Why Learn Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition is a valuable tool for numerous careers including video editing, motion graphics designing, and sound engineering. Enhance your professional life by learning Adobe Audition, a versatile sound editing tool that can expand your creative skills and open up opportunities for more complex editing projects.

Key Insights

  • Adobe Audition is a versatile sound-mixing and editing tool available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, beneficial for various creative and professional endeavors.
  • Professionals like Video Editors, Motion Graphic Designers, and Sound Engineers often use Adobe Audition for editing and manipulating sound files.
  • Learning Adobe Audition enables creatives to work on more complex projects by adding a vital layer of sound editing to their skillset.
  • As the digital content marketplace grows, having professional-grade audio and sound mixing skills, like those provided by Audition, gives creators a competitive edge.
  • Salaries for careers that utilize Adobe Audition, like Video Editors and Sound Engineers, can greatly vary based on expertise and industry, emphasizing the importance of professional training.
  • Noble Desktop offers a range of in-person and live online Audition courses, providing expert instructors, small class sizes, and a free retake option for additional training.

Adobe Audition is a versatile sound editing tool that allows users to edit, combine, and manipulate digital sound files. It is useful for both sound technicians looking to work on audio files and video editors looking to edit the sound of their video more complexly. Have you ever explored all of the things Adobe Audition can do? Learning Audition will help expand a user’s creative skills, let them work on more complicated editing projects, and edit their audio files. Here, you’ll learn more about the careers that benefit from Adobe Audition and how it can enhance your professional life. Regardless of your goals, learning Adobe Audition is a valuable and impressive skill to add to your resume. 

What is Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition is a sound-mixing and editing tool that is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The program can be used to alter and edit the sound of a purely aural medium, such as a music track or a podcast, or alongside programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit the sound of a video or animation file. The tools offered by Audition will let users repair audio files, enhance sound quality, and edit out background noise. This makes Audition an ideal tool to learn for anyone who wants to work in either sound editing or video editing.

Audition is a stand-alone program that sound engineers can use to edit recordings. Still, it is most commonly used alongside programs like Premiere Pro or After Effects to combine audio and video files. Audition lets users add voice-over, redub dialogue, insert background music, or draw out specific elements of diegetic sound. As sound is one of the essential elements of film, learning how to manipulate and edit sound is an important skill for creatives to learn.

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What Can You Do with Adobe Audition?

Adobe Audition provides users with many tools for editing and remixing sound files. This means that the program is incredibly versatile. Aspiring musicians can use the program to clean up demo tracks or prepare a song to be published on a platform like SoundCloud. Podcasters can record, edit, and clean up an episode's audio using a single program. Voice Actors can record their work for job material or do important sound-mixing for freelance VO work. Anyone working in the medium of sound will want to learn how to mix and edit their creative work.

Beyond its use as a sound-mixing tool, learning how to use Adobe Audition is incredibly helpful for aspiring video editors. Learning to use Audition to add voice-over, manipulate audio levels, edit sound effects, or alter diegetic and non-diegetic sound can greatly enhance any video project, large or small. This training will let creatives working in the medium of film add another layer to how they can express themselves and their ideas, as sound is such an essential part of filmmaking.

Common Professional Uses for Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a valuable professional tool, whether users seek to work primarily in audio media or complement other career skills with Audition training. Given the importance of sound to creative projects and the rise of the digital radio industry, learning sound-mixing is quickly becoming an in-demand career skill. Some of the jobs that will use Audition include:

Video Editors: Video editors will use Audition to edit and manipulate the sound files associated with a video project. They will be tasked with adding sound effects, fixing background noise, adding non-diegetic music, and altering sound levels at the discretion of a director or project manager. They will primarily use tools like Premiere Pro to handle the video editing side of the process, but they will also need to know how to use Audition to edit sound files.

Motion Graphics Designer: Motion Graphics Designers perform roles reasonably similar to that of Video Editors, save that Motion Graphics Designers tend to work with computer-animated projects more so than live-action videos. They will still be tasked with using Audition for voice-over and sound effects for a motion graphics project. To do this, they must use both Premiere Pro and After Effects alongside Audition.

Sound Engineers: Sound Engineers are tasked with controlling and editing sound recordings, such as live music, studio performances, and podcasts. These engineers will be tasked with editing and cleaning up sound files for publication or post-production. Some Sound Engineers may work alongside Video Editors or Motion Graphics Designers to complete more complex and elaborate projects. Others will do freelance work, editing sound files for clients who need music tracks, podcasts, or other audio recordings edited before release.

