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Noble Desktop Named Among Forbes Best Bootcamps to Take in 2024

Noble Desktop’s JavaScript Development Bootcamp has been named Forbes Advisor’s best JavaScript coding bootcamp to attend in 2024.

As part of their yearly evaluation of the best options for students looking to learn coding skills online, Forbes looked at “14 data points in the categories of career support, credibility, affordability and student experience” and concluded that if you are looking to learn JavaScript, Noble Desktop’s certificate program is the best option available.

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world and it is the sixth most significant language worldwide, per the TIOBE index. It is most commonly used to add functionality, including real-time updates and personalized content recommendations, to websites, but it also has significant programming libraries that allow skilled programmers to utilize JavaScript in app development, data science, back end web development and virtually any project involving the internet of things. Thanks to the popular MERN stack, which attendees of Noble’s JavaScript Development program will learn, JavaScript can be used to develop all of the aspects of a fully functioning piece of software or web application.

Bootcamps are an ideal way for students to learn in-demand career skills, giving students the flexibility to work on their training without having to invest the time and money into a college degree program. According to Forbes, “for some students, these intensive programs provide a higher return on investment than a traditional college education. In fact, a Forbes Advisor survey of bootcamp graduates found that 79% of respondents saw their salaries increase after finishing their programs.”

In Noble Desktop’s JavaScript Bootcamp, you’ll get hands-on training from an experienced instructor in a live online environment. Class sizes are small and students will be able to get personalized support and feedback. Since these courses are online, students can learn from anywhere without needing to commute or build their schedule around attending class and classes are available in full-time and part-time sessions, giving students even more flexibility (one of the major categories that Forbes looked at when compiling their rankings). All of the lessons and exercises covered in the course are modeled after real-world JavaScript programming work, since the course is focused on ensuring that students are career ready as soon as they graduate. To help students feel career-ready, Noble also offers an array of career services (again, praised by Forbes), including one-on-one mentorship sessions and class time dedicated to helping students build their own professional development portfolio.

This is a beginner-friendly course, meaning that you’ll start by learning the fundamentals of JavaScript, so even someone with no background in coding will be able to enroll in the course. Then, students will familiarize themselves with variables, control logics, arrays, objects and loops. From there, students will learn how to use Node, Express and MongoDB to move beyond simple web coding projects and begin working on more complex software and application development projects. Finally, students will learn how to use React as a development tool, including how it can handle security. Students will conclude the course with a portfolio development workshop, in which they will take their projects and compile them into something useful for a job application. There is also an optional SQL bootcamp that you can take for free as part of the course.

Students will learn hands-on Javascript skills as they complete projects that produce working applications. For example, students will code a rich media application in JavaScript from scratch, where images of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are dynamically generated; each image is paired with a sound icon which, when clicked, plays the animal’s name in English and Chinese. Another lesson focuses on developing a sortable movie database that utilizes callback functions to display movies by title, year or duration in ascending or descending order. Students will also build working games of memory, blackjack (including rudimentary dealer AI) and systems for generating lotto numbers. All of these lessons provide students with the training and experience they will need to tackle larger and more complex JavaScript projects.

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