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A Comprehensive Guide to Start Learning JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript is a programming language that allows individuals to make web pages interactive and control media, and jQuery is a JavaScript library that helps individuals use JavaScript to simplify web tasks. All code written in jQuery is converted to JavaScript internally. jQuery is one of the longest-running JavaScript libraries, and 98% of websites use JavaScript as a client-side programming language. In this section, you’ll learn more about JavaScript and jQuery and how to understand them. Once an individual understands jQuery and JavaScript, they can decide how to add these skills to their professional toolbox.

Aspiring web developers can learn about the interactive programming language JavaScript and the web development tool jQuery to build a lucrative career in the tech industry. They can work with major companies like Microsoft, Google, and NASA, creating dynamic web pages, building rich user interface components, and developing web and mobile apps.

Key Insights

  • JavaScript is a programming language used to create interactive websites while jQuery, a framework for JavaScript, simplifies web development.
  • JavaScript is used in server-side applications and jQuery is used for client-side development, helping to reduce development time and make browser compatibility easier.
  • Major companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, PayPal, Google, NASA, and Facebook use JavaScript, while jQuery is used by companies like Wells Fargo and Bank of America.
  • Learning JavaScript and jQuery opens up job opportunities such as Front End Web Developer, Web Developer, and Mobile App Developer.
  • Noble Desktop offers classes and bootcamps to learn JavaScript and jQuery, with options for in-person, live online, and self-paced learning.
  • The average cost of learning JavaScript at Noble Desktop ranges from $1,250 to $5,995, whereas the JavaScript for Front End course is under $1K for 18 hours of instruction.

JavaScript allows individuals to make web pages interactive and is mainly for web applications and web browsers. In contrast, jQuery is a tool used to facilitate web development in JavaScript. If you’ve always wanted to learn JavaScript and jQuery but can’t figure out how to get started, this guide is for you. Here, you’ll learn more about the various ways to learn JavaScript and jQuery, free resources to take advantage of, and the types of careers that commonly use JavaScript and jQuery.

What is JavaScript & jQuery?

Javascript is a programming language used to create more interactive websites, while jQuery is a framework for JavaScript. In many ways, they function similarly and have been around for several years. However, several critical differences between JavaScript and jQuery exist. JavaScript has broader uses as a programming language. It has many built-in ways to make websites more dynamic, while jQuery–a more targeted framework–has a limited range. John Resig created jQuery to make JavaScript web development faster. 

The features of JavaScript and jQuery are also different since they are designed to be used in contrasting situations. JavaScript is used in server-side applications; jQuery is used just for client-side development. When used together, they can simplify the process of web development. jQuery is quicker and easier to use by simplifying code writing in JavaScript. Its framework allows users to compress JavaScript tasks into fewer lines of code. Individuals can use jQuery to reduce their development time. It is wise to use jQuery to make browser compatibility easier. 

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What Can You Do with JavaScript & jQuery?

Individuals can use JavaScript and jQuery for many purposes. JavaScript is used on the client side and the server side. It allows individuals to make web pages interactive and is mainly for web applications and web browsers. JavaScript is used for showing or hiding information with a button, changing the color of a button, zooming in or out, playing audio and video, displaying animations, or using a drop-down hamburger menu. It is also used to create browser games and web and mobile apps.

jQuery is not a programming language but a tool to facilitate web development in JavaScript. Individuals can even use any JavaScript editor to write jQuery, such as Notepad, Visual Studio, Eclipse, or Ultra edit. jQuery can be used to develop Ajax-based applications, to make code simple and reusable, to simplify the traversal of HTML DOM tree, and to perform animation and ajax support in web applications. jQuery also helps individuals to make flash-like animated applications. Using jQuery, individuals only need to know JavaScript and HTML to create animations. Web designers can use many impressive effects to make their designs more elegant. 

Careers that Use JavaScript & jQuery

Many job opportunities are open to individuals who know JavaScript and jQuery. Industries of all types use these tools to design dynamic web pages. Huge companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, PayPal, Google, NASA, and Facebook all use JavaScript in some way. Companies using jQuery include Wells Fargo, Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, UnitedHealth Group, Boeing, and Conn’s HomePlus.

Expertly using JavaScript and jQuery opens up such jobs; however, Different companies, even different roles within a company, utilize JavaScript and jQuery in a myriad of ways. For example, Front End Web Developers may use JavaScript to power a website’s interactivity. By using JavaScript, individuals can build rich UI components and give websites additional functionality that isn’t possible with HTML and CSS alone. Web Developers use JAvaScript to create interactive web elements like menus, forms, and games. Mobile App Developers use it to develop an app’s user interface. Developers also use jQuery. It is the go-to library for most developers because of its ease of use and stability. Specifically, Web Developers use it to make it easier to use JavaScript on their websites. 

