Discover the best sites for finding freelance web development work and the skills required to start a freelance career in web development. Learn how training programs at Noble Desktop can provide you with the necessary skills and industry insights to excel in your web development career.

Key Insights

  • Indeed, LinkedIn, Upwork, Guru, and Dice are among the best sites for finding freelance web development work, with extensive databases and specific search functions for freelance jobs.
  • Skills essential to a successful web development career include coding in core languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, Java, and PHP, as well as proficiency in using developer tools and understanding of design principles.
  • Front end developers should be knowledgeable in graphic design, responsive web design, and user experience design, while back end developers need to be skilled in data structures and algorithms.
  • Certificate programs offered by Noble Desktop, including software engineering, front end web development, Javascript development, full stack development, and Python development, can equip aspiring web developers with the necessary skills and provide career mentoring and job material review.
  • Upon completion of web development training, finding an entry-level job can be facilitated by using appropriate sites, optimizing materials, networking, and gaining experience through internships or relevant volunteer work.
  • Noble Desktop offers expert instruction, small class sizes, and the option to retake any course for free, supporting students in acquiring the skills critical to becoming a web developer.

Aspiring Web Developers are likely to want to search for freelance jobs. They might do so because they want to freelance long-term, or simply so that they can gain experience that will help them get a full-time job. Knowing where to look for those jobs can help you be more competitive with other freelancers looking for similar work. This article will help you figure out where to look for freelance web development job opportunities.

What are the Best Sites to Find Freelance Work in Web Development?


Indeed, which is one of the most popular job boards in the United States, is the best American job board for 2023 according to TechRader. It’s good for Web Developers because of its extensive database of job listings across industries and types of business. It can help you find freelance jobs if you use that category in the search function, which is highly effective.


LinkedIn isn’t just for networking or for finding full-time roles. Posting freelance jobs on LinkedIn is becoming increasingly common, especially in the tech field. As with Indeed, you can set your search filter to find freelance jobs only. Then you can use LinkedIn messaging to reach out to the hiring manager and express your interest so that you can get their attention directly.


Upwork is a freelance job board that extends across fields. However, employers seeking freelance Web Developers are particularly likely to look there because it has one of the largest marketplaces of Web Developers in the US. Upwork can help you find everything from small, short-term coding gigs to long-term contract relationships.


Guru’s network of 80,000 employers makes it one of the largest platforms for Web Developers in the US. It claims that freelancers for Guru have earned $250 million total as of 2023. Freelancers on Guru must be verified, which will give an employer confidence that you know what you’re doing.


Dice is one of the leading databases for technology professionals. It includes millions of profiles for US developers. That means you’ll want to be among them. Employers also like Dice because it provides them with analytics on their postings, so they know how effective their advertisements are in attracting talent.

How Do I Start a Freelance Career in Web Development?

To be successful as a Web Developer, you need to become an excellent coder. Whatever your specialization may be, you have to know how to code in the core language used to build websites and apps, HTML. If you want to be a Front End Developer, you’ll also need to know JavaScript. As a Back End Developer, you should be qualified in Python, Java, and PHP. Along with your coding abilities, you’ll need to know how to use developer tools like code editors, Git, and Emmet. And you’ll have to master testing and debugging your code, a vital part of the process.

A strong understanding of design principles is necessary for Front End Developers, as they work on the visual and interactive aspects of a website or app. Specifically, they have to understand graphic design, responsive web design, and user experience design. Back End Developers must be skilled in the data structures and algorithms that implement and display the data for the website or app they are working on.

You can gain these skills by doing a certificate at Noble Desktop. Certificate programs at Noble include software engineering, front end web development, Javascript development, full stack development, and Python development. These programs also include 1-on-1 career mentoring and job material review.

If you have the right support and the requisite skill set, it’s relatively straightforward to find an entry-level web development job once you complete your web development training. If you use the right sites, optimize your materials, and network as much as you can, you’ll have a good chance out there. However, your odds significantly increase if you’ve also completed an internship or relevant volunteer work. You’ll also have a better chance of finding a full-time, long-term web development job if you pursue the freelancing strategy described in this article.

If you’re still at the stage where you’re deciding whether to pursue a web development career, it will probably be a while before you are able to move past a junior-level position. But don’t let that discourage you. Building up experience over time is a requirement for jobs in most fields. Plus, you have control over your skills and your performance, which are the most important factors when it comes to promotion or hiring for a higher-level position.

Learn the Skills to Become a Web Developer at Noble Desktop 

To become a Web Developer, you must learn specific skills critical to the job. Noble Desktop can help you build these skills through in-person or live online instruction. Either way, you’ll have access to expert instructors who can clarify issues when you are confused, provide feedback on your work, and guide you through becoming a Web Developer. Small class sizes and the option to retake any course for free once you’ve completed it are additional incentives for studying with Noble Desktop.

Noble offers several relevant certificate programs demonstrating your Web Developer skills and qualifications to share with potential employers and support you in your job search. Completing the software engineering certificate gives you the broadest qualifications and career path options. If you are primarily interested in developing for the front end, consider the front end web development certificate. JavaScript is becoming increasingly popular for web development, so completing the certificate in Javascript will boost your resume. Opt for the full stack development certificate if you're interested in front end and back end programming. And if you prefer behind-the-scenes programming, pursue the certificate in Python development.

If you’re a beginner in web development, Noble’s hub of articles and resources on web development is a great place to start and plan your learning path. Noble’s web development courses are excellent if you’re eager to start learning but not yet ready to commit to a full certificate.