Non-Breaking Space ( ) Ctrl-Shift-Space
Line Break Shift-Return
Image Ctrl-Alt-I
Table Ctrl-Alt-T
Quick Tag Editor Ctrl-T
Show Code Navigator Alt-Click
Working with Tables
Select individual (or multiple, discontinuous) table cells Ctrl-click cell(s)
Select Table (with cursor inside the table) Ctrl-A (may need to do twice)
Insert Row Ctrl-M
Insert Column Ctrl-Shift-A
Delete Row Ctrl-Shift-M
Delete Column Ctrl-Shift-hyphen(-)
Merge Selected Cells Ctrl-Alt-M
Split Cell Ctrl-Alt-S
Increase Column Span Ctrl-Shift-]
Decrease Column Span Ctrl-Shift-[
Add new row at bottom of table With cursor in bottom right table cell, hit Tab
Working with Frames
Add a new frame to frameset In the Frames panel select the frame, then in the document window Alt-drag frame border
Pull out solid frame (creates Nested Frameset) Ctrl-drag frame border
Select a frame Alt-click in frame
Select next frame or frameset Alt-Right arrow
Select previous frame or frameset Alt-Left arrow
Select parent frameset Alt-Up arrow
Select first child frame or frameset Alt-Down arrow
Working with Images
Replace image with a different one Double-click image
Edit image in external editor Ctrl-Double-click image
Working with Divs
Select a div (without having to click its grab tag) Ctrl-Shift-click
Working with Links
Make Link... Ctrl-L
Remove Link Ctrl-Shift-L
Open the link-to document in Dreamweaver Ctrl-Double-click link
Drag & drop to create link Select the text, then Shift-drag it to file in Site panel
Formatting Text
None Ctrl-0
Heading 1 Ctrl-1
Heading 2 Ctrl-2
Heading 3 Ctrl-3
Heading 4 Ctrl-4
Heading 5 Ctrl-5
Heading 6 Ctrl-6
Paragraph Ctrl-Shift-P
Left ... Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L
Center Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C
Right Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R
Justify Ctrl-Alt-Shift-J
Text Indent Ctrl-Alt+]
Text Outdent Ctrl-Alt+[
Document Editing
Go to Next Word Ctrl-Right arrow
Go to Previous Word Ctrl-Left arrow
Go to Previous Paragraph Ctrl-Up arrow
Go to Next Paragraph Ctrl-Down arrow
Select Until Next Word Ctrl-Shift-Right arrow
Select From Previous Word Ctrl-Shift-Left arrow
Select From Previous Paragraph Ctrl-Shift-Up arrow
Select Until Next Paragraph Ctrl-Shift-Down arrow
Edit Tag Shift-F5
Exit Paragraph Ctrl-Enter
Code Editing
Show Code Hints Ctrl-Space
Quick Tag Editor Ctrl-T
Select Parent Tag Ctrl-[
Balance Braces Ctrl-'
Find Next (Find Again) F3
Select line up/down Shift-Up/Down arrow
Character select left/right Shift-Left/Right arrow
Select to page up/down Shift-Page Up/Page Down
Move to word on left/right Ctrl-Left/Right arrow
Select to word on left/right Ctrl-Shift-Left/Right arrow
Move to start/end of line Home/ End
Select to start/end of line Shift-Home/End
Move to top/end of file Ctrl-Home/End
Select to start/end of file Ctrl-Shift-Home/End
Go to Line Ctrl-G
Indent Code Ctrl-Shift->
Outdent Code Ctrl-Shift-<
Switch between Code and Design Views Ctrl-tilde(~)
Switch All Windows to a Specific View Ctrl-Click Code or Design View Button
Switch between Documents (Tabs) Ctrl-Tab
Refresh Design View F5
Live View Alt-F11
Working with Documents & Panels
Show/Hide Panels F4
Switch to Next Document (Tab) Ctrl-Tab
Switch to Previous Document (Tab) Ctrl-Shift-Tab
Behaviors Shift-F4
Bindings Ctrl-F10
Code Inspector F10
Components Ctrl-F7
CSS Styles Shift-F11
Databases Ctrl-Shift-F10
Files. F8
Frames Shift-F2
History Shift-F10
Properties Ctrl-F3
Reference Shift-F1
Results F7
Server Behaviors Ctrl-F9
Snippets Shift-F9
Tag Inspector F9
Check Spelling Shift-F7
Get File from Server Ctrl-Shift-D
Put File on Server Ctrl-Shift-U

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