V Select
R Rectangle
E Ellipse
Y Polygon
L Line
P Pen
T Text
A Artboard
Z Zoom
I Eyedropper
Zoom In Cmd–Plus(+)
Zoom Out Cmd–Minus(–)
Get the Zoom In tool without selecting it Cmd–Space
Get the Zoom Out tool without selecting it Cmd–Opt–Space
Zoom to 100% Cmd–1
Zoom to 200% Cmd–2
Zoom to Selection Cmd–3
Zoom to Fit All Cmd–0
Interface & Viewing Options
Scroll Around Canvas (Hand tool) Hold Spacebar & Drag
Show/Hide Layers Panel Cmd–Y
Show/Hide Assets Panel Cmd–Shift–Y
Show/Hide Layout Grid Cmd–Shift–Apostrophe(')
Show/Hide Square Grid Cmd–Apostrophe(')
Show/Hide Guides Cmd–Semicolon(;)
Lock/Unlock All Guides Cmd–Shift–Semicolon(;)
Fullscreen Mode Cmd–Ctrl–F
Switch between Design and Prototype Modes Ctrl–Tab
Switch between Windows (Files) Cmd–Tilde(~)
Increase or Decrease a value in a field by 1 Up or Down Arrow
Increase or Decrease a value in a field by 10 Hold Shift & hit Up or Down Arrow
Start Editing Selected Text Return
Stop Editing Selected Text Esc
Increase Font Size Cmd–Shift–>
Decrease Font Size Cmd–Shift–<
Bold Cmd–B
Italic Cmd–I
Convert Text to Path Cmd–8
Layers (Objects), Groups, & Artboards
Hide/Show Layer Cmd–Comma(,)
Lock/Unlock Layer Cmd–L
Draw Shape from Center Option–Drag
Draw Shape with 1:1 Aspect Ratio (ie: Perfect Square or Circle) Shift–Drag
Change Layer Opacity 1 to 9 (or 0 for 100%)
Mask with Shape Cmd–Shift–M
Convert Object to Path Cmd–8
Group Layers Cmd–G
Ungroup Layers Cmd–Shift–G
Directly Select an Layer in a Group/Component Cmd–Click layer in canvas
Select Artboard Cmd–Click on a blank part of artboard
Arrange, Align, & Distribute Layers (Objects)
Move Forward (One Layer) Cmd–]
Move Backward (One Layer) Cmd–[
Move to Front Cmd–Shift–]
Move to Back Cmd–Shift–[
Align Left Cmd–Ctrl–Left Arrow
Align Right Cmd–Ctrl–Right Arrow
Align Top Cmd–Ctrl–Up Arrow
Align Bottom Cmd–Ctrl–Down Arrow
Align Center (Horizontally) Cmd–Ctrl–C
Align Middle (Vertically) Cmd–Ctrl–M
Distribute Horizontally Cmd–Ctrl–H
Distribute Vertically Cmd–Ctrl–V
Duplicating & Transforming Layers (Objects)
Duplicate Option–Drag (or Cmd–D to duplicate in place)
Constrain Object Rotation by 15° Shift–Drag
Constrain Line Rotation by 45° Shift–Drag
Resize from Center Option–Drag
Measuring Distances Between Elements
Distance from Selected Layer Hold Option & Hover over object/group/artboard
Distance from Selected Layer Hold Cmd–Option & Hover over an object in a group
Distance relative to Selected Group Hold Cmd–Option & Hover over an object in the group
Combining Shapes
Add Cmd–Option–U
Subtract Cmd–Option–S
Intersect Cmd–Option–I
Exclude Overlap Cmd–Option–X
Vector Editing
Start Editing Selected Vector Object Return
Stop Editing Selected Vector Object Esc
Switch Between Straight and Mirrored Control Points Double–Click
Disconnect Control Point Handle Option–Drag
See All Connections in Prototype Mode Cmd–A
Preview Cmd–Return
Start or Stop Recording the Preview Cmd–Ctrl–R
Stop Recording Esc
Share Prototype Online Cmd–Shift–E
Navigate Artboards in Preview or Shared Prototype Right or Left Arrow
Import Cmd–Shift–I
Export Selected Cmd–E
Export Batch Cmd–Shift–E
Ignore Smart Guides Hold Cmd while Dragging
Make Repeat Grid Cmd–R
Make Component Cmd–K

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