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7 Reasons Why Marketing Professionals Love Social Media

Many marketing companies regard social media as an important marketing tool. To others, social media marketing is viewed as a complicated process that is full of challenges. With adequate training, there are several powerful advantages to using social media as a marketing tactic. A study conducted by Hubspot in 2012  found that 92% of marketers view social media as something important for businesses. This article reviews some of the largest advantages that are offered through the use of social media in a marketing context and provides seven reasons why marketing professionals love social media. 

# 1: More Brand Awareness

Marketing through social media provides companies with the powerful ability to build their brand and become more recognizable in their field. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Youtube, social media marketing allows your brand to be seen by more people.  Not only does increased brand awareness mean that new people are made aware of your product, but it also means that existing and previous customers become more familiar with your company. Many companies who are able to have customers share information about a product through social media even discover that each share introduces a whole new group of potential customers to the company. 

# 2: Better Brand Loyalty

Companies who have an active presence on social media often report that they experience increased loyalty from customers. This loyalty occurs because social media creates a way for customers to interact with companies and customers who feel that their voices are heard are more likely to be satisfied with a product. Satisfied customers are in turn are more likely to remain with a product. 

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# 3: Decreased Marketing Costs 

Social media marketing is more cost effective than many other methods. Even paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Google Ads is inexpensive in comparison to other methods. These platforms allow marketing campaigns to begin slowly and companies can then increase their budget accordingly. One of the most significant advantages of more cost-effective marketing methods is that companies witness both a large return on investment (ROI) 

# 4: More Access to Consumer and Competitor Information

Social media marketing provides companies with a better understanding of both consumers and competitors. 

By monitoring what consumers think about a business, companies can provide more content that consumers favor and decrease efforts on less successful products. Many programs like Facebook and Google allow companies to cater to the specific needs and interests of customers, which ultimately leads to increased sales.

Social media also helps companies stay up to date about how competitors are performing. Some of the details that social media marketing platforms enable companies to see include how competitors are interacting with audiences, what type of content competitors are posting, the frequency and time of day that these posts are made, and a number of other important details. 

# 5: Improved Customer Service

It is important to remember that social media is ultimately a communication and networking tool. Companies that effectively use social media are able to create a stronger and more effective voice, which makes it easier to satisfy customers. 

No matter the types of feedback a customer has, social media makes it easier to interact with customers.  As a result, many companies discover that social media grows into the backbone of consumer interaction.

# 6: Increased Inbound Traffic

Companies that do not use social media discover that their inbound traffic is limited to individuals who are already familiar with the company’s product as well as companies who search online for keywords with which the company currently ranks.

Each social media marketing effort creates another way for consumers to discover a company and ultimately buy a product. The more quality content that a company can create, the larger the amount of inbound traffic that a company is likely to see. 

# 7: Increased Brand Authority

When consumers want to compliment a company’s product, many go online to share their thoughts through social media. In many cases, sharing these details creates more potential consumers that want to follow your company. In combination with creating a venue for consumers to share positive feedback, companies who interact with consumers through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or social media often discover that their brand authority and reputation increases greatly. 

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Given these numerous advantages, it should come as no surprise why so many companies highly value social media marketing. Learning social media marketing, however, can come with its share of challenges. Fortunately, by enrolling in one of our social media marketing classes, you can learn skills that increase your number of customers and stay up to date with details about competitors.

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