The outlook for the overall employment of these positions is only predicted to grow. The continued use of the internet and mobile devices will continue to generate demand for web-related positions. 

Why Learn JavaScript & jQuery?

Reasons abound as to why you should learn JavaScript and jQuery. Programmers should learn several languages, as there is no such thing as knowing too many languages. One of the most commonly used languages is JavaScript. JavaScript is a great language to learn, as it is growing exponentially. 

JavaScript was first created in 1995 and is a programming language that allows individuals to make complex things on websites. It is perfect for those just starting with programming and will enable individuals to expand their skill set. Through JavaScript, individuals can create visual effects and other aesthetically pleasing features. It is a valuable tool for game designers and can increase one's career potential. 

jQuery is used to build interactivity in websites and allows Developers to use code snippets to do traversal on the page or make changes to different elements using JavaScript. One of the most basic uses for jQuery is adding functionality to a website's button. It provides all the tools needed to simplify this process. Those working at a small business with legacy code will likely use jQuery. It helps individuals to understand the foundational level of what JavaScript is doing on a page. 

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How to Learn JavaScript & jQuery

If you’re ready to learn JavaScript, consider all ways of learning the information. Individuals may want to take in-person, live online, on-demand, or asynchronous/self-paced classes. 

Those who enjoy interacting with instructors in real time may want to sign up for JavaScript courses, available as in-person classes or live online class options. Noble Desktop offers live online and in-person JavaScript classes and bootcamps in NYC. Though online classes provide the most flexibility and options, some individuals may prefer in-person classes. Noble Desktop offers Front End or Full Stack JavaScript programming classes through which individuals learn to program web apps. Individuals learn JavaScript with React and back end JavaScript development. With live online classes, individuals can avoid traffic and train from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Those who enjoy training in a classroom may enroll in face-to-face classes. 

Not everyone can participate in live online or in-person classes, so some learners may wish to explore self-paced or asynchronous JavaScript classes. With self-paced classes, there is no set schedule, so individuals have more freedom regarding when they complete coursework. This freedom makes learning JavaScript possible for even the busiest people. Although individuals must be able to decide what time they will learn and how much they will complete in a set amount of time, it involves less pressure and ensures they can learn at times when they’re going to perform the best. With self-paced learning, individuals can access their course 24/7, regardless of where they live. They can learn without the help of a live instructor and work however fast or slow they wish. 

Noble also offers free seminars on JavaScript. Individuals can utilize tutorials, guides, blog posts, and YouTube videos. Noble’s YouTube Channel includes a Web Design and Development Playlist, including videos on front-end development, React, and Node.js. Noble also offers free seminars on web development. Individuals can view seminars such as Intro to React, Intro to Node.js, and Intro to Front-End Web Development. 

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Free Introductory JavaScript & jQuery Course Online 

Are you ready to learn new skills but not dive into an in-depth course? Looking for an overview of JavaScript and jQuery? Start learning JavaScript and jQuery for free online. In Noble’s Video Tutorial: Introduction to JavaScript, individuals learn the client side of JavaScript. Individuals learn what to do with JavaScript and receive examples of such, as well as client-side versus Server-side JavaScript and an overview of popular JavaScript libraries. Other topics covered include:

  • Defining and using variables and strings.
  • Performing calculations.
  • Working with the DOM.
  • Using external JavaScript files. 

Other providers offer free JavaScript and jQuery courses, such as Codecademy and Udacity, which offer courses like Intro to jQuery and Learn JavaScript. Both courses last between 20 and 48 hours. 

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Level of Difficulty, Prerequisites, & Cost 

JavaScript and jQuery function similarly and have been around for many years. When used together, they can simplify the process of web development. JavaScript is considered to be one of the easiest languages to grasp. It is a step up from learning fundamental web development skills, but individuals can learn the basics of JavaScript in a matter of months. jQuery is also simple and can be learned in a matter of hours. Understanding the core JavaScript language is essential, making it easier to use jQuery properly. 

Individuals should complete any course prerequisites before learning JavaScript and jQuery. Using both JavaScript and jQuery requires knowledge of HTML and CSS; thus, any student must master these before enrolling in a course. Additionally, jQuery requires prior hands-on experience creating simple websites. Individuals should understand the basics of programming and know about DOM manipulation. 

