Due to the unfortunate spread of the Coronavirus, most of us are left working remotely, social distancing, thus resulting in a lot of free time with very little to do. In this article, I want to explain how you can use your free time in the most efficient manner by learning a new skill that can progress your career to new lengths.

There are very few technical skills in the world that can help almost anyone at any job, I can only think of one besides Python and that is Excel. If you do not feel comfortable in Excel, I highly recommend taking this 3-day online Excel Course before learning Python. 

For those of you who are comfortable Excel users, Python is no doubt the next skill to learn to advance your career. Python is similar to Excel as it is mainly used for data analysis, visualization, and forecasting but is much more powerful and autonomous. Additionally, Python can process larger data sets faster as well as perform more complex complications. On top of that, Python’s abilities stem from it being open-sourced so it is constantly being updated by the large community of developers who use it daily.

Now that you understand the benefits and applications of Python – why is it the best skill to learn remotely, and why Noble?

The Software

Many programs such as the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, and others are expensive to download as well as take up a lot of storage. However, Python is absolutely free to download and is a relatively small package, even the additional software used to write programs is free and it can all be downloaded at one time in under five minutes on a Mac or PC, click here to download.

Additionally, in our class at Noble Desktop, all of our class files are available for easy download online. Lastly, the integrated development environment we use is very intuitive and operates similarly to Google Drive which is ideal for an online class as students can share their code live.

The Noble Desktop Way

At Noble Desktop, we strive to create a high-quality active based curriculum that maximizes student’s input and minimizes lectures. Additionally, we focus on keeping our classes small and flexible by allowing students to master technical skills in their own time. Lastly, at Noble, we only employ the top instructors from around the world to lead our classes.

Our Python class, in particular, is broken down into three sections: five-minute introduction of the topic by the teacher followed by a twenty to thirty-minute for students to code on their own, following that the teacher goes over the student’s code. This active classroom style has proven itself both in-person and live online. This class is led by Robert Carrington, who has years of experience in the FinTech industry, where he worked on data analytics tools for banks and credit unions. Rob holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Wesleyan University and an M.Sc. in Mathematical Logic from the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Check out our Python Classes & Data Science Courses which are both available in-person and online