Photoshop Training Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Photoshop?

Are you considering a career in graphic design, photography, or web design? Learning Photoshop, the industry-standard software for photo editing, is an essential step in pursuing these careers, but the cost of training can vary from a few hundred dollars for a short class to over $35,000 for a college degree.

Key Insights

  • Photoshop is a comprehensive tool used for editing, enhancing, and creating digital images from scratch, with uses ranging from graphic design to web design.
  • Learning Photoshop can be achieved through various methods, all with differing costs; these include free online tutorials, self-paced courses, and formal education at universities.
  • The cost of a college degree, which includes learning Photoshop as part of graphic design or related subjects, can range between $11,000 and over $37,000 per year.
  • Self-paced Photoshop courses can cost $200 or less, while in-person Photoshop courses can range from a few hundred dollars to over $2,000 depending on length and provider.
  • Noble Desktop offers Photoshop classes, with the option to attend in-person or virtually, and provides free retakes within a year.
  • The salaries for careers requiring Photoshop skills, such as graphic designers, web designers, and photographers, can vary significantly and are influenced by factors such as location, experience, and education level.

Are you looking to learn Photoshop? For most people, access to the program will cost about $20/month. Some people also have to invest in a suitable computer, which can be anywhere from $450 to over $2,000 depending on which device you prefer. Beyond this, you’ll want to consider the cost of Photoshop training. Because there are several training options, the price can range significantly. Some choose to learn through a short training class which might cost a few hundred dollars, while others learn Photoshop in college; these degrees can cost upwards of $35,000 or more.

Read on to find out more about how much you can expect to spend on learning Photoshop.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a software program available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Its primary functions include editing, enhancing, and creating digital images from scratch. The program has a wide range of impressive capabilities. Creative professionals across nearly every industry can use Photoshop to design anything from graphics for social media, logos, and the interface of an entire website!

You can use Photoshop to adjust lighting and colors and to create a single image from your favorite components of existing photos. The program comes loaded with plenty of retouching tools, enabling you to remove anything you feel makes your image less than perfect. If you’re scanning a physical photo into the program, you can edit it to remove stains, tears, and wrinkles. Photoshop also contains rudimentary animation capabilities, meaning users can create GIFs with the program as well.

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What Can You Do with Photoshop?

Photoshop is the industry standard software for photo editing. The program can make virtually any adjustment you can think of, and you can add or remove almost anything you want to create your perfect final image. For example, photographers who work with large groups will often use Photoshop to make a composite of several images; this way, they can combine the best photo of each individual into one picture.

But Photoshop is used for so much more than enhancing images! Graphic Designers frequently use the program to design logos and advertisements for their clients. Because the program allows users to combine multiple images, designers in any industry can use Photoshop to quickly demonstrate how a proposed design would appear on a product. This helps their clients get a clear picture of the final product and quickly make changes, saving both time and money.

It’s also commonly used in web design. Although you can’t code a website in Photoshop, you can use it to create mockups of interfaces, backgrounds, and graphics that designers will add to a website later. Photoshop also contains powerful image compression tools, ensuring the images on a website are clear rather than pixelated. Web Designers can also use the program to build the layout of a website, though other tools are more capable of creating a responsive design.

In-Depth Review of the Training Cost

Outside of paying for Photoshop itself, there are other factors at play when it comes to the overall cost of learning Photoshop. Learning about these things at the beginning of your learning process is important. This way, you won’t be hit with unexpected financial stress during what can be an overwhelming time.

Some people learn Photoshop as a much larger degree program at a four-year university, which is by far the most expensive training option. Students who major in subjects like graphic design, photography, film production, and others related to art or design learn Photoshop in some capacity. The price of a college degree varies widely, but public colleges and universities charge an average of almost $11,000 per year; private schools will charge an average of over $37,000 per year for a degree.

Luckily, these pricey schools aren’t the only option for learning Photoshop. Some people choose to start with free tutorials on YouTube or other social media platforms. Another affordable training format is a self-paced Photoshop course. You can access these classes outside of your other commitments, and you’re in charge of how quickly you learn the material. Some self-paced Photoshop classes are free; others require a monthly subscription fee, but most are $200 or less.

Free or relatively cheap classes are understandably appealing to more budget-conscious students, but these training methods lack many of the advantages that come with more robust Photoshop classes. For instance, self-taught students cannot ask questions or get feedback on their designs. They are also often left to navigate the job market independently. In contrast, students who participate in in-person learning are frequently provided with support in updating their resumes and designing their portfolios.

In-person Photoshop courses can range significantly in cost depending on the provider and class length. Some Photoshop courses last for one day and cost a few hundred dollars, while longer classes can last for a week or two and cost $2,000 or more. Many in-person courses allow students to use a computer pre-loaded with the program, giving you extra time to save money before purchasing Photoshop for yourself. On the other hand, in-person courses come with added commuting expenses. Live online classes eliminate this cost, but students are usually expected to use their own computers in this format.

Although paid Photoshop training often yields better retention and networking opportunities, it can be too much of a burden for some people. Ultimately, you are the expert in your finances. More information about the different options and associated costs can help you plan for your training and save money accordingly. Fortunately, you can access more affordable resources if you eventually invest in a comprehensive Photoshop class.

Free Introductory Photoshop Course Online

If you’re not quite ready to dive into a full course, but you still want an overview of Photoshop, you can still start learning Photoshop for free online! Check out Noble Desktop’s free Intro to Photoshop course. This two-hour training teaches viewers about Photoshop’s essential functions and discusses fundamental principles of design. You’ll also learn about which Adobe Creative Cloud plan you should invest in, tips to save your files, and how to select the appropriate resolutions for print files and digital files.

There are other online providers that offer free Photoshop classes as well. Udemy has a handful of courses that cover the basics of Photoshop for different career paths, like web design and graphic design. You can also find some classes for free on Coursera, including one about the fundamental principles of graphic design. There are also hundreds of tutorials available on YouTube, but you’ll want to focus on recent uploads. This ensures you’re learning the most recent version of Photoshop with the most current trends.

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Learn Photoshop with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop offers a range of Photoshop classes that are sure to meet a variety of scheduling needs and learning styles. Whether students attend in-person at Noble’s Manhattan campus or virtually from anywhere in the world, they’ll learn from expert instructors in small groups. All Noble courses also include a free retake option within one year, giving students additional opportunities to hone their skills at no additional charge.

For students who only have a few days to spare, the Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp is an excellent way to move from beginner to intermediate in just three days. This course guides students through various projects that each target a specific skill within Photoshop. By the end of the bootcamp, students will be able to complete tasks like adjusting colors, creating a composite image, and removing components of an image to make the end result more appealing.

Photoshop is also covered in a few of Noble Desktop’s more intensive certificate programs. There is a Graphic Design Certificate that teaches Photoshop and two other Adobe programs– Illustrator and InDesign. If you are curious about using Photoshop to design web and mobile interfaces, the UI Design Certificate might be a great fit. You’ll incorporate several design principles to create stunning and accessible interfaces using Figma and multiple Adobe programs. Participants in these programs will add their coursework into a portfolio they can show off to potential employers.

How to Learn Photoshop

Master Photoshop, the industry-standard application for photo retouching, color correction, and more, with hands-on training.

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