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Intro to After Effects: Free Online Course

In this free class you’ll learn the basics of After Effects so you can get started with video editing. Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for motion graphics and visual effects. It can be used on its own to create stand-alone videos and animations or integrated into video editing programs like Premiere Pro.

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Continue learning in our comprehensive After Effects classes (attend Live Online or in New York City):
After Effects Classes
Video Editing & Motion Graphics Classes
Motion Graphics Certificate

In this video seminar you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Video Settings & Color Space
  • Importing Images & Video
  • Animating with Keyframes
  • Adding Easing
  • Working with Layers and Blending Modes
  • Parenting Layers
  • Motion Tracking
  • Video Compositing

This seminar is for people who are new to Premiere Pro.


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