Explore the difference between certificates and certifications in data analytics and understand how additional educational opportunities can enhance your career. Learn about course offerings like data analytics, data science, and programming fundamentals, and see how Noble Desktop can help you achieve your professional goals.

Key Insights

  • Certificate programs in data analytics do not require an exam but provide industry-relevant training in necessary skills, tools, and programs, while certifications demonstrate a solid grasp of data analysis and management skills.
  • Most certificate programs can be completed in twelve months or less, making them a good option for those who want to receive industry-relevant training without spending four or more years on college courses.
  • Online certificate options offer flexibility for learners with work or family commitments, enabling students to study course material at their own convenience.
  • There are several data analytics certifications available, including the CompTIA Data+ Certification, Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate, and the Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analyst.
  • Other educational options for data analytics include undergraduate or graduate-level work in data analytics, data science, statistics, or related fields, as well as free data analytics courses.
  • Noble Desktop offers data analytics classes in New York City and in the live online format, providing industry-relevant job training in Excel, Python, data science, and data analytics technologies. They also offer a Data Science Certificate program.

Each day, an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. The demand is greater than ever for qualified Data Analysts to help analyze this information. The good news is that there are many educational options available for those who are new to data analytics, as well as seasoned Data Analysts hoping to switch industry focus or climb the professional ladder into management positions. Some Data Analysts elect to study in a formal educational environment, at the college or graduate level. Others choose to pursue a certificate or certification.

This article will take a closer look at certificate and certification options in Data Analytics, as well as the benefits of each of these paths.

Certificate in Data Analytics

If you are looking to add skills to your data analytics repertoire, one great learning option is to pursue a certificate in Data Analytics. A data analytics certificate program is generally a course offered by a training school in which the student receives a certificate upon course completion. Although most certificate programs don’t require students to sit for an exam, they do provide industry-relevant training in many of the skills, programs, and tools necessary for a Data Analyst to succeed professionally. Even though a certificate doesn’t lead to professional certification in data analytics, it indicates that you have received training and education in a specific area of focus.

Those who are interested in obtaining a certificate in data analytics often opt for this course of study for several reasons:

Certification in Data Analytics

For some learners, pursuing a certification in Data Analytics or a related field is a great way to

to demonstrate to employers that they have a solid grasp of data analysis and management skills. Data Analytics certification is a professional credential that’s earned either by a skills assessment or by passing an exam. Completing a certificate indicates to employers that you have the necessary, industry-standard skills to successfully perform a data analytics job. Some students opt to enroll in classes via a training school to brush up on commonly tested material. The assessment or exam is generally given by a third party.

While the CompTIA Data+ certification is vendor-neutral, others are offered by companies such as Microsoft and provide a more specialized training:

Which is Right for Me?

When deciding between a certificate in data analytics and a certification, there are a few considerations. For the most part, certifications hold more weight than certificates because they indicate that a candidate has the required data analytics skills to be employable in this field. Certificates, on the other hand, can’t offer this same assurance, but are valuable in that they indicate to hiring managers that an applicant is committed to learning data analytics. When deciding which of these educational opportunities is best for you, understanding the needs of your employer, as well as your own professional goals, is a helpful first step.

In addition, it’s important to remember that not all data analytics jobs require certification or a certificate for employment. Some Data Analysts elect for other educational options instead.

Other Educational Options in Data Analytics

In addition to certificates and certifications in Data Analytics, there are also other educational options available for those who wish to pursue this field, such as undergraduate study or graduate-level work in data analytics, data science, statistics, or another related field. Free data analytics courses are also offered for those who wish to see if data analytics is a good match for them, as well as for those who aren’t fully ready for a deep dive into analytics. These relatively short classes span several hours or days of learning, and provide self-guided coursework for those who have little to no experience with analyzing data. Free data analytics classes are currently available through educators such as Springboard, CareerFoundry, and Harvard.

Hands-on Data Analytics Classes

There are many exciting learning options available for those who are interested in studying data analytics. These courses provide industry-relevant job training that can open many professional doors for Freelance Data Analysts, as well as anyone working with data. For those who want to learn more about how to process, analyze, and ultimately visualize big data, Noble Desktop’s data analytics classes are a great starting point. Courses are offered in New York City, as well as in the live online format in topics like Excel, Python, data science, and data analytics technologies, among others.

In addition, more than 170 live online data analytics courses are also available in data analytics and visualization from top providers. Topics offered include FinTech, Excel for Business, and Tableau, among others. Courses range from three hours to nine months and cost from $229 to $60,229. For those interested in pursuing a certificate degree, Noble has you covered as well. Their Data Science Certificate teaches machine learning models, programming fundamentals, and data analysis.

Additionally, Noble’s Data Analytics Classes Near Me tool provides an easy way to locate and browse approximately 400 data analytics classes currently offered in in-person and live online formats. Course lengths vary from three hours to nine months and cost $119-$60,229.