How to Learn Power BI Online

Grasp the art of data visualization and reporting with Microsoft Power BI. With the help of various online resources ranging from free tutorials to live classes, you can learn at your own pace and become proficient in Power BI, a leading business intelligence tool.

Key Insights

  • Microsoft Power BI is a widely used business intelligence tool that transforms data from various sources into interactive dashboards and visual reports, providing valuable insights into an organization's data.
  • Power BI integrates smoothly with various Microsoft services and products, as well as third-party platforms, making it a versatile tool for diverse data sources.
  • Live online classes offer the benefits of in-person learning with the convenience of studying from home. These classes help students connect with skilled instructors in real-time, offering support and answering queries promptly.
  • On-demand Power BI learning provides flexibility for learners, especially those with other personal or professional commitments. These self-paced courses often involve pre-recorded videos and online tutorials.
  • Free introductory courses and tutorials are a great starting point for beginners not ready to invest in a full-length course yet.
  • Noble Desktop's Power BI Bootcamp offers project-based, hands-on training on Power BI, from data querying with Power Query to designing interactive visualizations with its report view.

If you’re just starting to learn a new skill, you can find dozens of online resources to help with your studies. The same is true about learning Power BI. Power BI is a popular tool that helps users locate the insights contained in an organization’s data. It has applications for connecting to disparate data sets, cleaning data, and transforming the data into a model. If you’ve always wanted to learn Power BI, plenty of resources are available at your fingertips. From free tutorials to live classes, your options are outlined here so you can decide how to learn in a way that works best for you. 

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a group of BI (business intelligence) services and products that converts data from various sources into reports, visualizations, and interactive dashboards. This allows users to share data insights with others who work at their organization or to embed them onto a website or application. Power BI offers effective business solutions with each of its individual elements and provides users with even more capabilities when these components work together.

One of the main benefits of working with Power BI is that it can integrate with other Microsoft services and products and third-party platforms. Users can connect Power BI to Excel, Teams, SharePoint, and Exchange, among others. Whether your data is stored in an on-premises data warehouse, a cloud-based warehouse, or an Excel spreadsheet, Power BI can easily connect to these data sources, provide visualizations based on the data they contain, and offer insights that you can then share with other stakeholders. There are several Power BI products, each of which has different uses; Power BI Desktop creates reports, Power BI Services publishes the reports, and the Power BI mobile app provides users with a way to view each dashboard or report.

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What Can You Do with Power BI?

Power BI is a valuable tool for illustrating what’s happening within an organization in the present. It also has applications for helping to anticipate what may transpire in the future. Because it relies on machine learning capabilities, Power BI can locate patterns in data, then draw from these patterns to predict various “what-if” scenarios. Based on these predictions, Power BI users can create forecasts and work to prepare for different demand patterns that may emerge. They can then communicate this information through data visualizations, which impart key data findings to stakeholders to make more educated business predictions.

Power BI is a go-to for those who work with data because it can be used to input huge stores of data that would be a struggle for other platforms to process. Because this intelligence suite is cloud-based, it provides users with regularly updated algorithms and intelligence capabilities. Those who use Power BI can personalize their experience by creating dashboards that allow them to quickly and easily access necessary data. In addition, it’s possible to create alerts in Power BI, which provide users with up-to-date measurements. Best of all, because this platform can integrate with other business management tools, such as Office 365, SharePoint, SAP, Google Analytics, and Hadoop, it remains a hugely popular tool for those working with data across platforms. 

Live Online Power BI Training

Another excellent learning option for those interested in studying Microsoft Power BI is to enroll in live online classes. This learning format provides many of the same perks as in-person study with none of the hassle. It allows students to connect with skilled instructors in real-time, who are available to offer support and answer questions as they arise. Instead of wasting time and money driving to and from class or searching for parking spots near campus, live online coursework has the added perk of allowing students to work remotely from the comfort of their home or office. 

