Top Cities for Data Analytics Classes & Training

Are you interested in data analytics and want to become a Data Analyst or Data Scientist? This comprehensive guide covers everything from what data analytics is, its applications in various industries, the best cities in the U.S. for data analytics and the range of classes available at dedicated training facilities like Noble Desktop.

Key Insights

  • Data analytics involves using various techniques to analyze raw, unprocessed data to extract relevant insights and trends. This process includes gathering, organizing, and performing statistical analysis on data.
  • Data analytics has real-world applications across various industries, including marketing, customer service, and improving operational efficiency within organizations.
  • Major metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, offer robust training options for aspiring data analysts and data scientists.
  • There are both in-person and live online courses available to learn data analytics skills. Noble Desktop, for example, offers a range of classes for beginners and advanced students.
  • With data analytics skills, you can pursue different career paths. These careers are highly in-demand in various industries, especially in major metropolitan areas.
  • The average salary for Data Analysts varies depending on the city, but it's generally higher than the national average. For instance, the average salary in Seattle is approximately $75,000, significantly above the national average of $55,000.

Students interested in learning data analytics at a dedicated training facility will find that almost all of their options are located in major metropolitan areas. Since this is also where many of the highest-paying jobs are located, it makes sense that students looking for a career change may want to consider looking at the kinds of cities that offer the most robust training options for aspiring Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a broad term that describes the various techniques used to analyze raw, unprocessed data so that relevant insights and trends can be extracted. Organizations then use this information to make more informed, data-driven decisions. The data analytics process includes gathering data, organizing them, and performing statistical analysis on these numbers. Once the analysis is complete, the Data Analyst offers predictions that can inform the company’s next steps.

Each day, an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created. This number is expected to grow as more organizations embrace technological advances and expand their online presence. However, until these data are analyzed, they are just numbers. A Data Analyst’s job involves combining computer programming, math, and statistics to interpret these numbers and transform them into actionable insights that they can share with various stakeholders in their organization.

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What Can You Do with Data Analytics Skills? 

The field of data analytics has many real-world applications across industries and professions. At the core of the data analytics process is the goal of using data to make better decisions. Companies rely on the data's insights to make more informed business decisions, which can help their organization grow, increase revenue, or better serve employees and customers. 

Data analytics can help with marketing campaigns by eliminating the bulk of the guesswork in planning, creating content, and developing products. It also provides an overview of customers, which can help organizations better meet their needs. By better understanding your audience and what they want, targeting them with more pointed marketing initiatives and campaigns is easier.

Another widespread use of data analytics is to improve customer service. When data is analyzed, it reveals important insights about customers, which makes it possible to offer them more personalized service. Data can provide information on how customers prefer to communicate, what interests they have, what concerns they hold, and what products they look at most often. In addition, having data stored in a central location allows an organization’s customer service team to be on the same page as their marketing and sales teams. 

Another use of data analytics is to improve the efficiency of operations within an organization. Data can reveal weaknesses in operations, as well as opportunities to streamline various processes. This not only helps the business perform more efficiently but can save money over time. For example, if you have a clearer idea of what your target audience is looking for, you won’t need to waste time and resources designing ads or writing content that doesn’t directly target their interests. This leads to less wasted money, as well as better campaign results.

Best Cities in the U.S. for Data Analytics

Data analytics is currently an in-demand profession across the U.S. Those with the skills to analyze data and discover actionable insights in these numbers are valued by employers in a range of fields and industries. Although the best place to move to pursue a career as a Data Analyst depends on a range of factors, the following ten cities are considered great locations for Data Analysts:

New York City

One of the most popular places to live in the U.S. is New York City. Currently, nearly 20 million people live in the Big Apple. This metropolitan hub is home to many of the world’s largest banks, companies, and organizations, such as JetBlue Airways, JPMorgan Chase, American Express, HBO, W. W. Norton & Company, and Nielsen Company. New York City has something for everyone; this metropolis has more than 100 museums, the New York Stock Exchange, several top-tier colleges and universities, and Broadway. NYC also has more corporate jobs than anywhere else in the country. In addition, this city has more than 17 incubators providing low-cost space and resources for tech companies in various sectors. It also provides a digital hub that provides a way for tech startups to connect, secure funding, and succeed. These factors contribute to NYC having a job growth rate that’s above the national average.

For those interested in studying data analytics in the Big Apple, you can find data analytics classes in NYC using Noble’s class search tool. A range of classes for beginners as well as advanced students are available, such as certificates in data analytics, bootcamps, and general coursework. New York City is also home to Noble Desktop. Noble is located on Madison Avenue in downtown Manhattan, a central location for those who wish to study data analytics. Other educational providers also have locations in NYC, such as NYIM Training, NYC Career Centers, Brain Station, General Assembly, and Practical Programming.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is currently the second-most populated city in the U.S. Home to nearly 13 million people, this city has more than 60 colleges and universities, over 90 museums, and some of the world’s prettiest beaches. Los Angeles is known for its diversity, its great food scene, and its creative economy, which is comprised of top-tier theaters, fashion establishments, and manufacturers. For those interested in studying data analytics, Los Angeles also is growing into a hub of companies that are putting down roots beyond the Bay Area. “Silicon Beach” is at the core of the city’s startup and tech scene. Over 500 companies are located in Silicon Beach, such as Google, ChowNow, Headspace, and Hulu.

