A Artboard
S Slice
T Text
L Line
R Rectangle
O Oval
U Rounded Rectangle
V Vector
P Pencil
Zoom & Viewing Canvas
Zoom In Cmd–Plus(+)
Zoom Out Cmd–Minus(–)
Zoom In Hold Z & Click (or Drag a box to zoom into an area)
Zoom Out Hold Option–Z & Click
Zoom to Actual Size (100%) Cmd–0
Temporary Zoom to Actual Size (100%) U.S. Keyboard: Hold Shift–Tilde(~)
International Keyboard: Hold §
Zoom to Fit Canvas Cmd–1
Zoom to Selection Cmd–2
Center Selection (on the Screen) Cmd–3
Interface & Viewing Options
Scroll Around Canvas (Hand tool) Hold Spacebar & Drag on Canvas
Show/Hide Layer List (panel on left of window) Cmd–Option–1
Show/Hide Inspector (panel on right of window) Cmd–Option–2
Hide Interface Cmd–Period(.)
Show/Hide Toolbar Cmd–Option–T
Focus on the First Input Field in Inspector panel Option–Tab
Show/Hide Rulers Ctrl–R
Show/Hide Layout (Column Grid) Ctrl–L
Show/Hide Grid Ctrl–G
Show/Hide Pixels on Zoom Ctrl–P
Show/Hide Pixel Grid on Zoom Ctrl–X
Fullscreen Mode Cmd–Ctrl–F
Switch between Windows/Files Cmd–Tilde(~)
Inspector Fields: Increase or Decrease by 1 Up or Down Arrow
Inspector Fields: Increase or Decrease by 10 Shift–Up or Down Arrow
Inspector Fields: Increase or Decrease by 0.1 Option–Up or Down Arrow
Start Editing Selected Text Return
Stop Editing Selected Text Esc
Make Type Bigger (Increase Font Size) Cmd–Option–Plus(+)
Make Type Smaller (Decrease Font Size) Cmd–Option–Minus(–)
Loosen Kerning/Tracking (Increase Character Spacing) Ctrl–Option–L
Tighten Kerning/Tracking (Decrease Character Spacing) Ctrl–Option–T
Change Font (Open Font Menu) Cmt–T
Align Left Cmd–Shift–{
Align Right Cmd–Shift–}
Align Center Cmd–Shift–Pipe(|)
Bold Cmd–B
Italic Cmd–I
Underline Cmd–U
Convert Text to Outlines Cmd–Shift–O
Open Emoji & Symbols (Special Characters) Panel Cmd–Ctrl–Space
Styling Layers (Objects)
Copy Style Cmd–Option–C
Paste Style Cmd–Option–V
Sync Shared Style Ctrl–S
Reset Shared Style Ctrl–Option–S
Remove Fills, Borders, or Shadows Drag Off the Inspector & Release
Toggle Fills On/Off F
Toggle Borders On/Off B
Pick Color Ctrl–C
Change Layer Opacity 1 to 9 (and 0 for 100%)
Layers (Objects), Groups, Artboards, & Pages
Directly Select a Layer in a Group Cmd–Click Layer in Canvas
Select Layer under the Topmost Object Hold Option, Mouse Over, & Click
Select Only Layers that Lie Entirely within the Selection Rectangle Option–Drag
Move Selected Item without Selecting Item Above Cmd–Option–Drag Selected Item
Hide/Show Layer Cmd–Shift–H
Lock/Unlock Layer Cmd–Shift–L
Lock/Unlock Layer Mouse over Layer List, Hold Option, & Click Lock
Rename Selected Layer/Artboard Cmd–R
Select Layer Below (in current group) Tab
Select Layer Above (in current group) Shift–Tab
Select Parent Artboard Esc (hit again to selection nothing)
Filter in Layer List (Find a Layer by Name) Cmd–F
Use Layer as Mask Cmd–Ctrl–M
Group Layers Cmd–G
Ungroup Layers Cmd–Shift–G
Select Page Above Fn–Up Arrow
Select Page Below Fn–Down Arrow
In Layer List: Expand/Collapse All Nested Layers Option–Click Expand Arrow
Move Object while Drawing It Hold Spacebar while Drawing
Align Multiple Layers to Artboard (Not Each Other) Option–Click Align Button
Arranging Layers (Front to Back)
Bring Forward (One Layer) Cmd–]
Send Backward (One Layer) Cmd–[
Bring to Front Cmd–Option–]
Send to Back Cmd–Option–[
Duplicating & Transforming Layers (Objects)
Duplicate Option–Drag (or Cmd–D to duplicate in place)
Step & Repeat Option–Drag the first copy, then hit Cmd–D
Scale Cmd–K
Transform Cmd–Shift–T
Rotate Cmd–Shift–R (or Cmd–Drag a Resize Handle)
Resize Layer (Object)
Change Width/Height by 1px Cmd–Arrow (Up, Down, Left, Right)
Change Width/Height by 10px Cmd–Shift–Arrow (Up, Down, Left, Right)
Resize from Center Option–Drag Resize Handle
Measuring Distances Between Elements
Show Distance from Selected Layer to Other Layers or Artboard Hold Option
Show Distance from Selected Layer to Baseline or Cap Height of a Text Layer Hold Option–Ctrl
Show Distances Within a Selected Group Hold Cmd–Option
Combining Shapes
Union Cmd–Option–U
Subtract Cmd–Option–S
Intersect Cmd–Option–I
Difference Cmd–Option–X
Vector Editing
Start Editing Selected Vector Object Return
Stop Editing Selected Vector Object Esc
Show All Handles Option
Change Selected Vector Point Mode to Straight 1
Change Selected Vector Point Mode to Mirrored 2
Change Selected Vector Point Mode to Disconnected 3
Change Selected Vector Point Mode to Asymmetric 4
Select the Next Vector Point on a Path Tab
Select the Previous Vector Point on a Path Shift–Tab
Insert Vector Point Mid-way Between Two Points Shift–Click Path
Edit the Selected Symbol (Go to its Master Definition) Return
Return to Instance (Stop Editing a Symbol) Cmd–Esc
Draw Shape from Center Point Option–Drag
Export Cmd–Shift–E
Export Individual Layer Cmd–E
Quick Export Drag Layer (from Layer List) outside Sketch window (onto Desktop)
Ignore Smart Guides Hold Cmd while Dragging

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