Figma Training & Classes for Employees: Review Corporate Training Options

An overview of the best corporate training options for Figma development.

Enhance your business's design capabilities with Figma corporate training. This tool, used by design and development teams, can significantly improve the quality of your company's webpages and apps, regardless of the industry you're in.

Key Insights

  • Figma is an industry-standard tool that facilitates real-time collaboration between design and development teams working on user interfaces for websites and apps.
  • Corporate training in Figma is beneficial for businesses of any size and industry, as it can level out design knowledge among team members and ease collaboration.
  • Such training can either be used to build new skills among employees or enhance existing ones, improving the company's overall production and reputation.
  • Noble Desktop offers both onsite and online Figma training, catering to the needs of businesses in New York City or those with remote employees.
  • Aside from short-term Figma boot camps, Noble also offers extensive training through their UX and UI Design, Web Design, or Digital Design Certificate programs.
  • Supplemental training options are also available for those who cannot accommodate on-site or daytime corporate training, with the option to buy bulk enrollment in Noble classes teaching Figma.

Figma is a browser-based tool for user interface design. It allows team members to work together on the same design at the same time. A corporation with design teams that collaborate on websites or apps might want Figma training for its team members. Read on to learn about what to consider when looking for corporate Figma training options and to learn about the options that are available for onsite and online training.

What is Figma?

Figma is a user interface design tool. Designers work on shared documents to build interactive webpage prototypes. Then, users can test these prototypes to ensure the designs meet all requirements. This makes Figma ideal for building complex and accessible webpages. 

Figma is also a vector graphics design tool, meaning all designs produced are resizable and replicable. This is important for optimizing layouts across devices and platforms. Since Figma prides itself on its collaborative community, there are many readily available plug-ins, templates, and widgets that make designing interfaces easier. 

Read more about what Figma is and why you should learn it.

What Can You Do with Figma Skills?

Figma lets users collaborate in real-time to build user interfaces. Using vector graphics design tools, teams create wireframe layouts that can be optimized across devices. They can add interactive elements such as scrolling and hovering functionalities to their designs, so their webpages look and feel modern. Figma lets designers produce working prototypes that users can test and give feedback on.

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In addition, because Figma is such a potent collaboration tool, there is a massive community of designers and developers constantly creating new plug-ins, templates, and widgets for public consumption. Every day, new Figma resources are being developed.

Benefits of Figma Corporate Training

Corporate training in Figma can be beneficial to corporations of any size. While Figma is a standard software competency for User Experience and Web Designers, it is not always taught in the relevant college programs. People who work in these positions also do not necessarily have the same education, meaning that some may have knowledge of Figma and others may not. Leveling out your team’s knowledge can ease collaboration on designs.

Even more experienced UX or Web Designers may not be familiar with Figma. They may, instead, have used comparable programs like Adobe XD or Sketch. If you want your team to use Figma, you’ll need to bring both experienced and new designers on board with this particular competency. Like any software, Figma has its quirks, as well as its advantages, and organized training can help you bypass issues these technical quirks may create.

If you run a small business, you may be wondering whether corporate training is a logical investment for you, especially if you only have one or two designers on your team. However, in addition to allowing designers to communicate among themselves, Figma can also be useful for allowing developers and managers to easily give feedback on designs without needing to know how to create designs themselves. So no matter the size of your business, as long as you use web technology, corporate Figma training can be helpful.

Who Benefits Most from Figma Corporate Training?

Not only can corporations of any size benefit from corporate training, but those in any industry can as well. Even if you run a corporation that has nothing to do with the tech sector, if your business needs a website or app designed, corporate Figma training can be helpful for you. Figma is an industry-standard tool for web design and development, and if you want your site or app to look professional, you’ll want your designers to know how to use Figma. While a business that is not design-focused won’t need Figma training for its entire team, training a small group of designers and developers can provide significant benefits for the organization as a whole.

New Skills or Upskilling?

Corporate Figma training can be useful either for building new skills or for helping trained employees enhance their existing skills. Either way, it will typically be best suited to training a small group, unless your entire organization is a design firm. Most corporations that use web technology have individuals or teams dedicated to designing those sites or apps. Training your design teams on the new skill of Figma will enhance the production and reputation of your whole company.

Providing small teams with corporate training on Figma is helpful because it is a specialized topic suited to employees who already have an understanding of design principles. They may already know other graphic design programs, but upskilling with Figma will be useful because the program will facilitate collaboration among your team members. Even if you only have a few designers on your team, collaboration is highly beneficial to the creative effort of design.

Onsite or Online?

Both on-site and online Figma training are available to corporations through Noble Desktop. You may be wondering which will be a better fit for your and your employees. This section will help you decide.

Noble offers on-site Figma courses for corporate employees in New York City. If you have an office in the area, Noble Desktop can bring Figma training to you. The advantage of this method is that many people learn best in person, with an instructor and colleagues that they can form a bond with to stimulate the learning process. This will also allow employees to use their in-office computers, so they’ll be studying on the same equipment they use at work.

If you’re headquartered elsewhere or have remote employees, you can provide online training for your workers instead. Using the online option will allow you to give your employees the same training regardless of where they are located. You can also avoid paying employees to travel for the sole purpose of training.

Training Options for Employees

Noble Desktop provides a variety of possible options for corporate Figma training. This section gives you a rundown of the choices you have available to you.

If you’re looking for a short-term training in Figma exclusively, Noble’s Figma bootcamps could be a good option for you. For employers able to devote full days to Figma training, Noble offers two-day bootcamps with training from 10 AM to 5 PM. Those who need to provide evening training to their employees instead can opt for a 10-day bootcamp with meetings two days a week.

Corporations who want to invest in more extensive training can provide access to Noble certificate programs to their employees. Relevant certificates include their UX and UI Design Certificate, Web Design Certificate, or Digital Design Certificate. If you have promising employees who can benefit from learning Figma and more, you may want to consider purchasing these programs for them.

Supplemental Training Options

If logistics prevent doing on-site or daytime corporate training for your employees, another option is buying bulk enrollment in Noble classes that teach Figma. This will allow you to provide your workers with training outside of your business hours. To find out more, contact Noble at or check out Noble’s options for corporate Figma training.

Key Takeaways

  • Figma is a tool that allows design and development teams to collaborate
  • Corporations of any size and in any industry can benefit from corporate training in Figma
  • Figma training is best suited for a small team within your company, but it will enhance the work and reputation of your entire organization
  • Onsite training is advantageous because in-person learning is preferable for many types of learners
  • Online training can be helpful if you have remote employees in a variety of locations
  • You can also arrange supplemental training outside business hours by purchasing bulk enrollment in Noble courses for your employees
  • Comprehensive corporate Figma training is available through Noble Desktop, either in person or online

How to Learn Figma

Master Figma with hands-on training. Figma is a popular design application for creating, editing, and sharing clickable prototypes of websites and mobile apps.

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