Many live online Power BI training options are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Noble Desktop’s Power BI Bootcamp is available for those interested in learning how to use Power BI to create business reports and data visualizations. Students receive guidance from an expert instructor on core Power BI concepts, such as how to use Power Query, connect multiple data sources into one relational model, and craft in-depth time intelligence reports. 

In addition, Certstaiffix Traning has several online Power BI courses available, like Microsoft Power BI Online, Microsoft Power BI Desktop, and Microsoft Power Query. The Knowledge Academy also has a beginner-friendly course, Microsoft Power BI Training, in which participants spend a day creating different data visualizations, such as tables and charts.

On-Demand Power BI Classes

If you aren’t fully ready to commit to an in-person or live online course, another way to study Microsoft Power BI is through on-demand training. Unlike synchronous study, which meets at predetermined times, asynchronous Power BI learning typically involves pre-recorded videos and online tutorials that can be completed around other personal or professional commitments. In addition, you can pause or rewatch videos as often as needed to ensure that you retain the information. This learning option is typically much more affordable than bootcamps or certificate study; some Power BI self-paced courses are even offered for free.

Many self-paced study options are currently available for studying Power BI. While this means that students can select coursework that fits their learning needs, it can also make selecting the best training option a bit more challenging. Because of the amount of video content available on this topic, it may be difficult to decide which is the most up-to-date on current Power BI best practices, which comes from a reputable provider, and which provides a combination of theory and practical, hands-on lessons. While asynchronous Power BI training can provide a basic overview of how to use this tool, in-person or live online study may be a better learning option for those seeking more advanced training.

Free Intro Courses & Tutorials

If you’re not ready to invest in a lengthy course, you can still start learning how to work with data for free online. In Noble Desktop’s free Data Science Webinar, you’ll receive instruction on core data science concepts, such as how professionals can use data science in the business sector and the different tools Data Scientists use when handling data. This 80-minute webinar is a great way to familiarize yourself with the field of data science and learn more about how professionals manage and analyze large volumes of data.

In addition to Noble Desktop’s business intelligence and data science resources, other top educational providers also offer free Power BI instruction. Udemy’s Power BI Quick Start is a free, two-hour course containing helpful video content on creating your own interactive Power BI dashboard. Students also receive instruction on creating full reports and publishing them on the Power BI service. Udemy also has another free Power BI course, Learn Power BI Fast, in which users learn how to create a professional Power BI report in under two hours. Participants also receive instruction and both basic and advanced data visualization concepts.

In addition, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI is free from edX. This course teaches students how to use Microsoft Power BI in approximately four weeks. Certification is available for those who pay for the course, or students can elect to simply explore the free content. 

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Comparing Online Methods with In-Person Learning 

For those who want to learn Microsoft Power BI, there are many learning options, both in person and online, to help you master this versatile tool. The primary study methods are in-person classes, live online coursework, and self-paced training. Deciding which format is best for you can depend on various factors, such as your learning style, professional goals, financial resources, and availability.

For extroverted learners, studying Power BI in-person is an excellent option. This engaging, interactive format allows you to not only receive feedback from an instructor who is in the room but also to connect with other learners. It provides the opportunity to ask questions as they arise and have an immediate response. Students studying in-person also have access to computer labs equipped with the most up-to-date software and applications. Although this type of study requires attending regularly scheduled meetings and commuting to and from campus, it provides opportunities such as the chance to network with peers and build professional portfolios.

If you are a learner who thrives on receiving instruction in real-time but doesn’t want to commute to and from class for each meeting, a great alternative is live online Power BI study. This learning format offers many of the same perks as in-person coursework, such as access to an instructor in real-time, hands-on lessons from skilled instructors, and support from classmates on the same learning path. Live online classes also provide the added benefit of allowing learners to study from the comfort of their own home or office space without having to battle traffic or search for parking. Courses are currently available for those new to Power BI and learners with more advanced BI training who are looking for advanced instruction.

