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Instructors Wanted

Instructors Wanted

We are always looking for new instructors, because good teachers are hard to find. We're seeking instructors who can teach days, evenings, or weekends, usually on a freelance basis. If you are full-time employed using graphics software, this is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills, make some extra money, and have fun as well.

There are three prerequisites to become an instructor at Noble. If you meet the criteria, we’d like to hear from you. Once you get started at Noble, you may find teaching as fun as our students find learning!

We are always looking for instructors for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Final Cut and more. If you are an expert that would like to teach, we encourage you to contact us. Please send an intro to . We look forward to hearing from you!

Instructor Criteria

  1. Be a pro with the software you teach.

    If you are going to teach a software, you better be an expert at it. Our students are demanding. They come from the top ad agencies, publishers, and Fortune 500 companies. They are smart. They will ask you difficult, esoteric questions, and you must be able to answer them. If you only know a software well enough to teach a total beginner, you do not qualify.

  2. Be affable and good with people. People must like you.

    How many times have we tried out instructors that cannot communicate with students? More than we care to admit! To be a good instructor, you need to have a comfortable demeanor. You must be able to get along with almost any type of personality. At Noble, you are like a friend showing another friend how to use the computer. That is the comfort level we hope every student feels. If you cannot warm up to people (and vice versa), then this isn’t your bag.

  3. Know how to explain things in a logical manner.

    We are baffled by the lack of good instructors out there. Why? Because it seems easy enough to show the steps of how to use software. There are plenty of people who meet the above two prerequisites, but who just cannot teach. You must have patience and an easygoing manner. When you teach your first class at Noble, we not only monitor it, we ask all of the students for an evaluation. If they don’t think you are GREAT, then we will not use you again. If you are not rated “excellent” by the majority of students, it doesn’t go any further!