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Keynote ’09 Book

Step-by-Step Training Workbook:

Keynote is Apple’s powerful answer to PowerPoint. A gorgeous look, straight-forward design, and a variety of ways to show your presentation makes Keynote a versatile tool. Whether giving your presentation to a large audience or uploading it to the web, Keynote lets you get your message across. Keynote can be simple enough to let you breeze through creating a presentation, or powerful enough to amaze friends, family and co-workers with sharp, modern, and detailed design. This course takes you through the complete basics of Keynote, including making a presentation, creating themes, customizing animations, importing media, sharing your work, and more!

Includes Downloadable Class Files (works on Mac)
ISBN: 978-1-934624-54-8

Section 1
Setting Up For Class: Do This Exercise First!
  • Setting Up Class Files
Master Slides
  • Choosing Themes
  • The Keynote Workspace
  • Setting Backgrounds
  • Adding Images and Shapes
  • Resizing Images, Shapes, and Text Boxes
Master Slides: Part Two
  • Setting Theme Colors
  • Formatting Text & Bullets
  • Duplicating Master Slides
  • Adding Text Shadow
Formatting Text
  • Moving Content Between Presentations
  • Using Master Slides
  • Using Find & Replace to Fix Spelling Errors
Creating Custom Slide Layouts
  • Quote Layout
  • 3-Column Layout
  • Aligning Objects
  • Formatting Lines
Working with Images
  • Inserting Images
  • Using a Mask to Crop Images
  • Working with Object Placeholder
  • Working with Media Placeholders
Section 2
Working with Shapes
  • Adding Guides
  • Creating a Default Shape
  • Working with Squares, Lines and Circles
  • Grouping Shapes
  • Using Guides to Position Objects
  • Using Highlights to Indicate Upcoming Sections
Applying Gradients
  • Creating an Advanced Gradient
  • Creating and Aligning Grouped Shapes
  • Selecting Table Cells
  • Adding Rows and Columns
  • Adding Color to Table Rows
  • Styling the Cell Borders
Maps with Placemarks
  • Adjusting Images within Keynote
  • Creating and Positioning Placemarks
  • Flipping Objects
3D Line Charts
  • Resizing a 3D Chart
  • Formatting Charts
  • Chart Inspector: The Axis Tab
  • Chart Inspector: The Series Tab
3D Pie Charts
  • Inputting Data in the Chart Data Editor
  • Changing the Colors in a Pie Chart
  • Styling and Positioning a 3D Pie Chart
  • Creating a Custom Legend
Bar Chart
  • Converting an Existing Chart
  • Adding Value Labels to Clarify Data
Bonus Exercises
Animations and Transitions: Award Show
  • Animating Shapes
  • Transitions
More Award Show Slides
  • Animating Text
  • Magic Move
Organizing a Presentation with Sections
  • Creating Sections
Advanced Transitions and Animations
  • Animating Tables
  • Animating 3D Objects
  • Animating Masked Photos
  • Adding Slide Transitions
  • Export As Quicktime
  • Export As PDF
  • Export As Images
  • Export As HTML
Extras: Notes, Videos, Audio & More
  • Notes
  • Comments
  • Videos
  • Hyperlinks
  • Audio
Animation Effects Gone Wild: Part One
  • More Master Slides
  • More Shapes and Images
Animation Effects Gone Wild: Part Two
  • Creating Builds
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Smart Builds

Examples of What You Learn

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