Tech Sales Video Tutorials

Discover the potential of an exciting and lucrative career in tech sales through the use of video tutorials and online learning. Understand the business-to-business sales model and how tech sales representatives build relationships with clients, solve problems, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Tech Sales Videos & Online Tutorials

Learning tech sales can set you on the path to an exciting and lucrative career. If you want to learn more about tech sales, check out some video tutorials. Watching video tutorials online is a popular method of learning tech sales. Video tutorials are convenient and a perfect way for visual learners to explore a topic like tech sales. This article will cover a range of videos, including what they teach and where to find them.

What is Tech Sales?

Tech sales is exactly that: selling technology. Technology Sales Representatives work for companies that make hardware, software, or provide services like cyber security or financial services, but tech sales is focused more on solving a problem than on selling a product. Building a relationship with customers based on meeting their needs is the foundation of tech sales.

Tech sales is a business-to-business sales model, also known as “B2B.” Sales Reps spend a lot of time reaching out to potential clients through cold calling or emails. Once they’ve made a connection, Tech Sales Reps often pass the clients on to an Account Executive to complete the sale, but the Rep usually stays in contact with clients after the sale to make sure they are satisfied. 

Because businesses continue to embrace technological solutions, the field of tech sales is easy to get into. There are many opportunities available, and the pay is very good. As long as technology is booming, tech sales will be a solid career.

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What Can You Do with Tech Sales?

Do you have a passion for technology? Are you always reading about new devices and what they can do, but you don’t know how to code and aren’t really interested in learning? You can turn that passion into a new career in tech sales. Selling software as a product relies less on the development of the software and more on what problems it can solve. If you are outgoing and enjoy talking about what software products can do for people, you can use those skills in tech sales. This is a rapidly growing field that offers numerous opportunities for advancement and lucrative pay.

When you work in tech sales, you can find a job in different kinds of companies. Some sales reps work for firms that sell hardware products, others develop and sell software, and others sell services. If you want to change to a different type of product down the road, that won’t be a problem in the high-demand field of tech sales. It is easy to get into and jobs are plentiful. Most businesses use some type of technology product, so tech sales is likely to remain strong far into the future.

Types of Tech Sales Videos

You can find two types of tech sales videos: free tutorials on a platform like YouTube and on-demand video courses from companies like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. These on-demand courses are accessed through subscription, and most offer some kind of free trial, so you can watch quite a number of videos before you need to pay.


You can watch many tech sales video tutorials on YouTube for free. The HubSpot blog has a list of the best free tech sales videos from sales experts.

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of thirteen books on sales, including The Little Red Book of Selling, the book that holds the record for best-selling sales book.

Jill Konrath, author and speaker, is an expert on sales prospecting strategies.

Influence at Work is a channel put together by Robert Cialdini. Some of his best videos are the “Science of Persuasion” and “The Small Big.”

Art Sobczak is known for his phone-selling skills he calls “smart calling.” Two of his most popular videos are “Hot to Quite Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead” and “Make Sales Great Again.”

On-Demand Videos

Coursera offers a beginner’s course in tech sales called “Fundamentals of Technology Sales.” The course takes about four hours to complete. Udemy has several training courses, including “Tech Sales U - Intro to Tech Sales,” “Technical Sales Accelerator,” and general sales courses like “Value Centric Selling” and “Supercharged Prospecting.” LinkedIn Learning also offers tech sales video classes. “Technical Sales: The Role of the Sales Engineer” is a five-unit beginner’s course that comes with a certificate of completion. 

Why Learn Tech Sales?

Learning tech sales puts you on the road to a career with excellent earnings and high demand. As a Technology Sales Representative, you will listen to customers and help them find the technology products to solve their problems. This is an exciting field in a booming industry with many opportunities for advancement. Because most businesses today are embracing hardware and software solutions, tech sales should be a good career for a long time.

If you enjoy meeting and talking with people of different backgrounds and perspectives, tech sales gives you that opportunity. If you are an open-minded person who likes to make connections, tech sales can be a chance for life-long learning. It could also be an opportunity to travel as tech sales jobs are available all over the world.

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How Difficult is It to Learn Tech Sales?

Once you’ve made the decision to learn tech sales, you may be wondering how difficult it is to learn, if there are any prerequisites, and how much it will cost. In terms of difficulty, that will depend upon how easily you pick up new skills and how much time you have to study. The most difficult part about learning tech sales is mastering the data analytics tools, and if you have an interest in technology already, that probably won’t be that hard.

While there are no formal prerequisites that you have to have before learning tech sales, acquiring some skills beforehand can be helpful. If you have experience or training in business and marketing, data analytics, project management, or web development, learning tech sales will be easier for you.

You can learn tech sales for free from seminars and tutorials, although many people prefer to take a class. In-person or live online classes can run hundreds to thousands of dollars, while a subscription to an on-demand platform service runs around $30-$40 a month. 

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