Aspiring Data Analysts will find a range of educational opportunities in Los Angeles. More than 90 data analytics classes are available in this city. You can find data analytics training in Los Angeles using Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool. Educational providers like General Assembly, Training Connection, Ledet Training, and New Horizons all offer in-person data analytics classes for those in the Los Angeles Area with a focus on topics like Excel for business, data analytics, and Tableau.


Chicago is one of the largest cities in America, with close to 10 million residents. Known for its skyscrapers and stunning architecture, as well as its world-class museums like the Art Institute of Chicago, this city remains one of the most popular destinations in the U.S. More than 100 higher learning institutions are also located in the Chicago area, making this city a great place to study. Chicago also boasts an above-average job growth rate, making it a good place to search for a career in data. In addition, more than 40,000 software developers call Chicago home. Of the metro areas in America, Chicago ranked fourth for job postings in 2021, with almost 11,000 tech jobs posted. 

Chicago is also a great location to study data analytics. More than 60 top educators offer in-person coursework in data analytics in the Chicago area. You can find them using Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool. Coursework is available from several educators in the Chicago area, such as General Assembly, CTS Training, Flatiron School, Practical Programming, and Training Connection. Those who are interested in studying data analytics can choose from a range of in-person classes, such as courses in data science, Excel, Python, and data analytics.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Another great location for pursuing a career in data analytics is Dallas. Dallas is home to nearly 8 million people. Known for its relatively affordable cost of living (just over 1 percent above the national average), its growing job market (nearly 50,000 jobs were available in Dallas in 2021), and its range of Fortune 500 companies (such as AT&T, Southwest Airlines, and ExxonMobil), Dallas remains a popular spot for travel and relocation. In addition, Dallas is home to top healthcare, technology, financial, and manufacturing industries, as well as those in oil and gas. For these reasons, Dallas was ranked the tenth Best City For Business And Careers in 2021. 

The job growth rate in the Dallas area is nearly double the national average, making it a good location to work as a Data Analyst. More than 50 courses are available in the Dallas area for those interested in learning data analytics. You can search for data analytics training options in Dallas using Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool. In-person courses are offered by several educators in this area, such as Dallas Data Science Academy, General Assembly, SMU Boot Camps, and Codeup. If you want to learn more about the data analytics process or the tools used for analysis, you can select from classes like Tableau Desktop: Business Intelligence, SQL Querying Advanced, Excel Dashboards, and Data Science Boot Camp.


With over seven million residents, Houston remains a popular location for travel as well as career opportunities. The cost of living in Houston is 8% less than the national average and over a third less than other major metropolitan areas, making it an affordable, appealing option for those interested in moving to a city. Currently, Houston is the most diverse city in the U.S., with excellent food, entertainment, and educational options available. 

The job market is huge in Houston, with approximately 3.3 million individuals employed. Not only that, but Houston has the second-highest number of Fortune 500 headquarters of any city in the U.S. Its main industries include aerospace, digital technology, energy, manufacturing, and transportation. In December 2022, the Houston Metro area added about 16,000 jobs. If you want to learn more about data analytics to pursue a career in this city, Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool allows you to explore a range of data analytics course options in Houston. More than four dozen learning opportunities are available from top educators such as Rice University, Bauer College of Business, Ledet Training, and General Assembly. 


Another popular city for Data Analysts is Boston. Home to nearly five million residents, Boston is a popular tourist spot as well as a career hub. Boston is a very walkable city, with world-class shopping, top-tier universities like Harvard and MIT, and a great transportation system called the T. This city has a rich history, more than 50 museums, and nearly 1,000 parks. 

For those interested in pursuing a career in Boston, there are over 1,100 startups, five accelerators, and three spaces for coworking within the city. The city was recently declared one of the top 25 hubs for startups in the U.S. Amazon also recently opened a tech hub in Boston, which has created even more jobs in this area. With a five percent job increase in 2022, Boston comes in just ahead of the national average. If you want to learn data analytics to pursue a career in this area, Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool is a great resource to search for data analytics training in Boston. Over four dozen classes are available in a range of data analytics topics, such as data science, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau. Courses are currently listed by top educators, like Ledet Training, General Assembly, and New Horizons. 

Washington, D.C.

