Final Cut Pro 7 Shortcuts: Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are many keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro 7, including lesser known and hidden keystrokes!

New Project Shift-Cmd-N
New Sequence Cmd-N
Save All Option-Cmd-S
Print to Video Control-M
Arrange Windows to Standard Layout Control-U
Import File Cmd-I
Open Bins (List View) Right arrow
Close Bins (List View) Left arrow
Open Bin in New Tab Option-Enter (on Number Pad)
Close Tab Ctrl-W
New Bin Cmd-B
Show/Hide Browser Cmd-4
Show Effects Cmd-5
Show Favorites Cmd-6
Item Properties Cmd-9
Toggle Browser View Shift-H
View Item in Editor Option-return
View Item in New Window Shift-return
Logging Columns (Layout view) Option-B
Find Cmd-F
Find Next (in Find Results) F3
Snapping N
Linked Selection Shift-L
Lock/Unlock Video Track F4 plus track number
Set Video Destination F6 plus track number
Clear Video Destination Shift-F6
Lock Audio Track F5 plus track number
Set Audio Destination 1 F7 plus track number
Set Audio Destination 2 F8 plus track number
Clear Audio Destination 1 Shift-F7
Clear Audio Destination 2 Shift-F8
Toggle Clip Overlays Option-W
Toggle Timeline Track Height Shift-T
Zoom In (Timeline Only) Option-Plus (+)
Zoom Out (Timeline Only) Option-Minus (-)
Add Edit Ctrl-V
Clear In Option-I
Clear Out Option-O
Clear In and Out Option-X
Add Video Transition Cmd-T
Add Audio Transition Option-Cmd-T
Fit Sequence to Window Shift-Z
Go to Beginning of Media home
Go to End of Media end
Lock All Video Tracks Shift-F4
Lock All Audio Tracks Shift-F5
Mark Audio In Option-Cmd-I
Mark Audio Out Option-Cmd-O
Render All: Audio and Video Option-R
Ripple Cut Shift-X
Select In to Out Option-A
Fit to Window Shift-Z
Toggle Wireframes W
Mark Clip X
Mark In I
Mark Out O
Go to Previous Edit Up arrow
Go to Next Edit Down arrow
Play In to Out Shift-\
Play Forward Spacebar
Open Text Generator Control-X
Close Tab Control-W
Show/Hide Viewer Cmd-1
To navigate using timecode Enter a timecode value and press return
Rewind J
Rewind Faster Press J repeatedly
Stop K
Fast Forward L
Fast Forward Faster Press L repeatedly
Slow Motion Forward Hold K and L
Slow Motion Backward Hold J and K
Forward One Frame Hold K and tap L
Reverse One Frame Hold K and tape J
Go Back One Frame Left arrow
Go Back One Second Shift-left arrow
Go to In Point Shift-I
Go to Next Keyframe Shift-K
Go to Previous Keyframe Option-K
Go to Out Point Shift-O
Looping Playback Control-L
Play Every Frame Option-\
Play Reverse Shift-Space
Play to Out Shift-P
Select In to Out Option-A
Add Marker M
Delete Marker Cmd-tilde(~)
Delete All Markers Control-tilde(~)
Edit Marker Option-Cmd-M
Next Marker Shift-down arrow
Previous Marker Shift-up arrow
Insert Clip F9
Overwrite Clip F10
Replace Clip F11
Superimpose Clip F12
Fit to Fill Shift-F11
Insert Clip with Transition Shift-F9
Overwrite with Transition Shift-F10
Mark Video In Control-I
Mark Video Out Control-O
Show/Hide Canvas Cmd-2
Log and Capture
Show Log and Capture Cmd-8
Go to In Point Shift-I
Go to Out Point Shift-O
Log Clip F2
Capture Now Shift-C
Batch Capture Control-C
Stops Capture Esc
Motion Tab
Go to Previous Keyframe Option-K
Go to Next Keyframe Shift-K
Add Motion Keyframe Control-K
Render All Option-R
Render Selection (In to Out) Cmd-R
Make Favorite Effect Option-F
Make Freeze Frame (in Viewer) Shift-N
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