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Free Digital Marketing Classes Online

Get started in digital marketing with our free online digital marketing classes in search marketing, email marketing, website optimization, and more. See all 5 free digital marketing classes online for free. 

Digital Marketing Free Courses Online 

We offer a handful of online free classes across digital marketing: SEO, local search, email, and more to help you get started in digital marketing. 

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Digital Marketing Overview

  • Pillars of Digital Marketing: Learn about digital marketing, the different types of digital marketing, different strategies, and more in this free seminar. Learn to drive traffic through search with SEO and Google Ads, increase engagement and drive conversions with social media, understand web behavior and optimize your site with Google Analytics, drive repeat business with email marketing, and more in this 1-hr free digital marketing class. 

To learn more beyond the seminar, see our Digital Marketing courses.

Search Marketing

Search marketing includes both organic (SEO) and paid search (Google Ads). The goal of search marketing is to show up in search results for specific, relevant keywords. In the search results, there are paid results followed by organic results. To show up in the organic results requires a good SEO strategy involving keyword research, content marketing, technical optimization of your site, backlinks, and more. In order to show up in the paid results, you'll need to set up a Google Ads account and bid on specific keywords and pay for each click that you get from that ad. Search marketing is like a world of its own and requires a lot of knowledge and creativity to do it well, but if you execute properly it can result in a lot of growth for your business. See below for our free classes or join us in NYC or online for SEO or Google Ads classes.

  • Where to Focus Your SEO Efforts in 2020: In this free 1-hr SEO class, you'll learn from expert Steve Scott how to master SEO in 2020. He'll walk you through 14 areas you should focus on to succeed in SEO today. You'll learn about the EAT framework for SEO, why user-focus is key for SEO, how to leverage structured data, master local search, set up conversion tracking, and more in this free digital marketing class. 

  • Dominate Local Search with Google My Business: In order for your business to be listed, you need a Google My Business account for each of your locations. When it comes to finding a local business that you can trust, more and more of us use the information and reviews we find in the local search listings of Google. In this free 1-hr course you'll learn how local search works, how to use Google My Business, best practices for GMB, and more in order to succeed in local search. If you are a local business or have a physical presence then you can definitely benefit by using GMB for local search. 

Email Marketing

Although it is one of the older forms of marketing, it remains one of the most effective ways to market. Email marketing requires you to put in the effort and get creative in finding ways to build an email list. Once you have a strong email list in place and a good strategy to continue growing that list, you can leverage that list to sell your products or services, offer promotions, or engage with your customers. See below for our free class on email marketing or join us for our Digital Marketing Strategies Bootcamp.

  • Intro to Email Marketing: This seminar will reveal some simple but effective best practices and considerations for the small business or nonprofit seeking to use email to increases their sales and revenue. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to close more sales and increase revenue. Learn why you should be using email marketing, how to succeed in email marketing, the tools available for email marketing, and more in this free 1-hr class. 

Website & Analytics

While the above cover some of the most popular forms of digital marketing, there are lots of other ways to go about digital marketing and growing your business digitally like site optimization and marketing analytics. See our free classes below or join us for in-depth courses in digital marketing and Google Analytics.

  • Website Fundamentals & Conversion Optimization: Join expert digital marketer Nicole McCullum for this free 1-hr class on how to optimize your website and drive conversions. Your website is one of the first interactions that prospective customers have with your business. In this presentation, you’ll learn the best practices needed to set your website up for success. Convert more leads and drive your business forward. You'll see examples of good websites and learn tactics and strategies to do the same. Learn what makes a successful website, turn website visitors into leads and sales, measure performance, and more in this free digital marketing class. 

  • Intro to Google Analytics: One of the fundamental parts of succeeding in digital marketing is measurement and analytics. In this free 1-hr Google Analytics class you'll learn how to leverage Google Analytics to drive insights for your business. See the power of Google Analytics and gain a better understanding of your traffic with the tool. See which channels are driving traffic, which ones are driving conversions, and more with Google Analytics. Join our expert Nicole McCullum for this 1-hr free class on Google Analytics.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and all social media platforms can be lumped into social media marketing. Within social media marketing, you can take both organic and paid strategies for your desired outcomes. Building an organic following on one of these platforms will require you to produce content that engages your target audience and creative strategies to grow your following. Within each of these social media tools, there are also paid options that allow you to pay to show your ads to users on the platform. Paid social media marketing can be a great way to find new customers (prospecting) but you'll need to make sure you are targeting the right audiences with the right messaging to do it efficiently and effectively. Learn more in social media marketing courses or our Digital Marketing Certificate.

More Free Resources

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