How to Learn Amazon Online

Interested in expanding your career opportunities with Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Learn about the various live and on-demand online courses that can help you master AWS and improve any organization's efficiency and productivity.

Key Insights

  • AWS provides ecommerce services that allow clients across industries to efficiently serve their customers without maintaining servers or hardware.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that offers services from data centers worldwide, including computing, storage, databases, and networking.
  • Live online and on-demand classes offer flexible opportunities to learn AWS, with the latter ranging from free tutorials to advanced courses.
  • AWS-related cloud computing skills generate career opportunities in areas such as advanced networking, data analytics, machine learning, and cybersecurity.
  • Noble Desktop provides a variety of AWS training options, including in-person classes in Manhattan, live online courses, and self-paced video tutorials.
  • Salaries for AWS professionals vary depending on the role and industry, but they are typically competitive due to the high demand for AWS skills in various sectors.

 If you want to learn AWS skills, there are plenty of options at your fingertips. From free tutorials to live classes, your options are outlined here so you can decide how to learn in a way that works best for you. You will also find information about YouTube videos and other methods for learning tips and shortcuts related to AWS. 

AWS provides ecommerce services that allow clients across industries to provide service to their customers efficiently without having to maintain servers or hardware. Live and on-demand online courses allow you to develop skills that can expand your career opportunities with businesses, schools, or government agencies as you master AWS to improve any organization’s efficiency and productivity. 

What is Amazon?

Amazon Web Services, referred to as AWS, is a cloud computing platform that offers services from data centers worldwide. A subsidiary of Amazon, Inc., AWS provides on-demand cloud computing services and APIs for businesses, government agencies, and individuals. AWS is a cloud provider that facilitates computing, storage, databases, networking, and content delivery for millions of customers, including startups, major corporations, and government agencies. Additionally, a large and diverse community of clients and partners comprise the AWS Partners Network (APN), which provides systems integration that delivers AWS benefits.

AWS emphasizes three main categories for cloud computing–Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Infrastructure as a Service offers the components for cloud IT, which provides access to networking features, virtual or computer hardware, and stored data. Platforms as a Service includes Internet- and cloud-based computer hardware and software service that helps facilitate workplace collaboration and web service integration. Software as a Service offers web-based software access. It is often referred to as “on-demand software” or “hosted software” for using applications through the Internet instead of software installed on the computer or server itself.

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What Can You Do with Amazon?

Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is a cloud provider focused on infrastructure and emerging technologies with an emphasis on machine learning, data analytics, and online security. AWS-related cloud computing skills help create career opportunities, particularly in advanced networking, data analytics, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Experience in any of these areas contributes to proficiency with AWS.

AWS data centers protect company information, user identities, applications, and devices, providing clients with a secure cloud computing environment. Knowledge of cloud computing can help businesses with their security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality when using AWS services and features. AWS also allows customers to automate manual security by focusing on industry-specific areas. Industries using Amazon Web Services include advertising and marketing, financial services, education, government and public sector, healthcare, media and entertainment, telecommunications, and retail.

There are several benefits to learning Amazon Web Services to improve your organization’s operations:

  • Amazon Web Services allows users to control where their data is stored and who can access it.
  • AWS enables clients to better secure data by reducing configuration errors, allowing companies to focus on work related to their businesses instead of having to put out tech-related fires.
  • AWS provides clients with a secure infrastructure.
  • The AWS global network interconnects with Amazon data centers to encrypt, move, and manage information retention.
  • Businesses that use AWS include aerospace, agriculture, automotive, energy, manufacturing, life sciences, and travel industries.

Live Online Amazon Training

Live online courses are an excellent option for learning Amazon Web Services (AWS). Virtual learning provides scheduling flexibility, especially if you have a full-time job or other obligations. Enrolling in live online courses allows you to pursue learning options without the stress of a commute or scoping out a parking space.

Learning web development, data science, and cybersecurity can help anyone looking to learn AWS. Skills in these areas emphasize building websites, analyzing data, preventing cyberattacks, and managing servers, all of which contribute to working in a cloud computing environment. Noble Desktop offers a live online IT classes tool that provides IT training options from several online education providers. Virtual learning offers the same level of education as sitting inside a classroom with the added convenience of learning from home or the office. 

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On-Demand Amazon Classes

On-demand classes are courses you can take at your own pace and schedule. Classes often consist entirely of pre-recorded videos and downloadable materials or may include some time-sensitive work, such as assignments due at the end of each week. If you’re interested in Amazon training on-demand, several options are available for learning Amazon Web Services, also referred to as AWS. These options range from free online tutorials covering the basics to advanced online courses offered by several education providers.

Udemy offers the Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2022 course, which covers AWS from the fundamentals to advanced concepts by teaching students about CLI, databases, serverless, and security. Participants get hands-on training and practice exams with lessons on integration, messaging, troubleshooting and auditing, networking, and disaster recovery.

Noble Desktop does not offer free tutorials specifically focused on AWS training, but a Noble Desktop YouTube channel and other video outlets provide information and tips related to cloud computing. Noble Desktop also offers free seminars to improve your cloud computing skills that fit any schedule. These options include the free Intro to Front End Web Development seminar for learning about web coding languages in designing websites.

