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Photoshop Video Tutorial: Digital Darkroom Techniques

Learn to take an ordinary photograph and transform it into something more interesting using advanced techniques in color, lighting, and focusing adjustment.

Download the Files & Exercise (scroll down to Photoshop Digital Darkroom Techniques). 

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Photoshop can transform any photograph into something beautiful if the right tools are used (on the right you can see the before/after).

In this seminar we’ll cover the following tools and techniques:

  • Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks, Histogram, Curves, Levels, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance
  • History Panel, Blurring & Sharpening, Filters
  • Correcting color casts and re-interpreting color
  • Advanced selection techniques
  • Adjusting lighting and shadows
  • Adding three dimensionality (receding elements and making things “pop” with tone, color, & selective focus)
  • Maintaining editibility throughout the retouching process

Along the way, we’ll share some great Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. Everyone that attends will receive step by step instructions so you can practice the techniques shown.

This seminar is designed for people with a solid working knowledge of Photoshop. It is NOT for beginners.

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