Explore the vast opportunities within the field of data analytics, including roles like Marketing Analyst, Systems Analyst, and Data Engineer. Discover resources for job searching in data analytics like LinkedIn, KDNuggets, and Dataspace, and learn about the benefits of pursuing a career in this rapidly expanding industry.

Key Insights

  • Data analytics is a thriving field with a global demand for qualified professionals due to the creation of approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.
  • There are many subfields within data analytics, including roles like Marketing Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Operations Analyst, Research Analyst, Data Engineer, and Statistician.
  • Resources such as LinkedIn, KDNuggets, and Dataspace are valuable for job searching in the field of data analytics. LinkedIn alone lists over 108,000 data analytics positions in the U.S.
  • Platforms like Dataspace focus on specialized careers in the data sciences, offering both temporary and permanent data-driven jobs.
  • Datanami and Kaggle are additional resources where users can find jobs based on specific search parameters like job type, category, location, keyword, and whether the position is part-time or full-time.
  • Noble Desktop provides a range of data analytics courses that offer industry-relevant skills and training, including the Python for Data Science Bootcamp and SQL Bootcamp.

Even though there are thousands of data analytics positions currently listed that seek qualified candidates, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are a good match. This article will offer some resources to help you with your data analytics job search.

Why Pursue a Career in Data Analytics?

Each day, approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created, and this pace is expected to quicken in the future. To help manage this massive volume of data, there’s currently a need for qualified Data Analysts across the globe. In addition to offering competitive salary rates, a strong job outlook, good benefits, and other job perks, a career in data analytics provides a great opportunity to collaborate with others working at an organization, as well as to play an integral role in the decision-making process that drives the company’s business processes.

Within the umbrella of data analytics are many subfields, such as:

If you are interested in pursuing a career in a data-related field, many online resources and websites are available to aid with the search. The following are some of the best resources for securing the job of your dreams in data analytics:


LinkedIn is perhaps the best and most well-known resource for finding a job in data analytics and connecting with employers and recruiters. LinkedIn currently lists over 108,000 data analytics positions in the U.S. alone. This professional networking platform remains a go-to for job seekers and recruiters in data-related fields.


KDNuggets is a valuable resource for those searching for work related to data analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, data mining, data science, and machine learning, among others. Not only is this platform a valuable source of job listings, but it also provides industry-related news, information about approaching conferences and meetings, and tech-related tutorials. KDNuggets operates somewhat differently from other job sites in that those who wish to place an ad must first send an email to the team for approval.


Dataspace is another great online resource that can help you find a job in data engineering, data science, or data analytics. One of the benefits of using Dataspace is that it helps narrow the job search to more specialized careers focused exclusively on the data sciences. Their data science job posting helps users find either temporary or permanent data-driven jobs in the U.S. In addition, professional opportunities for in-person and remote work are listed at Dataspace, many of which are with leading companies in the data analytics industry. This platform also offers a general listing of data science, analytics, and engineering jobs.


Datanami focuses on much more than data-related jobs; it is also a news portal that highlights trends and solutions in big data, as well as articles on analysis and related topics. This site also offers a wealth of information about the various impacts the current data explosion is having around the globe. For those searching for a job in data analytics, Datanami has a Job Bank through which users can find jobs based on search parameters like job type, category, location, keyword, and whether the position is part-time, full-time, or contract to hire.

Digital Analytics Association

This online community is comprised of professionals actively working in data analytics and other data-related fields, such as web analytics and digital analytics. Digital Analytics Association is an excellent resource for searching for jobs based on keyword, category, or status (seasonal, temporary, internship, part-time, or full-time). In addition, 13 job categories are available to choose from when searching for a career that matches your skillset.


Kaggle is a popular online community of Statisticians, Machine Learning Engineers, and Data Scientists. Those who become Kaggle members have the option of subscribing to receive timely updates on new job openings or can post listings for jobs. Filtering options include experience level, salary, and role. International companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon post on Kaggle to find qualified candidates.

Built In

More than 10,000 startup and tech-specific jobs are posted on Built In’s boards. This online community also has a database with thousands of jobs throughout the U.S. One of this site’s best features is that all posted jobs provide comprehensive information about the company. In addition, those who create a profile on Built In can be matched with employers based on shared values. It’s also possible to apply for jobs directly through this website.


Another great resource for aspiring Data Analysts is ai-jobs.net. This site offers a variety of machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data job postings, and other data science careers. Those looking for work on this platform can search for career options around the globe with the help of advanced search options that can filter search options based on specified criteria. In addition, those seeking employment can create an ai-jobs.net account to which they can receive notices and save jobs.

Big Data Jobs

Big Data Jobs is a valuable resource for employers seeking to find or attract those with a talent for working with big data. Unlike mass appeal job boards such as Monster or Indeed, Big Data Jobs was designed by Software Engineers and is intended to be more of a niche job board. Users can filter job searches on this site based on parameters like keywords, distance, or location. In addition, job listings are included in a newsletter sent out in a weekly email and posted on Twitter.

Data Elixir

This considerable data science job board originated as a private mailing list. Now, it’s one of the biggest job boards in the U.S. devoted to data science. Those who use Elixir can search for employment based on location or keyword. One of this site’s most helpful features is that it allows users to have future vacancies matching their established criteria emailed to them the instant they’re available. In addition, the jobs listed on the web page also are posted on social media and in an email newsletter.

Learn More About Data Analytics by Enrolling in Hands-on Classes

If you’re looking for a job in data analytics, Noble Desktop has a variety of courses that can provide you with industry-relevant skills and training. Noble’s Python for Data Science Bootcamp covers Python skills that are useful for the data sciences, such as an overview of the various data types and how to create data visualizations. Noble also offers an 18-hour SQL Bootcamp in which students learn how to filter data, write SQL queries, and gather insights from data.

For those looking to learn specifically about data analytics, courses such as the Data Analytics Certificate or Data Analytics Technologies Bootcamp are available in-person in NYC, as well as in the live online format. These rigorous learning options cover core data analysis tools like SQL, Excel, and Tableau.

If you’re searching for learning options close to home, you can also search for data analytic courses in-person or live online with the help of Noble’s Classes Near Me tool. Over 340 courses are currently available by Noble as well as other top educational providers in topics such as data visualization and data analytics, among others.