Comparison of SEO Training Formats

Enhance your career with skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a technique essential to improve website ranking and increase sales. With various training formats like live classes, on-demand sessions, and free introductory courses, learning SEO has never been easier and more accessible.

Key Insights

  • SEO is a technique that aims to increase website traffic and sales, focusing on aspects such as content, website optimization, link building, and keyword research.
  • Different training formats for learning SEO include live in-person classes, live online classes, on-demand classes, and free introductory courses. Each format has its advantages and is designed to accommodate different learning styles and schedules.
  • SEO skills can be applied in various ways, such as technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO, which involve examining technical features of a website, creating high-quality content, and strengthening social media engagement respectively.
  • There are various levels of SEO training available, including introductory courses, training bootcamps, and certificate programs. The depth of training you choose depends on your learning goals and career objectives.
  • Courses from Noble Desktop offer comprehensive SEO training, available in various formats and depths to suit your needs. Noble Desktop's courses include SEO bootcamps and digital marketing certificates.
  • Although not mentioned in the content, it is important to note that SEO skills can lead to various career opportunities, including roles as Website Optimization Specialists. Salaries for these roles may vary based on factors such as location and level of experience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique to improve ranking on organic searches. Most businesses use SEO along with paid advertising like Google Ads to improve their website ranking on Google. Most students find that they learn better when they receive guided training, and there are plenty of available options for students to receive guidance in their SEO training. Once you’ve decided to learn SEO, the next important question is deciding how you plan to learn these skills. To learn more about the different SEO training options and what advantages and disadvantages they carry with them, read on.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO), is a way to increase website traffic and sales. SEO depends upon content, technical website optimization, link building, and keyword research to improve ranking on a Google results page. Professionals who work with SEO are called Website Optimization Specialists. One of the keys to SEO is building trust between your business and your user through high-quality content, making sure your website loads quickly, is easy to navigate and is optimized for new developments like voice search. 

Read more about what SEO is and why you should learn it. 

What Can You Do with SEO Skills?

SEO is used to determine search engine success in three important ways: technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Technical SEO looks at the technical features of a website and how they affect search engine rankings. On-Page SEO means meeting the user’s needs with high-quality content. Off-page SEO involves building links and strengthening social media engagement. Additionally, building out social media presence across a variety of channels will further establish your internet presence and boost your SEO, and you can use different analytical tools to track SEO and conversion rates.

Why Training Format Matters

Everyone has a preferred way of learning. Some people like to listen to a lecture, others prefer to watch a lecture and take notes, and some want to participate in interactive class exercises and ask questions. Most people find classes to be a more efficient way to learn new material, especially technical subjects like SEO. However you learn best, there is an SEO class that fits your preferred learning method.

Types of Training Formats

Choose from live in-person classes, live online classes, on-demand classes, and free introductory courses. You can learn SEO effectively from any of these methods, so choose the one that fits your learning style, current schedule, and budget.

Live In-Person Classes

When most people think about returning to school, they imagine a classroom with a teacher at the front and students around the room. Live in-person classes are effective and a preferred learning method for many people. With an instructor in the room, you can ask questions or get help with material if you need it. Choose a program with small class sizes to ensure you can get the attention you need to understand the material. Another advantage to live in-person classes is the opportunity to network with fellow students.

There are a few minor disadvantages to the live in-person model. They tend to be more expensive than on-demand classes because of the presence of a live instructor, the physical classroom, and the computer equipment that most schools provide. Also, you need to travel to the location of the class and either find and pay for parking, hire a rideshare, or spend time on public transportation.

Live Online Classes

The live online option for classes removes the need to travel. In this model, the instructor and some students are in a classroom, and the other students join in on a video conferencing platform like Zoom. The online students can interact with the instructor and fellow students, just like in an in-person class. The ability to ask questions and work with other students is there, but travel is unnecessary. Online students can log in to class from home, the office, or anywhere with a stable internet connection. 

