Premiere Pro Shortcuts: PC

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are many keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro, including lesser known and hidden keystrokes!

V Selection Tool
A Track Select Forward Tool
Shift–A Track Select Backward Tool
B Ripple Edit Tool
N Rolling Edit Tool
R Rate Stretch Tool
C Razor Tool
Y Slip Tool
U Slide Tool
H Hand Tool
Z Zoom Tool
T Type Tool
Import Ctrl–I
Export Media Ctrl–M
Create New Project Ctrl–Alt–N
Create New Sequence Ctrl–N
Reveal or Focus on Project Panel Shift–1
Reveal or Focus on Source Panel Shift–2
Reveal or Focus on Timeline Panel Shift–3
Reveal or Focus on Program Panel Shift–4
Reveal or Focus on Effect Controls Panel Shift–5
Reveal or Focus on Effects Panel Shift–7
Maximize/Restore Panel Size   Hover Cursor Over Panel–Tilde(~)
Maximize/Restore Panel Size Double–Click Panel Name
Zoom In Time Ruler Plus (+)
Zoom Out Time Ruler Minus (-)
Zoom to Fit Timeline Backslash ( \ )
Working in the Project Panel
New Bin Ctrl–B
New Bin From Selection Shift–B
Find Ctrl–F
Import Double–Click Any Empty Area
Select Object Above Up Arrow
Select Object Below Down Arrow
Expand Highlighted Bin Right Arrow or Ctrl–Up Arrow
Close Highlighted Bin Left Arrow or Ctrl–Down Arrow
Play/Stop Toggle Spacebar
Play Backwards J
Pause K
Play Forwards L
Fast Reverse JJ
Fast Forward LL
Step Backwards 1 Frame Left Arrow
Step Forwards 1 Frame Right Arrow
Step Backwards 5 Frame Shift–Left Arrow
Step Forwards 5 Frame Shift–Right Arrow
Go To In Point Shift–I
Go To Out Point Shift–O
Play In to Out Ctrl–Shift–Spacebar
Play Around Playhead Shift–K
Working with the Timeline
Add Marker M
Add Marker & Open Dialog MM
Go To Next Marker Shift–M
Go To Previous Marker Ctrl–Shift–M
Mark In Point I
Mark Out Point O
Clear In Ctrl–Shift–I
Clear Out Ctrl–Shift–O
Clear In and Out Ctrl–Shift–X
Go to Next Edit Point Down Arrow
Go to Previous Edit Point Up Arrow
Nudge Clip Forward 1 Frame   Alt–Period (.)
Nudge Clip Back 1 Frame Alt–Comma (,)
Nudge Clip by 5 Frames Add Shift to the above keystrokes
Insert From Source Comma(,)
Overwrite From Source Period(.)
Snap Playhead on Timeline Hold Shift While Dragging
Mark Selection Slash ( / )
Mark Clip Under Playhead X
Find in Timeline Ctrl–F
Select Next Clip in Track Ctrl–Up Arrow
Select Previous Clip in Track Ctrl–Down Arrow
Nudge Clip Up 1 Track Alt–Up Arrow
Nudge Clip Down 1 Track Alt–Down Arrow
Toggle Snapping S
Working with Clips
Unlink A/V Clip Ctrl–L
Make Subclip Ctrl–U
Enable/Disable Clip Ctrl–Shift–E
Group Clips Ctrl–G
Ungroup Ctrl–Shift–G
Open Speed/Duration Dialog Ctrl–R
Edit Original Ctrl–E
Get Properties for Selection Ctrl–Shift–H
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