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What to Learn After Business Writing

Polish your business writing skills and open doors to new career possibilities with courses designed to enhance your clarity and concision in communication. Discover how mastering the art of business writing can lead to success in oral presentations, refining soft skills, and even launching a career in digital marketing and copywriting.

Key Insights

  • Business writing is a vital skill in today's professional landscape, with its applications ranging from inter-office emails to client proposals, reports, and memoranda.
  • Mastering business writing not only improves your written communication but also enhances your thought organization, a crucial aspect for effective oral presentations.
  • Software like Microsoft PowerPoint is a valuable tool in conjunction with business writing, aiding you in delivering structured and compelling presentations.
  • Soft skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, emotional control, communication skills, and self-awareness can be developed alongside your business writing prowess.
  • Business writing skills can be a stepping stone towards a career in marketing copywriting, with positions being plentiful and requiring a blend of creativity, salesmanship, and technical knowledge.
  • Noble Desktop offers a comprehensive Business Writing Bootcamp, providing hands-on training, small class sizes, free retake options, and expert instructors to guide you in mastering business writing.

Having gotten a handle on the ins and outs of business writing, you’ll have acquired an almost priceless skill to use in your current and future roles. You can also build upon what you’ve learned and acquire other skills that will poise you even more for success. This section will cover some of these varied options so you can assess where you want to turn next.

What is Business Writing?

Business writing is a specialized writing style for written communication, both internal (inside your own company) and external (as with a client.) It’s a very different discipline than academic writing (let alone any other writing in which personal style is paramount), substantially limited in the creativity department, and designed to make practical points as quickly and straightforwardly as possible.

The qualities upon which business writing today most depends are concision and clarity. Learning to express oneself within those confines is an invaluable workplace skill, given that email has become the preferred inter-office communication method. There’s no office worker who doesn’t have to read and write emails; a study quoted by GreggU calculated that the average businessperson has to deal with a whopping average of 80 emails daily. And that’s just email: there are business letters, memoranda, reports, and proposals that all need to be written in business language as well.

Read more about what business writing is and why you should learn to do it.

What Can You Do with Business Writing?

Business writing is, in today’s commercial landscape, inescapable. Consider its most frequently encountered application, the email. A generation ago, people made internal calls for quick inter-office communication. They used to have secretaries who could return calls at the recipient’s convenience. Today, those calls have all but been replaced by internal email. Whether or not you perceive that as faster or slower, it’s an inevitable fact of life. Suddenly, people must be able to write in the language of business.

Above and beyond, emails, memoranda, reports, and client proposals all call for business writing that can impress the recipient. Little can make you look better today than being able to write well in the idiom of commerce. Learning how to write a good piece of business English has several other advantages. It will teach you how to organize your thoughts, which, in turn, will help you when it comes to oral presentations. You’ll also become a better writer in general: your social media posts will improve in quality and correctness, and who knows? You may even be able to write a convincing love letter that will capture the person of your dreams.

Microsoft PowerPoint

One thing that business writing teaches you is how to organize your ideas. Business writing stresses a beginning, a middle, and an end, and a good business writing class will help you tailor your thoughts to this template. If you can make a strong written presentation, you’re on your way to a solid oral presentation. The software of choice for all presentations today is PowerPoint. Combining that skill with the thought-organization skills you acquired learning business writing puts another essential tool in your professional arsenal. Classes like Noble Desktop’s PowerPoint Bootcamp will teach you how to use the software and further coach you toward creating presentations that will make you shine.

Sharpen Professional Soft Skills

While the primary goal of business writing is to communicate, it also rests on several intangibles. These are known as “soft skills,” and have improved communication as their goal as well. If you’ve learned to write confidently, you should also know how to present yourself to others with that same confidence. Indeed lists the top five soft skills as empathy, emotional intelligence, emotional control, communication skills, and self-awareness. Those certainly sound intangible, but they can be taught (and learned), and there’s no shortage of books on the subject. Having improved your written communication skills now may be a great time to work on the rest of the package. They’re another way to set yourself ahead of the pack and advance your career.

Prepare for a New Career

Although it’s a jump from basic business writing, these skills can allow you to start working on the skills needed to be a marketing copywriter. If you’ve got a creative bent or are good at sales, this can be an excellent career move: jobs for skilled copywriters are plentiful. A good way to get started along that path is with an instructional program in digital marketing, such as Noble Desktop’s Digital Marketing Certificate, which covers everything from social media marketing strategies to more technical topics like Google Analytics and search engine optimization (SEO). These constitute a highly valuable toolkit for people seeking to work in marketing – and copywriting generally requires using exactly these skills along with the writing skills you’ll have acquired in a business writing class.

Learn Business Writing with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

An excellent way to learn business writing is to take an in-person course such as those offered by Noble Desktop, a tech and IT school in New York City that offers in-person and online classes. Noble provides its students with expert and experienced instructors who are always ready to answer students’ questions, whether they’re posed in the physical classroom or online. 

Noble Desktop’s classes offer several features, including small class sizes that guarantee you’ll receive ample attention from the instructor. The curriculum is hands-on, meaning that you’ll be making practical use of what you’re being taught while you’re still in class with exercises that allow your instructor to check on your progress. There is also a free retake option that enables you to repeat the class at no charge within a year of your first taking it. Far from just a means for those who fell behind to catch up, the free retake option makes it possible to cement what you’ve learned firmly in your mind. Classes are fast-paced, and you’re likely to discover that there’s some handy detail you missed the first time around.

Noble offers a Business Writing Bootcamp that begins by reviewing key points of grammar over which people are wont to stumble today. The course then delves into the hows and whys of written business communication in the contemporary world, be it for emails, reports, or other essential documents. And be aware that business writing is only one aspect of the business training classes offered by Noble Desktop.

Key Insights

  • Business writing skills can open the doors to learning other skills from which your career can benefit.
  • Among these are polishing oral presentation skills (PowerPoint), soft skills, and digital marketing skills that can lead to working as a copywriter.
  • Noble Desktop can help you find classes in many of these skills to advance your career to the next step.

How to Learn Business Writing

Master business writing with hands-on training. Business writing consists of written communication in emails, memos, reports, and other business documentation.

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