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Why Learn .Net Programming?

.NET programming is commonly associated with Microsoft, but do you know everything it can do? This framework consists of 32 programming languages used across many industries. It has many different applications, and this guide will provide an overview of how you can adopt .NET programming into your skillset. With .NET programming, you’ll be able to impress your peers and secure your professional future. 

What is .NET Programming?

.NET programming is an extensive framework consisting of 32 programming languages and many resources. Microsoft created it in the 1990s to increase the usability of its projects. While Microsoft privately used it for a long time, it eventually became adapted into .NET Core, an open-source tool released in 2016. Since then, it’s become a staple resource for coders who complete projects with C#, C++, F#, and many other programming languages.

It’s good to know .NET programming because of its versatility. Many combine it with other programming skills to create new libraries and frameworks. For example, people who use Python can combine it with .NET Core’s resources to create a Python.NET library. With this skill under your belt, you’ll be able to mesh it with your other talents and use it to your advantage.

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What Can You Do with .NET Programming?

.NET programming is especially prominent in the gaming industry, which has become a $197 billion business as of 2022. Unity is one of the most popular game-making resources on the internet, and its programming language is C#. This programming language is also one of the most commonly-used languages within .NET Core. C# helps power popular games like Among Us, Beat Saber, Hollow Knight, Fall Guys, and Pokemon Go, and many solo developers and AAA game creators use it as their games’ backbone. 

.NET is also common in applications for websites and mobile devices, making web development, mobile development, and iOS app development excellent industries to explore if you have these skills. Why not combine these two uses into one? Mobile games have grown in popularity and are only expected to grow in the future. If you have app development skills, you can work in any industry because every business would love an app to accompany their products, tools, and services. Learn these skills and pick a field that piques your interest—that will take you far into your career, and you’ll work with something you enjoy.

Common Professional Uses for .NET Programming.

Any programming industry will utilize .NET programming in some capacity. Microsoft is universally known as one of the top programming businesses, and having skills with their .NET Core programs will be invaluable if you plan to take that step into similar companies regardless of their size. If you have any experience with .NET programming on your resume, you’ll stand out to employers because it’s common in the field but rarer to find from newer programmers. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Developers and Digital Designers typically earn a median of around $78,000 per year. Remember that this number is the median—many programming professions are six-figure jobs. Still, $78,000 per year is an excellent salary as well! Many other careers use .NET programming outside of web development and digital design, but these are among the easiest to break into if you’re brand new to the profession.

Windows is Widely Used

As of November 2022, nearly one-third of companies use Windows, and it’s the operating system of choice for over 76% of all computers. This popularity guarantees that you’ll run into a Windows system during your programming career, and it’s a good idea to have a solid repertoire of skills to help you work with them. By learning .NET programming, you’ll be able to navigate its framework and easily work with it instead of constantly trying to pull from other resources to get the same job done. 

It’s Flexible

Many iOS computers will use Windows programs and .NET resources even if you're working with a Mac device. While the .NET framework is known for its connection to Windows, Microsoft, and related products, it’s usable with most computer programs and often combines with other programming languages to increase efficiency. For example, if you already know Python, you can use your knowledge from it and combine it with .NET to create a Python.NET framework. Once you learn a few of the programming languages associated with .NET, this flexibility allows you to take most programming languages and establish a framework to help you through tasks without needing to start from scratch. 

The Best Businesses Use It 

What do C#, C++, and Visual Basic have in common? You’d be right if you said they’re all in the .NET framework, but there’s more to it—they’re also used by the gaming industry, one of the best-selling industries in the modern world. In November 2022, Nintendo disclosed that its then-recently-released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet titles were the all-time best-selling games for the company since it started working with games in 1972.

What language does Pokemon use? C! Games commonly use C#, C++, and Visual Basic to create applications (which is what games are in programming terms) and run them effectively. Suppose you’ve played any game, even if it’s a simple mobile version of Tetris. In that case, you know how many different ways you can use it to make exciting stories and challenging puzzles that can keep people entertained for hours. .NET languages like C++ are also used by YouTube, Netflix, and Google, which means you’ll have an endless range of tools you can use. What’s even more notable about this point is that we’re only talking about C—if you’re learning .NET programming, you’ll have access to dozens of languages that all overlap to make spectacular projects. 

How to Start Learning .NET Programming

.NET programming has many skills you’ll want to enhance before taking dedicated classes. One of those skills is web development. Web development is best known as one of the easiest coding disciplines with practical uses in the tech industry. By learning web development, you’ll build the foundation you need to understand .NET programming’s more complicated concepts while helping your career in its earliest stages. You can apply to Web Developer positions and gain industry knowledge while you advance into more complex languages within .NET Core. 

The road to web development is short: you can easily learn the basics within two to three weeks and become proficient in them within two to six months, depending on your level of commitment. Some of the best web development courses come in bootcamps and certificate programs, which will allow you to gain credentials that can help you land your first job in the tech field. Check out some in-person or live online web development classes to see how they align with your schedule. 

Web development is an excellent first step in any programming job, and you can start learning the basics through on-demand courses. These self-paced web development classes are intended for those with tight budgets or schedules who want to begin their journey. It’s also good to look through web development video tutorials, such as the Intro to Front End Web Development tutorial. Once you’ve finished learning the basic concepts, you’re ready to dive into .NET programming. Noble Desktop’s .NET Programming Learn Hub has a collection of resources, tutorials, and guides specifically dedicated to helping you through each stage of your .NET programming journey. 

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Learn Web Development with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

When you’re learning .NET programming, you’ll want to have mastery of the fundamentals, and all of those fundamentals can be exercised through learning web development. Since .NET programming covers front end and back end concepts, you’ll be well-suited to take a Full Stack Web Development Certificate program. Full stack covers both ends of web development and will lay down the groundwork you need to enter your first tech job before you even start exploring .NET programming. 

If you feel overwhelmed by learning web development at once, try taking a Front End Web Development Certificate course instead. Front end web development covers the easiest three programming languages available—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—and is the skill set of choice for beginners. If you’re up for a challenge and want to learn more coding skills beyond full stack, the Software Engineering Certificate program covers a broad range of topics, including web development, React, and Python. These topics have high usage in .NET programmer roles and will certainly be worth your while. 

You can find more web development classes that will enhance these skills and give you a solid foundation to work from when you explore .NET programming in further detail. The best part about these programs is that they take place in real-time, offer free retakes, and feature experts in the field. Noble Desktop has your back no matter where you decide to take your programming journey.

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