to corner point while creating item Ctrl-click point, then press Ctrl-F1
Edit Bézier while creating item Ctrl while creating item
Retract curve handles Control-Shift-click point
Expose curve handles Control-Shift-drag point
Convert Bézier line to filled-center Bézier box Alt-Item-Shape-Closed Path Symbol
Temporarily Suspend Text Reflow w/Runaround Path Hold Down Space Bar while Modifying Runaround Path

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