Photoshop CS2 Shortcuts: Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are many keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop CS2, including lesser known and hidden keystrokes!

Draw Marquee from Center Option-Marquee
Add to a Selection Shift
Subtract from a Selection Option
Intersection with a Selection Shift-Option
Make Copy of Selection w/Move tool Option-Drag Selection
Make Copy of Selection when not in Move tool Cmd-Option-Drag Selection
Move Selection (in 1-pixel Increments) Arrow Keys
Move Selection (in 10-pixel Increments) Shift-Arrow Keys
Select all Opaque Pixels on Layer Cmd-Click on Layer Thumbnail (in Layers palette)
Restore Last Selection Cmd-Shift-D
Feather Selection (only works if show/hide Dock shortcut is changed) Cmd-Option-D
Move Marquee while drawing selection Hold Space while drawing marquee
Fit on Screen Double-click on Hand tool or Cmd-0
100% View Level (Actual Pixels) Double-Click on Zoom Tool or Cmd-Option-0
Zoom in Cmd-Space-Click or Cmd-Plus(+)
Zoom out Option-Space-Click or Cmd-Minus(-)
Hide all tools and palettes Tab
Hide all palettes except Toolbox and Options bar Shift-Tab
Rotate through full screen modes F
Hide or display menu bar when viewing in
full-screen mode
Scroll image left or right in window Cmd-Shift-Page Up/Down
Jump/Zoom to part of Image Cmd-drag in Navigator palette
Toggles layer mask on/off as rubylith \
Layer Shortcuts
Create new layer Cmd-Shift-N
Select non-contiguous layers Cmd-Click layers
Select contiguous layers Click one layer, then Shift-Click another layer
Delete Layer Delete key (while in the Move tool)
View contents of layer mask Option-Click layer mask icon
Temporarily turn off layer mask Shift-Click layer mask icon
Clone layer as you move it Cmd-Option-Drag outside selection with any tool
Find/Select layer containing object Control-Click on object w/Move tool
Change layer opacity Number keys (w/Move tool selected)
Cycle down or up through blend modes Shift-Plus(+) or Minus(-)
Change to a specific blend mode (w/Move tool) Shift-Option-letter (ie: N=Normal, M=Multiply. etc.)
Switch to layer below/above current layer Option-[ or Option-]
Type Shortcuts
Select all text on layer Double-Click on T thumbnail in Layer palette
Increase/Decrease size of selected text by 2pts Cmd-Shift->/<
Increase/Decrease size of selected text by 10 pts Cmd-Option-Shift->/<
Expand or tighten tracking/kerning Option-Right/Left Arrow
Align text left/center/right Cmd-Shift-L/C/R
Fill selection with background color Cmd-Delete
Fill selection with foreground color Option-Delete
Fill selection with foreground color using Lock Transparent Pixels Option-Shift-Delete
Fill selection with source state in History palette Cmd-Option-Delete
Display Fill dialog box Shift-Delete
Sample as background color Option-Click w/Eyedropper tool
To get Move tool While in any painting/editing tool-hold Cmd
To get Eyedropper with Paint tools Option
Change paint opacity (with Airbrush OFF) Number keys
Change paint opacity (with Airbrush ON) Shift-Number keys
Change Airbrush flow (with Airbrush ON) Number keys
Change Airbrush flow (with Airbrush OFF) Shift-Number keys
Cross-Hair Cursor Any painting/editing tool-turn Caps Lock on
Decrease/Increase Brush Size [ or ]
Decrease/Increase Hardness of Brush Shift-[ or Shift-]
Switch between preset Brushes < or >
Open Brushes pop-up palette Ctrl-Click in Image window
Erase to History palette's source state Option-Eraser
Cycle down or up through blend modes Shift-Plus(+) or Minus(-)
Change to a specific blend mode Shift-Option-letter (ie: N=Normal, M=Multiply. etc.)
Create fixed color target from within a dialog box Shift-Click in image window
Delete fixed color target Option-Click on target with Color Sampler tool
Create new spot-color channel from current selection Cmd-Click on New Channel button in Channels palette
Pen Tool Shortcuts
To get Direct Selection tool while using Pen Cmd
Switch between Add-Anchor and
Delete-Anchor Point tools
Switch from Path Selection tool to Convert Point tool when pointer is over anchor point Cmd-Option
To Select a whole path w/Direct Selection tool Option-click
Convert path to a selection Cmd-click on path name (in Paths palette)
Palette Shortcuts
Show/Hide Brushes palette F5
Show/Hide Color palette F6
Show/Hide Layers palette F7
Show/Hide Info palette F8
Show/Hide Actions palette Option-F9
Open Adobe Bridge Cmd-Option-O
Other Shortcuts
Undo or Redo operations beyond last one Cmd-Option-Z/Cmd-Shift-Z
Apply Last Filter Cmd-F
Opens Last Filter Dialog Box Cmd-Option-F
Automatically fix Color Levels Cmd-Shift-L
Hand Tool Spacebar
Reset Dialog Box Hold Option, Cancel turns into Reset Button, click it
Increase/Decrease value (in any option field) by 1 unit Up/Down Arrow
Increase/Decrease value (in any option field) by 10 units Shift-Up/Down Arrow
Replay Last Transformation Cmd-Shift-T
Measure Angle between Lines (Protractor Function) After ruler is drawn, Option-Drag end of line with Measure Tool
Move Crop Marquee while creating Hold Space while drawing
Switch between open documents Ctrl-Tab
Snap Guide to Ruler ticks Hold Shift while dragging
Highlight Fields in Options bar (n/a for all tools) Return
Don't Snap object edge while moving Hold Control while dragging
M Marquee tools
V Move
L Lasso tools
W Magic Wand
C Crop
K Slice tools
J Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch, Red Eye
B Brush, Pencil, Color Replacement
S Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp
Y History Brush, Art History Brush
E Eraser tools
G Gradient, Paint Bucket
R Blur, Sharpen, Smudge
O Dodge, Burn, Sponge
A Path Selection, Direct Selection
T Type tools
P Pen tools
U Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, Custom shape
N Notes
I Eyedropper, Color sampler, Measure
H Hand
Z Zoom
X Switch Foreground and Background colors
D Default colors
Q Quick Mask Mode
F Cycle through screen modes
To switch between all tools within groups, add the Shift key to the letters above
For example, to switch between rectangular and elliptical marquee hit Shift-M
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