Insert Frame F5
Delete Frame Shift–F5
Insert Keyframe F6
Clear Keyframe Shift–F6
Insert Blank Keyframe F7
Play Return
Rewind Shift–Comma (,)
Step Forward One Frame Period (.)
Step Backward One Frame Comma (,)
Symbols & Shapes
Convert to Symbol F8
Create New Symbol Ctrl–F8
Break Apart Ctrl–B
Group Ctrl–G
Ungroup Ctrl–Shift–G
Bring Forward Ctrl–Up Arrow
Bring to Front Ctrl–Shift–Up Arrow
Send Backward Ctrl–Down Arrow
Send to Back Ctrl–Shift–Down Arrow
Distribute to Layers Ctrl–Shift–D
Paste in Place Ctrl–Shift–V
Add Shape Hint Ctrl–Shift–H
Show Shape Hints Ctrl–Opt–H
Actions F9
Library Ctrl–L
Properties Ctrl–F3
Align Ctrl–K
Transform Ctrl–T
Color Shift–F9
Document Properties Ctrl–J
Hide All Panels F4
Test Movie Ctrl–Return
Bandwidth Profiler (in Test Movie) Ctrl–B
Simulate Download (in Test Movie) Ctrl–Return
Publish Shift–F12
Import to Stage Ctrl–R

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