Learn how to use the Rectangle Command to make rectangular polylines. Polylines are lines that are single objects, even if they are made of multiple line segments. For example. if you draw a rectangle with the Line Command, each side will be a separate object, whereas the Rectangle Command makes a single continuous line.

Make sure you have our free AutoCAD class files downloaded prior to beginning the tutorial.

Using the Rectangle Command

1. To draw a rectangle, in the top  Ribbon panel click on the  Rectangle tool .

You'll see that the  Rectangle Command has been started.

2. Similar to the Line Command, once you start the  Rectangle Command you need to establish a starting corner point by either clicking with your mouse or typing in an X,Y coordinate.

Type in a first corner point of  2,2  then press  Enter

3. To complete the rectangle we need to specify the coordinates for the opposite corner to the starting point.

Type in 4,6 then press Enter Notice that this second X,Y coordinate established the width (4 units wide) and height (6 units high) of the rectangle and completed the command.

NOTE: You can also enter negative X,Y values to specify the opposite corner to the left and/or below the starting corner point.

4. Press Enter to repeat the Rectangle Command to draw the second rectangle.

5. Type in the X,Y coordinate of 8,11 and press Enter for the first corner point.

6. Type 10,4 and press Enter to place the opposite corner of the second rectangle.

7. Save the file by going to File > Save As and navigating into Class Files > AutoCAD Class

8. Name the file rectangle line drawing.dwg and click Save

Dynamic Input

If you disable the Dynamic Input button in the Status Bar, AutoCAD will revert to the Absolute Coordinate format. This will have a major effect on how the Rectangle Command works. If coordinates are set to absolute, entering an XY value for the Rectangle Command will place the opposite corner at that XY coordinate instead of setting the width and height. So if you enter an X and Y of 5,3, the opposite corner of the rectangle will be placed at 5X, 3Y on the XY grid, rather than having a width of 5 and a height of 3. If you are getting unexpected and undesirable results from the Rectangle Command, check to see if the Dynamic Input is turned on.