After Effects Shortcuts: Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are many keyboard shortcuts for After Effects, including lesser known and hidden keystrokes!

V Selection Tool
H Hand Tool
Z Zoom Tool
1 Orbit Camera Tool (Shift–1 toggles between them)
2 Pan Camera Tool (Shift–2 toggles between them)
3 Dolly Camera Tool (Shift–3 toggles between them)
W Rotate Tool
Y Pan Behind (Anchor Point) Tool
Q Rectangle Tool (press again to toggle to other shapes)
G Pen Tool
Cmd–T Type Tool
Cmd–B Toggle through the Brush, Clone Stamp, & Eraser Tools
Opt–W Roto Brush Tools (press again to toggle between tools)
Cmd–P Puppet Pin Tools (press again to toggle between tools)
Keyboard ShortCuts with Tools
Center Anchor Point Hold Cmd & Double Click on Pan Behind Tool
Create Shape/Mask at Comp Size Double Click the Shape Tool
Temporarily Toggle to a Tool Hold Keyboard Command for that Tool
Create New Project Cmd–Opt–N
Create New Composition Cmd–N
Edit Composition Settings Cmd–K
Open Preferences (Settings) Cmd–Opt–Semicolon(;)
Import Cmd–I
Add to Media Encoder Queue Cmd–Opt–M
Add to Render Queue Cmd–Ctrl–M
Zoom In Period(.) or Cmd–Plus(+)
Zoom Out Comma(,) or Cmd–Minus(–)
Zoom to 100% Slash(/)
Fit Shift–/
Fit Up To 100% (or 200%) Opt–/
Temporarily Toggle to Zoom Tool Hold Z
Interface & Viewing Options
Make the panel under your cursor fill the window Tilde (~)
Scroll Around Canvas (Hand tool) Hold H (or Spacebar) & Drag
Show/Hide Rulers Cmd–R
Show/Hide Document Grid Cmd–Apostrophe(’)
Show/Hide Guides Cmd–Semicolon(;)
Lock/Unlock All Guides Cmd–Opt–Shift–Semicolon(;)
Select All Cmd–A
Select From Cursor to End of Text Cmd–Shift–End
Select From Cursor to Beginning of Text Cmd–Shift–Home
Start Editing Selected Text Double–click text layer
Stop Editing Selected Text Cmd–Return
Increase Font Size Cmd–Shift–>
Decrease Font Size Cmd–Shift–<
Increase Leading Opt–Down Arrow
Decrease Leading Opt–Up Arrow
Increase Tracking/Kerning Opt–Right Arrow
Decrease Tracking/Kerning Opt–Left Arrow
Baseline Shift Up Opt–Shift–Up Arrow
Baseline Shift Down Opt–Shift–Down Arrow
Text Align Left Cmd–Shift–L
Text Align Center Cmd–Shift–C
Text Align Right Cmd–Shift–R
Revealing PRoperties in the Timeline
All Keyframes U
Changed Properties UU
Position P
Anchor Point A
Rotation R
Opacity T
Scale S
Effects E
Expressions EE
Mask Path M
All Mask Properties MM
Audio Levels L
Audio Waveform LL
Working with Layers the Timeline
Move Layer Up Cmd–]
Move Layer Down Cmd–[
Move Layer to Top Cmd–Shift–]
Move Layer to Bottom Cmd–Shift–[
Move Layer In to Playhead [
Move Layer Out to Playhead ]
Trim Layer In to Playhead Opt–[
Trim Layer Out to Playhead Opt–]
Lock Layer Cmd–L
Unlock All Layers Cmd–Shift–L
Center Anchor Point Cmd–Opt–Home
Center Layer in View Cmd–Home
Jump Playhead to Layer In Point I
Jump Playhead to Layer Out Point O
Working with Keyframes
Jump To Next Keyframe K
Jump To Previous Keyframe J
Add Easy Ease F9
Add Easy Ease In Shift–F9
Add Easy Ease Out Cmd–Shift–F9
Remove Easing Cmd–Click the Keyframe
Add Expression Opt–Click the Stopwatch
Move Selected Keyframe Forward 1 Frame Opt–Right Arrow
Move Selected Keyframe Back 1 Frame Opt–Left Arrow
Move Selected Keyframe Forward 10 Frame Shift–Opt–Right Arrow
Move Selected Keyframe Back 10 Frame Shift–Opt–Left Arrow
Create Position Keyframe Opt–P
Create Anchor Point Keyframe Opt–A
Create Rotation Keyframe Opt–R
Create Opacity Keyframe Opt–T
Create Scale Keyframe Opt–S
Duplicating & Transforming Layers
Duplicate Cmd–D
Scale Proportionately Shift–Drag
Constrain Rotation to 45° Shift–Drag with Rotate Tool
Resize from Center Option–Drag
Preview 1 (options are set in the Preview panel) Spacebar
Preview 2 (options are set in the Preview panel) Shift–Spacebar
Move playhead backward/forward 1 frame in Timeline Page Up/Down
Move playhead backward/forward 10 frames Shift–Page Up/Down
Set beginning or end of work area to playhead position B or N
Toggle Zoom to Fit Entire Timeline Shift–Semicolon(;)
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