Free Intro Courses & Tutorials

If you’re unsure about taking a class to learn Amazon Web Services (AWS), online education providers offer free or low-cost courses focused on cloud computing. For example, Udemy offers the relatively inexpensive Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Hands-on, which provides lessons in cloud computing that teach basic and advanced AWS concepts through hands-on projects. The course is designed mainly for beginners, so students do not need any prior experience with cloud computing or web development. You can also explore YouTube channels and other video outlets to learn the fundamentals of using Amazon Web Services. Training in cloud computing can lead you to a satisfying career in technology.

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Comparing Online Methods with In-Person Learning 

Three main AWS training formats are in-person classes, live online courses, and on-demand/self-paced courses. Options vary depending on personal preferences and location.

In-person data classes meet at a physical location. A local instructor leads the class, answering questions and guiding students through hands-on projects that reinforce AWS skills. Students' main difficulties with in-person data classes are finding a time and location that works. This type of training works best for those looking to make local connections and who prefer to learn in a traditional classroom setting. Noble Desktop offers in-person and live online Cloud Computing with AWS courses in New York City classrooms or through virtual learning. Other in-person and live online IT classes emphasize topics related to cloud computing, including a Full Stack Web Development Certificate program and cybersecurity training. The Manhattan classroom also provides computers and software for each course. 

Live online AWS classes include many benefits offered with in-person classes without the commute. Expert instructors lead online courses and provide real-time feedback, answering your questions and guiding hands-on projects. Remote learning enables students to access the class from anywhere with an internet connection. So, you can learn from any location. Noble Desktop’s online courses provide training through video conferencing software, providing the same hands-on experience and interaction they would get from sitting inside a classroom.

On-demand data classes, also known as self-paced classes, work best as a starting point to gain a high-level overview of a topic. Self-paced on-demand training can help students learn cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services, design websites, improve data analytics skills, or get certified in cybersecurity. Students can choose from free online tutorials that cover fundamentals to advanced online courses from Noble Desktop or other education providers.

Tips to Succeed when Learning Amazon Online

Amazon’s AWS is among the most popular cloud computing platforms, giving healthcare providers, financial services companies, video game makers, and many other businesses and organizations access to technology services like computing power, storage, and databases. Cloud computing provides various functions, including data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops, software development, and testing. Those interested in learning about cloud computing can get the most out of training for AWS by determining which cloud computing skills are most relevant for maximizing their career options and by considering the following information and tips:

  • AWS provides users access to computing, storage, and database infrastructure technologies that utilize emerging technologies.
  • AWS provides machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, offering businesses a fast and cost-effective way to apply aggregated data.
  • AWS infrastructure complies with the security requirements for the military, banking, and other high-sensitivity organizations.
  • AWS offers free, self-paced, online training with digital subscriptions that unlock exclusive access to training, learning games, labs, and practice exams.
  • Amazon provides individual subscriptions to acquire in-demand cloud computing skills through dozens of courses and learning plans, including self-paced labs, practice exams, and role-based games.
  • Depending on the training method, online learning environments provide opportunities for questions, communication, and real-time feedback through virtual meeting platforms, email, or instant messaging. 
  • AWS Cloud skills credentials are validated for potential employers with Amazon’s certification. Certification exams are available at testing centers or virtually with online proctoring.
  • Live online courses are not for everybody. Remaining engaged during lectures and avoiding distractions at your learning location—whether it’s your home, office, or local coffee shop—can be challenging. 
  • Training that incorporates real-world, relevant, hands-on projects is the most effective method for learning AWS skills.
  • Learning AWS shortcuts can help optimize a working environment. A worthwhile course covers these shortcuts.

Key Insights

  • AWS training is available through in-person classes, live online courses, and self-paced video tutorials.
  • AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers services from data centers worldwide.
  • Training in AWS-related cloud computing includes skills such as advanced networking, data analytics, machine learning, and cybersecurity, opening up many career paths.
  • Amazon Training On-Demand covers the gamut from free fundamental online tutorials to advanced online courses.
  • Online training providers offer free or low-cost cloud computing courses.
  • Noble Desktop offers web development, data analytics, and cybersecurity courses that give students a better understanding of cloud computing.
  • Noble Desktop offers Cloud Computing with AWS courses in New York City taught in-person in Manhattan classrooms or through live online virtual learning.

Learn Web Development & Cybersecurity with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop offers courses focused on web development, data analytics, and cybersecurity that provide students with a better understanding of cloud computing and, by extension, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Courses include in-person classes available in New York City or live online courses offered at times that best fit a person’s schedule. Costs vary.

Noble Desktop offers in-person and live online Cloud Computing with AWS, providing hands-on training from expert instructors. Training includes lessons for building a cloud-based environment using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most widely used platform for cloud computing worldwide. Classes can be taken inside a classroom or live online.

Noble’s Full Stack Web Development Certificate covers all types of technology in several areas involving web applications, from the front end, which focuses on the look and feel of a website, to the back end, which deals with data management. Full stack certification provides opportunities for working in a variety of industries.

The Data Analytics Certificate course provides participants with opportunities to become Data Analysts or Business Analysts with training in data analysis and visualization, business intelligence, and databases. Students can build a portfolio from projects that prepare them for a career in data analytics.

Noble Desktop also offers a Cybersecurity Bootcamp that provides the foundation for a cybersecurity career by training students to protect applications and networks, analyze security threats, and prevent cyberattacks using Python and when using cloud computing with AWS.

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