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Get Started Building iOS Apps

Free Seminar

Interested in building iOS apps? Come watch us build an app in an hour and learn about our upcoming iOS Bootcamp. We’ll build a fully functioning iPhone app, and you’ll be able to ask questions about Xcode, Swift, and get more course information.

It’s impossible to find good iOS programmers without paying an arm and a leg, because there are so few people with these skills. Find out how to get started and perhaps you will be able to partake in the app-building goldmine!

After the seminar you’ll come out with a better sense of what is entailed in building iOS apps, and hopefully will be excited about the possibilities!

Not currently scheduled. Want to see this seminar again? Send us a note:

What You’ll Learn

  • Tour of Xcode and Swift
  • Creating Projects
  • Running the simulator
  • Build a simple app: hello world
  • Building a real app: Roll the Dice
  • Why you should learn Xcode and Swift
  • How to get started using our intro courses and the comprehensive iOS App Development Bootcamp
Get Started Building iOS Apps

Learn Real-World Design & Coding Skills

“Noble Desktop is far and away the most efficient way of gaining computer graphics skills. They give real-world exercises to work on, teach best practices, and inspire many an ‘aha!’ moment. Highly recommended.”
Joanne Hu

Students learning graphic design & coding at Noble Desktop

29 Years of Experience

Since 1990 we have perfected the craft of teaching. If students get hung up on an issue, we tweak the class to make it better. We’re the longest running independent training center for code and design in NYC.

Students learning hands-on at Noble Desktop