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Formatting WordPress Text: Headings

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Don't be overwhelmed by the types of headings available; learn how they work, and when to use them. 

What Are Headings? 

I’ve got this block selected, and you’ll notice that this little toolbar shows up across the top. And there may be some things that you recognize in it. For example, I can change the block type itself. One of the options we had before was for it to be a heading. But you’ll notice I have lists, quotes, verse, and preformatted as choices as well.

I also have left, center, and right alignment; bold, italic; I can add links in, and strike-through as well. And this guy, which will open up more options. These three dots here: if I click on this, I can duplicate a block; I can insert a block before or after; I can edit it with code (so if you’re a hand-coder, you don’t have to do this visually); and I can add this as a block to reuse over and over again. That might be interesting; for example, if you want to take a gallery and use it with different pictures someplace else, why do the whole thing from scratch? I can just reuse that block. I can remove that block as well.

What I’m going to do now is look at my different heading.

I’m going to go to Heading. And you’ll notice that once you’ve picked the type of block that you want—in this case a heading—I then have a choice of what style of heading I want. I’ve got H2, H3, H4—each of these being less important. And you’re going to use different headings depending on what you want this block to represent. For example, if this is the main section of this page, I would likely want it to be the H2 because it’s going to be slightly less important than the H1 that might be the title of the page itself. If I want it to be less important, I can do H3. Simply put, the headings have a number system that indicates the level of text importance, with H1 being the most important.

That’s how we set up headings for our blocks.

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