Git Setup: Your Name & Email

Git Tips & Commands

Git allows you to work more easily with other developers. Because you want to know who worked on a file and how to contact them, you need to tell Git your name and email.

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Tell Git Your Name & Email

1. To access the command line, do the following instructions for your platform:

  • Mac: Go to Applications > Utilities and open
  • Windows: If you're already familiar with the Windows Command Prompt and prefer it, launch that app. Otherwise, launch Git Bash, which may be an icon on your Desktop, or in the Windows Start menu (possibly in a Git folder).

2. Enter the following command, replacing Your Name with your actual first and last name (but keep the quotes around it):

git config --global "Your Name"

3. Enter the following command, replacing with your actual email (but keep the quotes around it):

git config --global ""

Keep in mind that changing the name and email will only affect future work.

Checking Your Git Setup (Name & Email)

To check the name or email currently set in git, you can run the same commands, but without the value in quotes. So you'd use these commands:

git config --global

git config --global  

Go Beyond Git

Git is an essential tool for collaborating with other programmers. Learn Git and more through our coding classes & bootcamps:

How to Learn Git

Master Git with hands-on training. Git is a free, open-source version control system that allows developers to track the changes they make to code.

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