Importing Word documents into InDesign is a breeze if you know how to control the styling.

You know that horrible, headache-inducing feeling when you import a document into InDesign and nothing looks right? Well, that can be avoided. 

  1. Choose File > Place.

  2. Check on Show Import Options. (Mac users may need to click the Options button to see this.) TIP: If you check this on, the next time you place something you’ll have to remember to uncheck it or else you will continue to see import options for everything you place (including graphics).
    To only show import options one time, do NOT check on Show Import Options. Then hold Shift while clicking Open.

  3. In the dialog that appears you can remove styles and formatting, or control how styles are imported. Style mapping will let you map Word’s styles to your InDesign styles, even if they don’t have the same name!

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