Back-End Web Development Training for Veterans

Explore how you can use your veterans' benefits to transition into a fulfilling career in back end web development. Learn the crucial skills you need to become a Full Stack Web Developer and find out how programs like Noble Desktop's bootcamps and professional certificate courses can fast-track your journey.

Key Insights

  • As a veteran or veteran’s family member, you can utilize funding from the GI Bill, Forever GI Bill, and VET TEC program to cover the cost of professional training programs, such as those offered by Noble Desktop.
  • Back end web development encompasses vital skills for managing, cataloging, and manipulating data, which are essential for roles like Web Designer and Full Stack Web Developer.
  • The demand for Back End Developers is high due to their role in enabling complex operations, enhancing web security, and improving website performance.
  • Noble Desktop’s VA-supported programs provide in-person training sessions in Midtown Manhattan, offering bootcamps and professional certificate courses in Full Stack Web Development.
  • Choosing a skills bootcamp can be more beneficial, timely, and cost-effective compared to pursuing a four-year degree, especially for those intending to quickly kickstart a new career.
  • The average salary for a Full Stack Web Developer in the U.S ranges from $80,000 to $110,000 per annum, showcasing the lucrative nature of this profession.

Are you a veteran returning to civilian life or a member of a veteran’s family aiming to avail yourself of entitlements and benefits? This article is designed to help you navigate your options for taking advantage of these services to enter a professional skills training program and learn the back end web development skills you’ve always wanted to learn. Back end web development training can prepare you for a career as a Web Designer. If you already know front end web development, you can learn back end web development to become a Full Stack Web Developer, meaning that you know how to build and maintain programming components of a web application’s user-facing and server-facing sides.

What is Back End Web Development?

Back end web development covers the back end, or “server-side,” of websites, which is the part of a website that handles everything happening behind the scenes. While websites can operate using only front end web development, they will be relatively basic and unable to retain anything. Back end web development allows complex programs to operate on the site, store relevant information, and generate new content based on the user’s actions. Modern websites need back end web development to stay current because simple websites can only go so far in the increasingly digital world. 

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What Can You Do with Back End Web Development Skills?

While front end web development focuses on the parts of websites that users see, back end web development handles most of its functions. Back end web development skills are essential for organizing, cataloging, and saving (or deleting) data. You’ll need to use back end web development to ensure your site meets modern standards and user expectations. For example, back end web development allows websites to store login information and prevent user frustration. Your users will appreciate the ease of access to their accounts, which will help enhance their overall user experience

Support for Veterans

Veterans and their family members may wonder how support for veterans can help to cover the cost of training for a new career. The information contained in this article is intended to help you navigate different training options covered by the GI Bill, Forever GI Bill, and VET TEC program. If you want to further your web development skills or become a Web Developer, read on to learn how veteran financial assistance and benefits can help you cover the cost of training.

In 1944, the GI Bill was passed to support World War II veterans transitioning to civilian life. This bill established support for veterans, including veteran hospitals, low-interest mortgages, college stipends, and more. Additional benefits were later added for veterans serving on September 11, 2001, or those who served after that date. These expanded benefits include the ability for veterans to transfer unused education benefits to a family member, such as a child or spouse. 

The Forever GI Bill, passed in 2017, expanded veteran educational benefits so that there was no longer a 15-year period when the credits must be used. The Forever GI Bill also established the VET TEC program intending to connect veterans with qualified training providers that teach certain technical skills like programming, data processing, computer software, and information science.

Noble Desktop’s VA-supported programs apply to students who attend in-person classes at Noble’s Manhattan office. You can explore Noble Desktop’s VA-supported programs and learn more about how veteran benefits apply at Noble’s Veterans Support page.

Noble Desktop’s VA-supported programs offer options for veterans and their family members to attend in-person classes at Noble’s Midtown Manhattan location. You can learn more about Noble Desktop’s back end web development training options which include focused bootcamps and professional certificate courses in Full Stack Web Development. You can also learn how veteran benefits apply at Noble’s Veterans Support page.

