If you’re currently searching for a job in data analytics, it may seem overwhelming to know how to navigate thousands of listings and find the job that’s right for you. This article will cover some tips to help with the job search, as well as what employers will be on the lookout for when screening candidates.

Tips & Best Practices for Searching for a Job as a Data Analyst

Organizations around the world are currently working with more data than ever before, meaning they need individuals who can transform these numbers into information and insights. If you’re considering a job in data analytics, now is a great time to apply. Employers are actively seeking candidates who can apply their math, statistics, communication, and database construction skills to unearth trends and other pertinent information from the data to build a more robust business model. Data Analysts are currently in high demand across industries, particularly in financial institutions and market research firms.

Yet even with the need for qualified Data Analysts, it can still be challenging to land a job in this field. The following tips are provided to help with the job search and ensure that once you’ve found a position that’s a good match, you’re as prepared as possible for the job interview:

    1. SQL
    2. Excel
    3. Tableau
    4. Programming languages like Python and R
    5. Zoho Analytics
    6. Statistics
    7. Data warehousing

Learn More About Data Analytics by Enrolling in Hands-On Classes

Data analytics is currently one of the most in-demand professions across the U.S. If you’re interested in learning how to analyze and visualize data, Noble Desktop has several course options available. Noble’s Python for Data Science Bootcamp is a great starting point. This intensive, 30-hour course covers core Python skills that are useful for the data sciences, such as an overview of the various data types and how to create data visualizations. Noble also offers an 18-hour SQL Bootcamp in which students learn how to filter data, write SQL queries, and gather insights from data.

For those looking to learn specifically about data analytics, courses such as the Data Analytics Certificate or Data Analytics Technologies Bootcamp are available in-person in NYC, as well as in the live online format. These rigorous learning options cover core data analysis tools like SQL, Excel, and Tableau.

If you’re looking to find learning options close to home, you can also search for data analytic courses in-person or live online with the help of Noble’s Classes Near Me tool. Over 340 courses are currently listed by Noble and other top educational providers in topics such as data visualization, business intelligence, and data analytics, among others.