Location Targeting in Google Ads

Location Targeting: What it is, Why Use it, and How to Set Up

Location targeting in Google Ads allows you to include or exclude specific locations for your campaigns to show up. In this tutorial, we'll walk through what location targeting is, why you would want to use it, and how to set it up in your Google Ads account.

What is Location Targeting in Google Ads?

Location targeting in Google Ads allows you to set specific locations for your ads to show up. You can do this by including certain locations or regions and excluding specific locations or regions. For example, if you are a local business in Florida, you might want to only include the Florida area in your targeting.

Why is Location Targeting Important?

Running successful Google Ads campaigns is all about driving cost-efficient conversions which comes with good targeting. In addition to finding the right keywords and audiences to target, location targeting can provide additional efficiency to your Google Ads campaigns. Two example scenarios where location targeting is important:

  • We would not want to show ads to searchers in regions where we cannot service (say if we only offer our services locally)
  • We may not want to show ads in locations where we already rank highly organically because we don’t want to pay for our existing organic business

How to Set Up Location Targeting in Google Ads

Note: Location targeting can only be done at the campaign-level

  • Go into your Ads account

  • Select the campaign that you’d like to set a location target for

  • Then click “Locations” in the left-hand menu

  • Click “Targeted” to choose any area or location you’d like to include in targeting

  • Click “Exclude” to choose areas or locations you’d like to exclude

Location Targeting

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