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Free Web Design Course Online: Learn Web Design Online

Learn how to use HTML and CSS to create webpages in this free video tutorial on getting starting in web design.

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Become a web designer with hands-on training:

Thinking about learning to code or create a website? In this free seminar, you’ll learn how websites are designed and built from scratch and get step-by-step instructions for what we demonstrate in the class. 

You’ll get an introduction to HTML and CSS and see how they are used to layout webpages and style content. We will upload a site to make it live for the world to see! You'll also learn about how our certificate program teaches everything from code to graphics.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Where to get started
  • An overview of the creative process from design to execution
  • What software should you use?
  • Marking up content with HTML
  • Styling text and more with CSS
  • Optimizing graphics for the web (SVG, JPEG, etc)
  • Proper ways to name your files
  • Proper file structure for your website
  • Uploading the live website via FTP

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