InDesign Shortcuts: Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are many keyboard shortcuts for InDesign, including lesser known and hidden keystrokes!

Adjusting Font Size
Decrease or Increase by Increment set in Preferences Cmd–Shift–< or >
Decrease or Increase by Increment x 5 Cmd–Option–Shift–< or >
Adjusting Leading
Decrease or Increase by Increment set in Preferences Opt–Up or Down Arrow
Decrease or Increase by Increment x 5 Cmd–Opt–Up or Down Arrow
Revert to Auto Leading Cmd–Option–Shift–A
Adjusting Kerning, Tracking, & WORD SPACING
Increase or Decrease by Increment set in Preferences Opt–Right or Left Arrow
Increase or Decrease by Increment x 5 Cmd–Opt–Right or Left Arrow
Increase space between words Cmd–Option–Shift–\
Decrease space between words Cmd–Option–Shift–Delete
Adjusting Baseline shift
Move Up or Down by Increment set in Preferences Opt–Shift–Up or Down Arrow
Move Up or Down by Increment x 5 Cmd–Opt–Shift–Up or Down Arrow
Scaling pictures
Make sure the picture content is selected (not the frame it’s inside)
Scale 1% Smaller or Bigger Cmd–< or >
Scale 5% Smaller or Bigger Cmd–Option–< or >
Fitting Content & pictures
Fit Content Proportionally Cmd–Option–Shift–E
Fill Frame Proportionally Cmd–Option–Shift–C
Center Content Cmd–Shift–E
Fit Frame to Content Cmd–Option–C
Nudging objects
Move by Increment (set in Preferences) Arrow keys
Move by Increment x 10 Shift–Arrow keys
Move by Increment x 1/10 Cmd–Shift–Arrow keys
Flowing Text
Multi-Page Autoflow (creates additional pages) Shift–click
Semi-Autoflow (keeps text in cursor so you can continue flowing) Opt–click
Fixed-Page Autoflow (does not create additional pages) Shift–Opt–click
Styling Text & Working with Styles
All CapsCmd–Shift–K
Edit Style Sheet without applying it Cmd–Option–Shift–double–click style
Redefine a Paragraph Style With style selected Cmd–Option–Shift–R
Redefine a Character Style With style selected Cmd–Option–Shift–C
Working with Paragraph Styles
Remove local formatting (non style changes) Option–click style name
Remove local formatting & Character Styles Option–Shift–click style name
Working with Parent Pages
Override a single parent page item on a document page Cmd–Shift–click it
Override several parent page items Cmd–Shift–drag a marquee over them
Override all parent page items on pages selected in Pages panel Cmd–Opt–Shift–L
Inserting Special characters
Indent to Here Cmd–\
Right Indent Tab Shift–Tab
Discretionary Hyphen Cmd–Shift–hyphen (-)
Nonbreaking Hyphen Cmd–Option–hyphen (-)
Type in Straight Single Quote (foot mark) Control–'
Type in Straight Double Quote (inch mark) Control–Shift–'
Current Page Number (auto page numbering) Cmd–Option–Shift–N
Em space Cmd–Shift–M
En space Cmd–Shift–N
Nonbreaking space Cmd–Option–X
Thin space Cmd–Option–Shift–M
Column Break Enter (on keypad)
Frame Break Shift–Enter (on keypad)
Page Break Cmd–Enter (on keypad)
Forced Line Break (or “soft return”) Shift–Return
Moving text cursor
Move cursor to beginning or end of line Home or End
Move cursor one word to the left/right Cmd–Left/Right Arrow
Move cursor to Previous paragraph Cmd–Up Arrow
Move cursor to Next paragraph Cmd–Down Arrow
Selecting & working with text
Leave text frame and switch to Selection tool Esc
Select from cursor to beginning or end of line Shift–Home or Shift–End
Select from cursor to end of story Cmd–Shift–End
Select from cursor to beginning of story Cmd–Shift–Home
Select whole word Double–click
Select line Cmd–Shift–\ (or Triple–click)
Select one word to the left/right Cmd–Shift–Left/Right Arrow
Navigating & scrolling through documents
Scroll using Hand tool Option–Spacebar–drag
Go to the First Page Cmd–Shift–Page Up
Go to the Last Page Cmd–Shift–Page Down
Go to Page (then type in page number) Cmd–J
Switch between open documents Cmd–tilde(~)
Get the Zoom In tool without selecting it Hold Cmd then Spacebar
Get the Zoom Out tool without selecting it Hold Cmd then Spacebar & Opt
Zoom In or Out Cmd–plus(+) or Cmd–minus(–)
Fit Page in Window Cmd–0 (zero)
Fit Spread in Window Cmd–Option–0 (zero)
Access zoom percentage box so you can enter a zoom level Cmd–Option–5
Toggle between current and previous zoom levels Cmd–Option–2
Insert selected text into Find What box Cmd–F1
Insert selected text into Find What box and then Find Next instance Shift–F1
Find the next occurrence of Find What text Shift–F2 or Cmd–Option–F
Insert selected text into Change To box Cmd–F2
Replace found text with Change To text Cmd–F3
Replace found text with Change To text and Find Next Shift–F3
Working with panels
Highlight the first option in the Control panel Cmd–6
Toggle Control panel between Character & Paragraph options Cmd–Opt–7
Apply a value but keep it highlighted in panel Shift–Return
Hide/Show all tools and panels Tab (while not in a text frame)
Hide/Show all panels except Tools/Control Shift–Tab (while not in a text frame)
Expand/Collapse panel stacks Cmd–Option–Tab
Create new (style, swatches, etc) & display options Opt–click New button
Working with Dialog boxes
Cycle through section of options displayed on the left Page Up or Down
Jump to a section displayed on the left Cmd–1 for 1st, Cmd–2 for 2nd, etc.
Choose Yes, No, Don’t Save, or Save Y, N, D, or S
Miscellaneous Good Stuff
Select frame hidden behind another Hold Cmd and keep clicking frame stack
Increase/Decrease a value in a field Click in field, press Up/Down Arrow
Highlight the last used field (in a panel) Cmd–Option–tilde(~)
In Tabs panel: Move Left Indent (triangle) without moving First Line Indent Hold Shift while dragging the (bottom) triangle
Select all Guides Cmd–Option–G
Select an individual table cell With Type tool, click in cell and hit Esc
Quick Apply Cmd–Return, type a style name, menu item... & hit Return to apply
Sort menus alphabetically Hold Cmd–Option–Shift and click on Menu
Toggle Typographer’s Quotes preference Cmd–Option–Shift–’
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