Why Learn Back End Web Development

Back end web development can help you to launch a career as a Full Stack Web Developer. Some specific uses of back end web development include building and managing databases, developing complex web applications, enhancing web security, and improving performance. 

Back End Developers build and manage databases. By understanding back end web development, you can learn how to organize data, optimize database performance, and build effective data structures. Specific back end web development skills to learn for managing databases are database design, SQL, query optimization, and database management best practices. You can also learn about data modeling and security to enhance your database management skills.

Web Developers often build complex web applications for different purposes. The Web Developers responsible for the back end of the application manage the logic and functionality. Learning back end web development empowers you to create complex web applications that can manage large amounts of data and multiple user requests. An internal web development team may develop web applications, while other Web Developers work as freelancers to build web applications for clients.

Back end web development also enables you to enhance web security. By understanding best practices and tools, you can create secure web applications built to resist malicious attacks such as those that compromise user data. Learning back end web development skills can enable you to add security features like data encryption, secure authentication protocols, and password hashing. 

You can also use back end web development skills to improve the performance of a website or web application. You can create web applications that work quickly and effectively by reducing page load times, using efficient algorithms, and minimizing database queries. This creates a better user experience which will, in turn, satisfy internal stakeholders and clients.

Why Choose a Skills Bootcamp?

You have several options for furthering your education, so you may wonder what the advantages of choosing a skills bootcamp are. Skills bootcamps focus on teaching specific skills and tools designed to help you start or advance your career in minimal time. Four-year degrees require several general education courses that do not directly relate to a chosen profession. A four-year degree, therefore, takes significantly longer to earn and costs significantly more than a bootcamp or a career-certificate program. Bootcamps take only days or weeks, and certificates can be completed in months. 

When considering a skills bootcamp or certificate, the best way to narrow down your options and determine the best training path for you is to determine your career goals. Are you looking to learn specific skills and tools or to launch a new career? If you are new to web development, the best way to learn back end web development is typically through a career-certificate program such as a full stack web development program. This program prepares you for a career as a Full Stack Web Developer. Full stack web development involves learning front end web development and back end web development. This grants you the flexibility to work on either the front or back end of a web application, increasing the number of jobs you qualify for and how you can contribute to a web development team. With a full stack web development certificate, you can start a career as a Front End or Full Stack Web Developer. 

Learning both front and back end web development also ensures you have a solid understanding of web development. Even if you have a particular area of focus within a web development team, it helps to understand how the other components of the web application work together with yours. You will also have the flexibility to assist other web development team members with any aspect of the website or web application, making you a valuable team member. Suppose you intend to become a Project Manager of a web development team. In that case, understanding front end and back end web development will enable you to understand each team member’s responsibilities, the tasks required to meet specific goals, and the time and resources needed to complete web development objectives.

Learn Back End Web Development at Noble Desktop

Those fully invested in learning back end web development and related subjects will enjoy taking a Full Stack Web Development Certificate program. This program teaches both front end and back end principles, allowing you to enter a wide variety of roles. You can also look into a JavaScript Programming Bootcamp since JavaScript is an essential skill for back end web development. Noble Desktop has taught live online back end web development classes and other computer science subjects for over 30 years, making them an excellent choice when you’re looking to expand your career or start a new one. 

Key Insights

  • Veterans and veterans’ family members who are looking to start a new career can receive financial assistance for professional training. Financial assistance is offered through veteran benefits from the GI Bill, Forever GI Bill, and VET TEC program.
  • Back end web development skills can help you launch a career as a Full Stack Web Developer.
  • Skills bootcamps and career-certificate programs cost less and take far less time to complete than a four-year degree, making them a popular option for starting a new career.
  • You can receive back end web development training online and in person through training from Noble Desktop.

How to Learn Back End Web Development

Master web development with hands-on training. Build fully functional websites and applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and web developer tools.

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