Best Free Accounting Resources & Tutorials

Embarking on a career in accounting? Equip yourself with the necessary skills through free online resources and unlock a variety of career paths such as auditing clerk or accounting assistant. Enhance your knowledge from beginner-level concepts to advanced topics like financial analysis and auditing.

Key Insights

  • Accounting involves the recording, storing, and presentation of financial transactions. It is essential for every company as it provides insight into a company's financial health.
  • Completing accounting courses opens doors to various career paths, and full accounting degrees offer international opportunities.
  • Free online resources, such as seminars and tutorial videos, are available for individuals to learn accounting. Noble Desktop offers free accounting seminars.
  • Noble's free seminar, Intro to Financial Accounting, covers important topics such as cash vs. accrual accounting, income statement basics, balance sheet equation, and the statement of cash flows.
  • Roles for those who have taken some accounting classes include auditing clerk or accounting assistant. The more courses an individual completes, the more career options they have.
  • Noble Desktop's Financial Analyst Training Program equips individuals with basic and intermediate Excel skills, as well as critical financial and corporate finance understanding.

Many professionals are eager to learn accounting, but they hesitate because of the perceived up-front costs. Some college programs can cost thousands of dollars. However, many free resources are available to help beginners get the hang of this exciting program. 

Read on to learn more about the free resources and tutorials available to help you learn accounting. 

What is Accounting?

Accounting involves recording financial transactions and storing and presenting the results in different reports or analyses. It provides proper insight into a company’s financial health. Different accounting types include financial, management, and tax accounting. Employing Accountants is necessary for every company. 

Experts Accountants are crucial to a company’s reliable decision-making, predictable cost planning, and accurate measurement of economic performance. In small businesses, accounting may be handled by a bookkeeper or an accountant, some of which work part-time for several companies. Larger companies may have entire finance departments. 

Learn more about accounting, why you should learn it, and possible careers through Noble’s comprehensive guide.

What Can You Do with Accounting?

Accounting can be a challenging but enjoyable field of study. Individuals can use their skills to start a business or improve their lives outside work. Generally, accounting courses provide valuable knowledge on managing a budget and expenses effectively. 

By completing accounting courses, individuals learn a broad range of topics. Beginner-level accounting courses cover tax returns, financial statements, and computer applications like Microsoft Excel. Advanced courses may dive deeper into financial analysis and presentation, auditing, fraud examination, and international accounting. The more courses an individual completes, the more options the same individual has. Each course opens doors to different career paths. Possible roles for those who have taken some accounting classes include an auditing clerk or an accounting assistant. 

Students who complete full accounting degrees may take advantage of international opportunities. Individuals who wish to work abroad can easily find jobs overseas, as most accounting principles are not specific to one region. Good recommendations for career advancements and can be used as stepping-stones for other degrees. There are several opportunities to volunteer for large organizations, as they constantly need more Accountants. Individuals can even use their degrees to further their education towards other topics, such as law. 

Free Resources for Online Learning

There are several free resources available for individuals to learn accounting. There are free online seminars and tutorial videos available. Noble Desktop offers free accounting seminars. There are tutorials, guides, blog posts, and YouTube videos available. There are in-depth accounting tutorials available. The videos provide detailed descriptions of accounting essentials and the steps needed to master them. Individuals can read articles, watch tutorials, and use other resources related to accounting. 

One of Noble’s free seminars is Intro to Financial Accounting. Through this seminar, individuals learn the basics of financial accounting and vital financial statements with examples from actual financials. Key topics covered include the following:

  • Cash vs. accrual accounting.
  • Income statement basics.
  • Balance sheet equation.
  • Statement of cash flows. 

Noble Desktop’s Blog and Learn page lists the ten most useful Excel skills for Accountants and other skills. There are several articles available for beginners to learn critical information. Accounting blogs can offer free expert advice on accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes. Blogs are perfect for beginners, small-business owners, and other professionals looking for tips and tricks. 

Key Insights

  •  Accounting provides a clear picture of a business’s financial position and lets them know if they’re making a profit and which parts of the company are making money. 
  • Video tutorials are great for learning basic accounting principles and can be paused or rewatched as often as needed. 
  • There are different videos for individuals to utilize while learning accounting. 
  • Noble Desktop’s online search tool allows individuals to find and compare the best accounting videos online. 

Learn Accounting with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Individuals can learn accounting through finance classes with hands-on training at Noble Desktop. Finance courses boast small class sizes, expert instructors, and free retakes. Noble’s Financial Analyst Training Program teaches excel and critical financial and corporate finance options. Individuals gain basic and intermediate skills in Excel while learning to build a comprehensive valuation model for a public company. Critical concepts taught include advanced Excel for financial modeling and accounting, corporate finance, and valuation. 

Noble also offers Intro to Financial Accounting, through which individuals master the fundamentals of financial accounting and begin taking the next steps in accounting or finance. Enrollees see real-life examples and go through real 10-K’s to better understand how accounting concepts apply to large companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. 

How to Learn Finance

Master finance with hands-on training. Learning skills like financial modeling, stock investing, and data analysis can help pave the way to a career in finance or FinTech (financial technology).

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