Coding Training Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Coding?

Interested in learning to code and eager to identify a career track in this field? Dive into a comprehensive guide that covers the basics of coding, the cost of training, and the multitude of opportunities available in the coding world.

Key Insights

  • Learning to code involves mastering various tools and resources like programming languages, databases, libraries, and code editors. A lot of these resources are free, and the main expense is usually a computer.
  • Coding classes can guide you to the most suitable career track. General costs for these classes range from $42,000 - $60,000 at colleges and universities and $10,000-$20,000 at bootcamps and certificate programs.
  • In the technology job market, coding is a highly sought-after skill. It is applicable in a range of fields such as education, fashion, finance, medicine, entertainment, and marketing.
  • Coding allows you to develop software, algorithms, programs, and more. Its versatility opens up opportunities in numerous industries.
  • Programs at colleges and universities can cost around $42,000 to $60,000 in tuition, while bootcamps and certificate programs typically fall between $10,000 to $20,000. However, these programs usually provide transferable skills, allowing flexibility in career choices.
  • Noble Desktop offers various coding classes and bootcamps with the option to retake courses at no cost for up to one year. They also offer a Software Engineering Certificate that covers Front End Web Development, JavaScript frameworks and databases, and Python Development.

Planning to learn to code? You’ll be happy to know that many associated tools and resources—such as programming languages, databases, libraries, and code editors—are entirely free. The main expense you need to worry about is a computer, which you most likely have if you’re planning to code.

Beyond computers, you’ll probably want to take a few coding classes to maximize your potential. Plenty of free coding classes go over fundamentals, and you can use these classes to help you decide which coding career track you want to take. After that, you can expect courses to cost between $42,000 - $60,000 from college and universities and $10,000-$20,000 from bootcamps and certificate programs. Most bootcamps and certificate programs tend to be a bundle of classes offered at a discount compared to taking each class alone.

Of course, you’ll be able to find the classes that work best for you and your goals—and your wallet. Take a look at some of the available options.

What is Coding?

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills dominating today’s job market. In simple terms, coding is the language that tech professionals use to tell devices how they should operate. There are several coding languages that are used for different purposes; some of the more common languages include Java, Python, and JavaScript.

Coding skills are required in many positions, including Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Cybersecurity Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, and many others. The main upside of coding is that it’s also adaptable to nearly any industry, including education, fashion, finance, medicine, entertainment, and marketing. While it may seem complicated to break into a coding career, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays, anyone can become a coder and obtain an entry-level position after taking a coding bootcamp or two.

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What Can You Do with Coding?

Coding is an incredibly versatile field that covers a wide selection of topics. You’ll be able to create websites, algorithms, and programs that have uses in every industry on the market. Even if your chosen career operates primarily in-person, you’ll be able to take creative approaches to coding that will make everyone’s lives easier.

You can make your own video game, build an online presence for your small business, or code simple programs that automate your mundane tasks. There’s no limit to what you can do with coding. This impressive skill will always serve you well if you have an imaginative mind and a willingness to learn more.

In-Depth Review of the Training Cost

People who think of computer science education tend to gravitate towards colleges and universities. These programs have plenty of benefits, including social opportunities, but they’re among the most expensive options. Most degree programs average around $42,000 to $60,000 in tuition before factoring in other associated costs with attending a college or university, such as student loans.

They also take the longest to complete—most computer science degree programs take around four years, while other equally-qualified coding programs take between three months to two years to complete.

Bootcamps and certificate programs tend to fall between $10,000 to $20,000, although some individual classes can cost as low as $200. Many of these programs offer free retakes and financial assistance. Unlike colleges and universities, this type of financial assistance typically has no interest, which means you’ll only have to pay the upfront cost.

Many certificate programs and bootcamps teach transferable skills that make transitioning from one program to another easy. For example, Noble Desktop offers a Python for Data Science Bootcamp, which teaches concepts that apply to their Data Science Certificate, Python Machine Learning Bootcamp, Data Analytics Certificate, or FinTech Bootcamp. That means that even if you pursue one career track and then change your mind, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to pivot into another position and still use the skills you already have.

Many free courses can teach you the fundamentals, although these classes tend to be pre-recorded. It’s usually harder to ask questions and retain information from a self-paced or pre-recorded class. Despite these drawbacks, they’re excellent options for those who are at the beginning of their education and want to preview what a coding class offers.

Free Introductory Coding Courses Online

You might feel a little overwhelmed when looking for coding classes and bootcamps, which is perfectly understandable. You’ll likely want to start with something that matches your interests or aligns with your career goals.

It’s okay to hesitate when you’re starting the process of learning to code. Try some free courses first to see which topics appeal to you, and then you can go from there. Many pre-recorded lectures cover the fundamentals and will give you enough knowledge to gauge if it’s right. All these free courses are intended to let you test the waters and make an informed decision before committing.

Websites are where most people start when they’re first learning to code, and the Intro to Front End Web Development class by Noble Desktop shows you which programming languages are needed and how to use them. From there, you can look into WordPress, one of the internet's most-used Content Management Systems (CMS). WordPress is highly customizable, and the Intro to WordPress for Developers course teaches you how HTML and CSS knowledge can enhance its interface.

Another side of coding is data science. General Assembly's free Intro to Data Science class teaches you the essential practices data scientists use. They also have an Intro to Data Analytics course that covers Google Sheets and other standard tools.

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Learn Coding with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has a robust collection of coding classes and bootcamps that fit various learning needs. They offer in-person classes in Manhattan as well as live online classes internationally. All classes have relatively small class sizes and are taught by coding experts who have practical knowledge in the field. After completing your classes, you’ll have the option to retake those courses at no cost for up to one year, allowing you to practice, review subjects, and receive insights from instructors for free.

If you’re eager to learn a collection of coding languages and applications, the Software Engineering Certificate will give you a taste of three notable ones. You’ll start with Front End Web Development, allowing you to create websites through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once you understand these subjects, you’ll shift focus to JavaScript’s various frameworks and databases, including React, Node.js, and Express.js. Finally, you’ll learn Python Development with Django, which is helpful for server-side programming, among other topics.

The Full-Stack Web Development Certificate provides a comprehensive education in coding designed to take you from coding novice to career-ready. You’ll first learn to develop the front ends of websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress. After that, you’ll dive into a JavaScript back end stack known as MERN: MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.

Anyone interested in algorithms and data collection should look into the Python for Data Science Bootcamp. It’ll show you the fundamentals of Python and everything that it entails. The possibilities of uses with Python are vast. Companies such as Netflix and Amazon use Python, and this bootcamp will teach you how to start writing your own Python programs.

How to Learn Coding

Master coding with hands-on training. Learning how to code in JavaScript, Python, and other popular languages can pave the way to a job in tech, such as web development, data science & analytics, or software engineering.

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