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All summer courses are running live online (virtual). Seats are filling up, register today.

NextGen Bootcamp

Design & Coding Summer Courses for Teens

Why Study at NextGen?

NextGen Bootcamp is a computer science education company dedicated to providing middle and high school students with a state-of-the-art education in coding and design. Our services include hands-on immersive summer camps as well as both in-school and after-school courses that are customized to meet our students’ needs.

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Active Learning Approach

We teach our students via active learning, students will be coding projects during a majority of the course.

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Expert Teachers

We have expert teachers with years of experience that use our award-winning curriculum.

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Fine-tuned Curriculum

Since we are hyper-focused on a certain age we are able to fine tune the curriculum to fit the needs and wants of our students.

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Courses for Everyone

We offer a wide array of courses in technology, design, data, and business for students ages 13–21.

Which Summer Course is Right for You?

Web Development Summer Certificate

Aug 3–Aug 28, 10am–1pm $2495

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Learn to create webpages by coding HTML & CSS. Learn best practices for structuring the content of your webpages with HTML, then styling the content with CSS. Add interactivity and functionality to your site using JavaScript.

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Graphic Design & Video Editing Certificate

Aug 3–Aug 28, 10am–1pm $2495

icon for Graphic Design & Video Editing Certificate

Learn graphic design and video editing concepts, and start working in the industry-standard tools including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

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Java Programming Summer Camp

Aug 3–14, 10–4pm $1995

icon for Java Programming Summer Camp

This course will prepare you to excel as a programmer throughout college and beyond! Beginners will become advanced coders through our fast-moving curriculum and project-based approach to learning.  

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Excel, Finance, & Investing Summer Course

Aug 3–14, 10–1pm $1299

icon for Excel, Finance, & Investing Summer Course

Learn Microsoft Excel, finance, and stock market investing in this interactive, live online course. This course is ideal for students interested in finance, business, real estate, entrepreneurship, and many other related fields. 

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Python for Data Science Summer Certificate

Not currently scheduled $2495

icon for Python for Data Science Summer Certificate

Learn Python programming fundamentals and analyze data with Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib. Use machine learning to apply regressions and other statistical analyses to create predictive models.

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Python Summer Course Level 1

Aug 17–28, 10–1pm $1299

icon for Python Summer Course Level 1

Learn programming fundamentals & data science in Python in a 2-week computer summer camp. Gain an in-depth understanding of Python, data science, including inputting, graphing, and analyzing data.

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Graphic Design Summer Camp

Aug 3–14, 10–1pm $1299

icon for Graphic Design Summer Camp

In this 2-week Graphic Design Summer Camp, students will learn graphic design concepts and work in industry-standard Adobe tools.

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Video & Motion Graphics Summer Camp

Aug 17–28, 10–1pm $1299

icon for Video & Motion Graphics Summer Camp

In this 2-week summer program, you'll learn video editing in Premiere Pro, and how to create motion graphics and animations in After Effects.

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People Love NextGen

“Through the NextGen’s coding intensive I’ve thoroughly improved my problem-solving abilities and developed a strong foundation in computer science. The course was comprehensive and engaging and I definitely feel as though the skills I’ve gained have given me a leg up in the classroom and job arena. I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone considering pursuing computer programming at a high level.”

Andrew Langer

“This class combines speed, excellent teaching, and a phenomenal curriculum into one. I would recommend this class to anyone who is in high school or college”

Molly Leifer

“The difference between NextGen and other options out there is the curriculum. The teaching staff showed us how to love code and understand the importance of a computer science.”

Sydney Klein

“Despite the program only being 2 weeks, it helped me become a more experienced coder and gave me the freedom to experiment, which was something I enjoyed. Making a website was a completely new experience and your help and willingness to teach really helped to expose me to other types of coding that made me more open-minded about the things I can do concerning code, including pursuing career paths such as information technology. Figuring out how to design a website was fun to figure out, even if it did take some practice. Once again, I genuinely thank you for your teachings, help, and inspiration to continue in the field of technology.”

Michael Adonor

“The Computer science program held by you was very beneficial to me, giving me the opportunity to participate in this will be helpful for me in the future and also helpful for me in life in general. The program was very clear and organized and educational and I learnt many new things about computers. Giving me the opportunity to participate in this will be helpful for me in the future and also will be helpful for me in life in general and will be benefit my college choices. Also, world knowledge as you never know what could come along in life. A particular experience, that I enjoyed was trying to create and establish my own website and going into my email and exploring everything I could do knowing what, “language a computer speaks”. I again thank you and applaud you for the experience I had this summer, you've done a great job.”

Yoelizah Quinones

“I am reaching out to you today, to say thank you for the opportunity of being able to attend the program, NextGen. During my time at this program, I was able to learn much about what it means to code from my two instructors, Chris and Jason, and the benefits that come with knowing how to code when it comes not only to finance but knowledge overall. After my experience of being able to attend NextGen, my interest in coding has increased since the way that Chris and Jason taught the class really interested me and made me wanna do more coding. If I had the opportunity of attending NextGen this year or a program similar to NextGen, than I will gladly take the opportunity to do so.”

Christopher Pena