Adobe Audition Cost

How Much Does Adobe Audition Cost?

Learn how to enhance your creative work with Adobe Audition, an essential tool for anyone looking to work in sound editing or video editing. This program lets users repair audio files, enhance sound quality, edit out background noise, add voice-over, redub dialogue, and insert background music, making it a valuable addition to anyone's skill set.

Key Insights

  • Adobe Audition is a versatile sound-mixing and editing tool that allows users to alter and edit sound for various mediums such as music tracks, podcasts, and video files.
  • This tool is commonly used alongside programs like Premiere Pro or After Effects to combine audio and video files, enhancing the overall quality of the final product.
  • Adobe Audition's features include both destructive and non-destructive editing tools, which can be used to manipulate and remove sound files, correct background noise, and adjust audio levels.
  • Students can learn how to use Adobe Audition through numerous free online training resources, including Noble Desktop's Intro to Video Editing course that provides an introduction to the critical features of the program.
  • Noble Desktop offers an in-depth Video Editing Certificate program and Video Editing and Motion Graphics Certificate program, ideal for those seeking a career in sound editing or video editing.
  • Adobe Audition is available at approximately twenty dollars a month, with a free trial version available for users to explore before committing to a subscription.

Adobe Audition will cost users about twenty dollars a month to license unless they choose to license all of the programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud, which will cost a bit more than fifty-five dollars a month. While a free trial is available, users must pay for a subscription once it expires.

What is Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition is a sound-mixing and editing tool that is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The program can be used to alter and edit the sound of a purely aural medium, such as a music track or a podcast, or alongside programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit the sound of a video or animation file. The tools offered by Audition will let users repair audio files, enhance sound quality, and edit out background noise. This makes Audition an ideal tool to learn for anyone who wants to work in either sound editing or video editing.

Audition is a stand-alone program that sound engineers can use to edit recordings. Still, it is most commonly used alongside programs like Premiere Pro or After Effects to combine audio and video files. Audition lets users add voice-over, redub dialogue, insert background music, or draw out specific elements of diegetic sound. As sound is one of the essential elements of film, learning how to manipulate and edit sound is an important skill for creatives to learn.

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What Can You Do with Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition provides users with many tools for editing and remixing sound files. This means that the program is incredibly versatile. Aspiring musicians can use the program to clean up demo tracks or prepare a song to be published on a platform like SoundCloud. Podcasters can record, edit, and clean up an episode's audio using a single program. Voice Actors can record their work for job material or do important sound-mixing for freelance VO work. Anyone working in the medium of sound will want to learn how to mix and edit their creative work.

Beyond its use as a sound-mixing tool, learning how to use Adobe Audition is incredibly helpful for aspiring video editors. Learning to use Audition to add voice-over, manipulate audio levels, edit sound effects, or alter diegetic and non-diegetic sound can greatly enhance any video project, large or small. This training will let creatives working in the medium of film add another layer to how they can express themselves and their ideas, as sound is such an essential part of filmmaking.

In-Depth Review of the Cost

Since 2013, Adobe products are only available to licensees through a Creative Cloud subscription. This entails paying a monthly or annual subscription fee, which will vary depending on the number of programs licensed and the payment model (paying upfront for a yearly subscription is cheaper than paying month-to-month).

Students who only want to license Audition on the cheapest plan can expect to pay about twenty dollars a month and receive access to Audition and 1 TB of storage space on the Adobe Creative Cloud. Roughly all of the programs cost this much to license. However, users who want to license all twenty-one Creative Cloud applications can do so for approximately fifty-five dollars a month.

Free trial versions of all the Adobe Creative Cloud programs are available, but users will need to pay for a subscription to access their work after this trial period ends. In addition, since Adobe has moved to a subscription model, users may find that the program's cost fluctuates over time.

Why Learn Adobe Audition?

Learning Adobe Audition will provide creatives, particularly those looking to work in video and film editing, with another deep collection of tools they can use to produce high-quality work. While people can use Audition in mediums that deal purely with sound, like audiobooks or podcasts, its most common uses are alongside other Adobe Creative Cloud software to edit and manipulate the sound of other creative works. Whether you plan to add background music to a skateboarding video you post to YouTube, add ADR to a video essay, or prepare for a career in video editing, learning Adobe Audition will pay dividends.

Beyond adding sound to files, learning Audition will let users mix the existing sound in a file. Audition’s features include both destructive and non-destructive editing tools. This means that learning Audition lets users manipulate and remove sound files. Whether you are fixing a distorted audio file, correcting a bit of background noise, or changing audio levels to bring different sounds to the same volume, Audition will provide the tools to perfect the soundscape of your creative works. It doesn’t matter if your passion is podcasting, amateur filmmaking, video editing, or music; Audition has the tools you need to make your creative work as professional as possible.

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Free Introductory Adobe Audition Course Online 

Some students might be interested in learning how to use Audition but aren’t ready to enroll in an entire course. For these students, free introductory courses may be a helpful alternative. These classes allow students to get a feel for the functions and tools available through Audition without committing them to an advanced training course. However, these courses are also good preparation for enrolling in a professional training seminar, meaning that students who enroll in an advanced Audition course won’t find their time wasted.

Students looking for free online training in Audition can take advantage of the free videos offered through Noble Desktop. These videos replicate the look and feel of an online training seminar, making them ideal for students considering enrolling in more immersive courses. Noble’s Intro to Video Editing course will introduce students to the critical features of Audition and help guide them through learning how to integrate sound and video editing skills. This course is perfect for students who want to learn the complex art of video editing and are preparing to work on advanced sound mixing projects.

Free tutorials are also available through service providers such as Udemy and Pluralsight. These courses will introduce students to basic Audition concepts such as adding voice-over to a file or manipulating sound effects. Adobe also offers free tutorials and guides for students looking to experiment with Audition. Since these resources are free, students can take advantage of them without worrying about committing to a single program.

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Learn Adobe Audition with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Students looking to learn Adobe Audition need look no further than the in-person and live online Audition courses available through Noble Desktop. Noble’s expert instructors teach these courses, so even online, students will be able to interact directly with experts in their field to receive Audition training. Regardless of how students enroll in Noble’s classes, they will benefit from small class sizes, so they won’t have to fight with other students for their instructors’ attention. Plus, all Noble classes have a free retake option to allow students to get additional training in Audition skills.

For students who are looking to build a career in the world of sound editing, Noble’s Video Editing Certificate program and its Video Editing and Motion Graphics Certificate program will provide students with an in-depth understanding of how to mix sound into video and animation files. This career-focused training course will give students the tools they need to become professional Sound Engineers and Video Editors, whether working on their own creative projects or as part of a team. In addition to training in Audition, students will learn how to use Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Cinema 4D to create evocative film and animation projects. Plus, students will receive one-on-one career mentorship and an industry-recognized certificate of completion. As part of their final project, they will build a demo reel of sample videos to take with them onto the job market.

Students who just want to learn the ins and outs of Adobe Audition should consider Noble’s Audition Bootcamp. This short course will teach students how to utilize Audition's basic sound editing tools, such as noise removal and tools to add voiceover and sound effects. This is an ideal course for creatives who hope to work in strictly audio mediums, aspiring Sound Engineers looking to slowly build their resumes, and students with film editing backgrounds who want to learn more advanced sound-editing techniques. This course also confers an industry-recognized certificate of completion, meaning it is an ideal way for students to become Audition certified.

How to Learn Adobe Audition

Master Adobe Audition with hands-on training. Audition is a sound editing and mixing application that can be used to create audio for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

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