Learn In-Demand Career Skills

As online content creation and video production become increasingly in-demand, audio editing and sound mixing will continue to grow in popularity. As an important element of film, companies making video content (including advertising) can’t afford to ignore how a video production sounds any more than they can ignore how it looks. Therefore, anyone looking to enter the world of video editing and content creation may want to consider learning Audition alongside other programs to expand their career opportunities.

Expand your Creative Potential

Creatives, particularly those working in the medium of film, will benefit significantly from learning how to edit audio and sound files using Audition. A creative project's soundscape is a massive canvas upon which a creative can work. Whether adding background music to a scene, subtly altering sounds to highlight a specific noise, or removing sound entirely to create atmosphere, learning to edit sound in Audition will be an invaluable creative tool.

Build Your Own Content

Learning Audition is also a valuable skill for anyone who aspires to create their own content, music, podcasts, or video productions. As the digital content marketplace expands and more people can make their voices heard, the market becomes more and more competitive. Consumers won’t be nearly as willing to stick around while new creators learn how to make professional content in real-time. Instead, creators will be expected to produce professional-grade content from square one. Aspiring creators can prepare for this by learning to mix audio and sound files before they begin expertly.

How to Start Learning Adobe Audition

Students have many different options when it comes to learning how to use Adobe Audition. Students can opt to learn in live training seminars or asynchronous courses. They can learn Audition online or in person. Each learning option has advantages and disadvantages, meaning students should contemplate their options to find the best Audition course. Bear in mind that Audition is usually included in the larger curriculum of video editing courses. Students looking to compare the options available for video editing classes should consult Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool.

Many students suggest that they learn new skills most easily through live instruction. The benefit of having an expert in the field guiding them through the process of learning Audition is an invaluable tool. Live instruction courses are available both in-person and online, but each mode of instruction provides students with access to an experienced instructor who can answer questions and provide students with feedback. These courses are designed to maximize students' ability to learn Audition through the structure and the mode of instruction.

The downside to live instruction is that it burdens students to learn Audition on someone else’s schedule. This may not always be possible, so students may instead wish to consider on-demand video editing training. These courses let students learn at their own pace, which can be ideal for students with obligations that prevent them from attending a live instruction course. These courses also tend to be more varied and cheaper than live instruction classes. However, some students may have difficulty learning without a live instructor's aid.

Free tutorials and training options are available for students looking to become more familiar with the basic features of Adobe Audition. Students looking to learn how to use Audition professionally will need more training, but these courses are ideal places to start learning the application. Noble provides students with a free Intro to Video Editing course that guides students through the basic uses of Adobe Audition as a video editing tool. Noble also provides free resources, tutorials, and videos on its Learn Audition hub.

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Learn Adobe Audition with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Students looking to learn Adobe Audition need look no further than the in-person and live online Audition courses available through Noble Desktop. Noble’s expert instructors teach these courses, so even online, students will be able to interact directly with experts in their field to receive Audition training. Regardless of how students enroll in Noble’s classes, they will benefit from small class sizes, so they won’t have to fight with other students for their instructors’ attention. Plus, all Noble classes have a free retake option to allow students to get additional training in Audition skills.

For students who are looking to build a career in the world of sound editing, Noble’s Video Editing Certificate program and its Video Editing and Motion Graphics Certificate program will provide students with an in-depth understanding of how to mix sound into video and animation files. This career-focused training course will give students the tools they need to become professional Sound Engineers and Video Editors, whether working on their own creative projects or as part of a team. In addition to training in Audition, students will learn how to use Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Cinema 4D to create evocative film and animation projects. Plus, students will receive one-on-one career mentorship and an industry-recognized certificate of completion. As part of their final project, they will build a demo reel of sample videos to take with them onto the job market.

Students who just want to learn the ins and outs of Adobe Audition should consider Noble’s Audition Bootcamp. This short course will teach students how to utilize Audition's basic sound editing tools, such as noise removal and tools to add voiceover and sound effects. This is an ideal course for creatives who hope to work in strictly audio mediums, aspiring Sound Engineers looking to slowly build their resumes, and students with film editing backgrounds who want to learn more advanced sound-editing techniques. This course also confers an industry-recognized certificate of completion, meaning it is an ideal way for students to become Audition certified.

Key Insights

  • Adobe Audition is a sound mixing and editing application available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Many in-demand career fields, such as Video Editors and Motion Graphic Designers, will regularly use Adobe Audition.
  • Learning Adobe Audition will also help creatives expand the quality and complexity of the projects that they produce.
  • Anyone looking to break into the world of online content creation knows they need to have a professional product to make it in the crowded market, and learning Audition can help students with that task.
  • No matter why you want to learn Audition, Noble has comprehensive training options available online and in person.

How to Learn Adobe Audition

Master Adobe Audition with hands-on training. Audition is a sound editing and mixing application that can be used to create audio for videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

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