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Motion Graphics 101: A Beginner's Guide

While you may have heard the term "motion graphics" before, if you’re like the majority of people, you’re probably still trying to define what it really means. In the most basic terms, motion graphics relate to animated graphic design. More simply, bringing graphic design to life by focusing on tools like animating flat images to promote the illusion of movement.

Here’s what you need to know about motion graphics:


When it comes to finding the right colors, layout, and design for your brand, motion graphics come into play by making these elements more real. A significant part of motion graphics involves taking a company’s primary mission and values, interpreting how they can be expressed digitally, and creating the art that follows.

When it comes to branding, creating the right animation to portray a business's mission statement can go a long way. For example, Google Chrome uses its vibrant design style with four brand colors to set a playful tone, one apart from its competitors. They take branding to the next level by portraying how Google Chrome is a fast and reliable browser through a short visual video, e.g., through motion graphics.

By implementing motion graphics into a branding strategy, a company can easily step up their visual and auditory game. This means finding a better angle to shout, “We’re better than the rest!” without being too pushy and by using the utmost creativity.

Telling A Story

If we were to define a strong marketing game, we would surely highlight story-telling. This is because selling a product or service is not just about the quality of what you’re providing, but how relevant it is to consumers.

When pushing your marketing strategy to the max, it’s always important to remember that you’re selling to humans; people are often sentimental and have stories to tell. The more relevant your story, the more it will appeal to consumers, thus turning them into conversions.

Motion graphics help the story-telling process by implementing the right tools and formats to make everything more visually appealing and stimulating. Think about the vast difference between a still image and a visual portrayal of something—which is more powerful?

While images certainly elicit emotion, motion graphics dominate.

Explaining Concepts

Sometimes a topic is so complex that it's easier to relay information visually rather than verbally. This is because complex ideas are easier to digest through images. Often, companies that try to explain how a specific service works will have an easier time explaining through animated graphics than in content or a static image.

Motion graphics is one of the best ways to create compelling explanations or educational videos. They can help illustrate important ideas. For example, how bitcoin or blockchain work and how one company can help you make better decisions with such investments.

Aside from creating the animations, the audio within motion graphics can help companies show “their side of the story” and help the viewer see the information in a whole different light.

Raising Awareness

When it comes to the first stages of a company’s life, it's critical to build brand awareness. For example, is the relevant company or brand trying to solve a problem? Are they a non-profit working for a noteworthy cause? Whatever it may be, motion graphics go hand in hand with organizations working to raise their voices.

Tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects can help add emotion, value, and power to every message. Whether it’s a sustainability cause on a macro-scale or a local issue in the community on a micro-level, leave it to motion graphics to promote real action.

Try Motion Graphics Yourself

As a beginner in motion graphics, it’s essential to start with the basics. Learn video editing, animation, and special effects with the right course. We offer hands-on video editing courses and After Effects classes in NYC and to help you get started with real-world projects, techniques from industry experts, and personalized attention. Get started today!

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