With over six million residents, Washington, D.C. is another popular city to live, study data analytics, and begin a career. Washington, D.C. has more than 70 museums, 30 national parks, 50 historic districts, and over 750 historic landmarks. This city offers great public transportation, a diverse culinary scene, and a largely bike-friendly landscape. Although the cost of living is high in this city, its rich cultural history and variety of attractions make D.C. a popular location.

The job gain in Washington, D.C. is 2%, which is somewhat lower than the 3.4% national average for 2022. The two largest employers in the D.C. area are the U.S. Department of Defense and The Department of Homeland Security. If you’re looking for a career working with data in D.C., you may wish to sign up for an in-person or live online course to improve your analytics skills. You can search for data analytics course options in D.C using Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool. Over 60 learning options are listed by many educators, such as Georgetown School of Continuing Studies, GW Bootcamps, Ledet Training, and New Horizons.


Nicknamed the “Emerald City,” Seattle offers a lush green landscape year-round, which makes it a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts. People flock to this Pacific Northwest hub for more than just nature, though. Currently ranked 11th for 2024’s Best Cities for Jobs, Seattle’s 4 million-plus residents enjoy great dining and coffee options, beautiful summer weather, and no income tax. For these reasons and more, Seattle is considered the 36th-best city in America. 

For those interested in a career in data analytics, Seattle is home to some of the world’s biggest tech companies, like Microsoft, Nintendo, Starbucks, and Amazon. Competition for tech jobs in Seattle is fierce, but many job opportunities are available for qualified individuals. The average salary in Seattle is approximately $75,000, which is significantly above the national average of $55,000. The unemployment rate remains exactly at the national average of 8.7%. If you’d like to enroll in one of the data analytics training options in Seattle, Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool allows you to compare more than four dozen study options. Educators like Skillspire, General Assembly, Galvanize, and New Horizons provide training options in popular data analytics topics like working with Tableau, Excel, Power BI, and SQL.


Denver has long enjoyed a reputation for its world-class museums, historical landmarks, and award-winning breweries. The “Mile High” city also provides spectacular views from its location on a mountain range, making it a great travel destination and relocation option. Denver is currently ranked 55th in the U.S. for best places to live. Its vibrant nightlife options, world-famous performing arts scene, and art galleries make Denver a great location all around.

Denver is also celebrated for its diversified economy. Several major industries thrive in Denver, such as healthcare and wellness, bioscience, IT, energy, financial services, aerospace, and telecommunications. The average salary in Denver is about $65,000, or $10,000 higher than the national average. In addition, unemployment remains at 8.4%, which is slightly lower than the nation’s average. For all of these reasons, Denver is a good location to look for a job in data analytics.

A great way to pursue a career in data analytics in Denver is to sign up for an in-person or live online data analytics course. Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool can help you sift through more than five dozen data analytics training options in Denver. Educators like The University of Denver, Digital Workshop Center, and Ledet Training provide a range of classes on core data analytics and data science skills.

Learn Data Analytics Skills Online

Studying data analytics isn’t only reserved for those who attend in-person classes. If you don’t live in a major metro city like Los Angeles, Chicago, or Boston and still are interested in studying data analytics, the good news is that many excellent live online learning options are also available. Live online coursework provides many of the same benefits as in-person study, such as access to an expert instructor in real-time, hands-on training, and job support. You can even complete classes from the comfort of your home or office space. 

To learn more about live online data analytics courses, you can explore your options for live online data analytics coursework using Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool. More than 300 learning options are available, and this tool can help you find the perfect match for your schedule, budget, and professional goals. 

Learn Data Analytics Skills with Noble Desktop

There’s never been a better time to study data analytics. If you’re interested in learning more about this popular field, Noble Desktop has you covered. Noble offers several data analytics classes for beginners and those with a background in data who want to master specific or advanced tools and skills. 

Noble’s Data Analytics Certificate is a project-based course designed to teach students how to collect, wrangle, analyze, and visualize data. Participants complete several real-world projects using predictive and prescriptive analytics to prepare them for careers as Business Analysts or Data Analysts. This course provides all students with one-on-one mentoring, as well as the option of a free course retake to revisit the material. 

In addition, Noble’s SQL Bootcamp is a great learning option for learners interested in studying SQL to help with their data journey. This 18-hour class teaches participants how to use PostgreSQL to find information in databases. Those who enroll will learn how to write SQL queries, aggregate data, join tables, and filter results. 

For students who want to work with Tableau for data analytics and visualization, Noble’s Tableau Bootcamp is a solid choice. This class is taught by an expert instructor and is available both in-person in Manhattan and in the live online format for those who wish to study remotely. This course takes students on a learning journey, starting with the basics of data visualization. Those enrolled also work with Tableau Public and its various tools for analysis and visualization. By course completion, participants will be able to analyze, filter, structure, and visualize data and publish the results. All students have the option of a free course retake. 

How to Learn Data Analytics

Master data analytics with hands-on training. Data analytics involves the process of drawing insights from data analysis and presenting them to leaders and stakeholders.

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