Live online classes are especially helpful when there are no in-person options available. You can live anywhere and still learn SEO with live online courses. Some people might feel that live online classes are expensive compared to on-demand sessions, but the convenience and quality of instruction make them a bargain. Many training programs also allow you to retake a course within a year, making it easy to stay up-to-date.

On-Demand Classes

On-demand classes are pre-recorded video sessions you can watch wherever and whenever you want. They range from videos made with professional production values to do-it-yourself YouTube tutorials, so there can be a wide variety when it comes to quality. There is also a big difference in prices. Some on-demand courses are on platforms that charge a monthly or yearly subscription, while others allow you to pay by the class. 

Aside from convenience, one of the significant advantages of on-demand classes is that there is usually a free trial period. This varies from one week to one month, so you have a chance to sample the classes and decide if the material is worth paying for. Another plus for on-demand videos is that you can go back and watch them again if you didn’t understand the material the first time, although, without an instructor to answer questions, this isn’t always helpful. Finally, on-demand classes can quickly become outdated in the fast-changing world of SEO.

Free Courses

There are better ways to learn a skill like SEO than free courses, but they can be helpful as an introduction. If you need clarification on what SEO is or why it is an important marketing tool, a free introduction can answer some of your questions. They don’t go into much detail, but free classes can be an excellent way to decide if you want to go further with SEO. 

One advantage of free video tutorials is that they tend to be short, so you can watch several briefly. This way, you haven’t invested much time if you decide that learning SEO is not for you. If you choose to go further, you are ready to explore the topic in more depth.

Depth of Training Formats

Once you have decided that you want to learn SEO and what learning format you prefer, you need to determine how quickly you want to move and how deeply you need to go. You can choose between introductory courses, training bootcamps, and certificate programs.

Introductory Courses

Introductory courses are the first level of instruction in SEO. They will cover what SEO is and why it is essential but won’t go into much detail about how to do it. Noble Desktop has two free courses that introduce SEO. The first is The Pillars of Digital Marketing, a video seminar covering search marketing with SEO and Google Ads, plus an introduction to social media marketing, an overview of Google Analytics, and some information on email marketing and website optimization. The second class is Dominate Local Search with Google My Business. This session explains what GMB is, how to get started, and where to find help.

Training Bootcamps

After some introductory courses, signing up for a training bootcamp is the next logical step. Bootcamps are short-term intensive classes usually focusing on one topic, like learning a particular coding language. Noble Desktop offers a two-day SEO bootcamp covering the fundamentals of SEO through hands-on lessons in search engine optimization and keyword research techniques. 

Certificate Programs

Once you have completed a bootcamp, you may want to move on to a certificate course. This a multi-week collection of classes covering the information you need to change to a career in digital marketing. After learning SEO, you can enroll in a Digital Marketing Certificate course to build foundational skills like search marketing, content marketing, and tracking and analyzing data. Noble also offers a Social Media Marketing certificate covering how to boost an online business through engagement on different social media platforms. 

Learn SEO Skills with Noble Desktop

To change careers and become a Web Optimization/SEO Specialist, sign up for one of Noble Desktop’s bootcamp or certificate courses. SEO Bootcamp will teach you SEO strategies to get your website to the top of the page. In Google Analytics Bootcamp, learn how to set up an account, know which metrics to track, and understand the Google Analytics reports. Noble’s Digital Marketing Certificate includes digital marketing, SEO, and Google Analytics bootcamps, plus Google Ads and social media and content marketing classes. Use Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me to find other courses in digital marketing in your area.

Key Insights

  • SEO is a set of techniques for increasing website traffic and sales based on content, website optimization, link building, and keyword research.
  • To learn SEO, you can sign up for classes. Choose between these learning environments:
    • Live in-person
    • Live online
    • On-demand
    • Free classes
  • Some classes go into greater depth than others. You can choose the level you need:
    • Introductory classes
    • Training bootcamps
    • Certification programs
  • Get comprehensive SEO training through Noble Desktop, either in-person or online.

How to Learn SEO

Master SEO with hands-on training. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving organic search results for a website. It is a critical digital marketing skill in today's business landscape.

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