Another way some people elect to study Power BI is in the asynchronous format. Unlike in-person and live online study, self-paced coursework typically consists of pre-recorded videos and tutorials. This allows students to complete coursework on their own time, around other professional or personal commitments. It also enables learners to pause the lesson to take notes or rewatch content as often as needed for retention purposes. This learning option is typically the most affordable; some providers even offer free Power BI classes. While self-paced study can provide an overview of how to use Power BI, it can be difficult in this format to learn more complex features and functions since there is no instructor on call to field questions.

Tips to Succeed when Learning Power BI Online

If you decide to study Power BI online, it can be an enriching and beneficial experience. However, this form of learning can also present challenges. The following list presents some helpful tips to get the most out of your online Power BI study:

  • Virtual learning requires self-discipline and time. You must ensure that you choose a class, video, or tutorial that is up-to-date on the newest Power BI version so you aren’t learning outdated information. In addition, you will need to spend a bit of time researching to ensure that the content you select is from a reputable source. When choosing an online Power BI learning type, selecting one that includes real-world training rather than simply theory is crucial. This will make it easier to learn and retain information. Because not all online learning options provide students with access to an instructor, another important consideration is choosing a learning type in which you feel comfortable that you will have your Power BI questions answered or can find the resources needed for this support.
  • Once you’ve selected a Power BI course or tutorial, it’s also important to have a quiet place for study. Unlike classroom lectures, which provide access to a designated computer lab, online study requires you to use your own space or find another suitable location for completing coursework. If you decide to work from home, you may consider establishing a small office or transforming a spare room into a quiet study area. Make sure it has a strong internet connection.
  • Because online study doesn’t always include access to an instructor who is available in real-time to answer questions, having a support network is essential to success. One excellent resource is the Power BI Community, which provides a platform for Power BI users to connect with business intelligence peers and experts. Various online forums are available, such as Power Query, Desktop, Developer, and Dax Commands and Tips, where Power BI users post questions and can find helpful answers. 
  • Like any skill, practice and patience are essential to mastering Power BI. Instead of trying to learn all of this tool’s data visualization and reporting features in a week, most people have a more successful learning process by spacing out their study over a month or so. Learning one Power BI skill is much more effective before moving on to the next. A great starting point is navigating the interface. Then, you may attempt to connect to different datasets. Another trick is to try to incorporate real-world examples into your study. You may try to work with free practice datasets or even use personal data from financial transactions or other sources to help reinforce the skills you’re acquiring and make it easier to remember them.

Learn Power BI with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop's Power BI Bootcamp is an excellent option if you want to learn more about using Power BI. This project-based course prepares students to use Power Query for data querying, Power BI’s data model for connecting to datasets, and its report view for designing interactive data visualizations and dashboards. Students work with different case studies to learn how to work with various Power BI capabilities and this tool’s DAX language for creating visualizations based on their data. All students have the option of a free retake for up to one year to revisit the material and gain additional practice.

Another excellent learning option for individuals who are interested in working with Power BI is Noble Desktop’s Data Analytics Certificate. This intensive course is offered in the in-person and live online format and provides participants with hands-on instruction with core data analytics and business intelligence tools and programs. Those enrolled complete real-world projects using Microsoft Excel, Python, SQL, and Tableau and have the option of also taking the Power BI Bootcamp free of charge. All students receive instruction from an expert instructor and one-on-one mentoring.

Key Insights

  • Microsoft Power BI is a popular business intelligence, data analytics, and visualization tool that helps users uncover insights into their organization’s data.
  • If you want to study Power BI, you can do so through live online classes, self-paced study, or videos and tutorials. 
  • If you decide to study in the online format, it’s crucial to have a quiet study space to use. It’s also essential to be patient and approach learning Power BI gradually. You also may seek support from the Power BI online community if you have questions or need additional guidance.
  • If you’re interested in receiving comprehensive Power BI training, Noble Desktop is a great educational resource.

How to Learn Power BI

Master Power BI with hands-on training. Power BI is a business intelligence tool made by Microsoft that is used to create dashboards and other data visualizations.

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