The cost of learning JavaScript and jQuery varies. Individuals may be interested in free, introductory-level courses, but enrolling in more in-depth classes is usually necessary. Some providers require individuals to have a monthly subscription to access their courses, while others have a set fee for each class. Potential students must consider the cost of taking prerequisites plus their JavaScript and jQuery classes. Noble Desktop’s JavaScript for Front End course is under $1K for 18 hours of instruction. Some of Noble’s more in-depth courses range from $1,250 to $5,995. 

Individuals can easily access JavaScript and jQuery through a few simple steps. There are multiple ways to install and use jQuery. Individuals can use jQuery with a CDN, download the jQuery library from jQuery.com, or use npm, Yarn, or Bower. JavaScript is part of a browser’s runtime by default in every modern browser. 

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How Does Learning JavaScript & jQuery Compare to Other Languages?

Recognizing how unique JavaScript and jQuery are is essential when comparing them to other programming languages. One of the main differences between JavaScript and other languages is that it is a scripting language and does not have to be compiled to be implemented. 

It is said that JavaScript and Java are both simple to learn, but JavaScript may be slightly easier for beginning programmers as they don’t need any tooling to get started. JavaScript is a scripting language, while Java is a network-centric programming language. JavaScript and Java surprisingly have little in common, as JavaScript is used for web and browser-based application development, while Java is used for app development. 

When compared to Python, JavaScript responds to mouse clicks and keystrokes, while Python responds to function calls. JavaScript Developers may use Python on the front end. Learning Python may cost between $3,000 and $5,000, and learning JavaScript may cost between $1,000 and $5,000. It is more expensive to learn JavaScript as part of an undergraduate program than to take comprehensive bootcamps and certificate programs. When comparing JavaScript to C, Javascript is compiled with the just-in-time compiler, while C is compiled in advance. JavaScript is not a markup language, which makes it more challenging to learn than HTML. 

For those wanting to learn jQuery, the more JavaScript they know, the better off they will be. jQuery is a feature-rich JavaScript library, but it cannot replace JavaScript. It is optimized for scripting functions with fewer lines of code and is considered easy to learn. Many experts consider it to be easier than learning JavaScript.

How to Decide the Best Way to Learn JavaScript & jQuery

Many pathways for gaining JavaScript skills exist, but not all are appropriate for all careers. Individuals should consider how they wish to use their newfound JavaScript and jQuery skills.

Beginners who want to avoid spending money may be interested in free introductory classes. Noble Desktop offers free JavaScript seminars. These seminars contain helpful resources that individuals can utilize: tutorials, guides, and blog posts. Individuals can select videos from a Web Design and Development playlist on Noble's YouTube channel. Noble also offers free web development seminars, including videos on React, Node.js, and front-end web development. 

Those who want to develop a solid working knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery, plug a skill gap, or grow within their current careers should enroll in a bootcamp. Noble's JavaScript bootcamps are live online, with hands-on training from experts and small class sizes. Through these bootcamps, individuals learn to become JavaScript Developers. They can also learn front end JavaScript with React and back end JavaScript development with Node.js and MongoDB. Individuals receive hands-on training and work on projects that are proven to boost retention. 

Individuals wanting to master JavaScript and jQuery for a new career or pivot to a new industry can enroll in a certificate program. Certificate programs are hands-on and include a time-tested curriculum refined over many cohorts for an optimal learning experience. Noble even allows individuals to retake certificate courses to refresh the materials taught for free within one year. One course offered by Noble Desktop is JavaScript Development Certificate. Through this certificate program, individuals learn to build web apps with JavaScript and gain the skills needed to seek a career in application development. 

Individuals may also consider the cost of different types of instruction. Those who want to learn for free should consider free online seminars. Bootcamps are typically less than certificate programs, as they are often a shorter and more condensed form of learning.

Learn JavaScript with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Individuals can learn JavaScript with hands-on training from Noble Desktop. Many of their classes provide high-level JavaScript skills. With expert instructors, small classes, and free retake options, Noble’s courses provide the JavaScript instruction necessary to advance in a new career. 

Noble’s JavaScript Development Certificate is the perfect course for anyone who knows HTML/CSS and wants to become a JavaScript Developer. Individuals learn to build web apps with JavaScript and gain the necessary skills to find a career in application development. The course covers building dynamic web applications with React and Node.js, creating APIs with Express.js, and working with databases with MongoDB. 

Another course is their Full Stack Web Development Certificate, which focuses on JavaScript and teaches individuals to work on all aspects of a web application. The program covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git, starting with front-end web development and continuing with back-end programming. Other JavaScript classes and bootcamps include Software Engineering Certificate and Front End Web Development Certificate.

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