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The Benefits of Improving Your AutoCAD Skills

AutoCAD is the most widely used computer-aided design (CAD) software by architects, engineers, construction drafters, and many other workers. Statistics released by Autodesk (the manufacturer of AutoCAD) reveal just how many people have realized how valuable the proper use of the program can be:

  • In the last two years, the free AutoCAD WS software has been downloaded more than 7 million times
  • Each week, 300,000 drawings are uploaded to the AutoCAD WS cloud which equates to 1,800 files an hour or 30 files a minute

AutoCAD training classes benefit more than just individual business professionals, though. Businesses who invest in AutoCAD training frequently experience increased productivity because AutoCAD users often begin to immediately use the software in more productive ways rather than wasting time trying to learn the software while keeping up with demands of a busy job.

There is a good reason for AutoCAD’s popularity because the program offers several benefits that are not available with other programs. This article examines several of the advantages that workers often gain by enrolling in AutoCAD classes.

# 1 - By Learning AutoCAD, You Acquire a Craft

Learning how to design with AutoCAD provides users with technical skills that can be applied in a number of fields. Because AutoCAD offers a way to create and modify images, companies have made the program part of many positions, which include the following:

  • Many architects use AutoCAD to design a variety of structures ranging from commercial buildings to homes.
  • A large number of drafters rely on AutoCAD to create blueprints off of concepts and initial drawings. These blueprints are then used to build machines, structures, and tools.
  • Many engineers rely on AutoCAD to design machines as well as solve problems for everything ranging from large commercial centers to small circuits.

# 2 - You Will Be Better at Many Other Design Tools

One of the most challenging parts of working at a new company is transitioning to new software. The paired down interface used in AutoCAD makes it much less challenging for workers to transition to other design tools than if the worker had tried to learn the new program from scratch.

Some of the design programs that workers have an easier time transitioning to as a result of AutoCAD include Solid Edge, Solid Works, and Microstation. A few of the reasons why workers find it easier to transition to these programs include:

  • Many AutoCAD functions are similar to other design problems, which often means a much shorter learning curve.
  • AutoCAD has the same hardware requirements as other programs, which means that workers are almost always able to run both programs on the same
  • Many people discover that they can keep their AutoCAD key-ins with similar design programs, which decreases the required adaptation time.

# 3 - Master the 3D Printing Trend

3D printing is currently one of the most popular trends in the manufacturing industry, which relies on AutoCAD and other design programs to create prototypes for the printing process. As a result, learning AutoCAD can help you become an in-demand professional in the 3D printing industry.

Some of the other trendsetting ways in which AutoCAD is used include the following:

  • In the fashion industry. The companies that create elaborate jewelry do so by planning these designs with programs like AutoCAD.
  • As a graphic design tool. AutoCAD lets users take advantages of the spaces that are available in a design. The program can also be paired with a variety of animation tools for memorable graphics.
  • In industrial designs. AutoCAD helps reduce the prices associated with manufacturing costs because it is a much more efficient method than what can be done with manual design. As a result, mastering AutoCAD can play a significant role in the industrial design industry.

#4 - It Will Be Easier to Secure Freelance Work

An AutoCAD course can provide you with some of the most valuable assets that you can learn as a design professional. As a result, many people who develop their AutoCAD skills are often easily able to monetize their talents. By building a strong resume around skills learned in AutoCAD, you will have a competitive work portfolio that can be used to secure jobs on various freelancing platforms.

Just a few of the most important valuable skills that can be learned through an AutoCAD course include:

  • How to effectively organize and title files
  • Layer management skills that help group files together
  • How to respond when a drawing goes through a revision
  • How to represent the dimensions of a space accurately and clearly

Enroll in an AutoCAD Class Today

Whether you’re a beginner, a novice, or an expert, enrolling in an AutoCAD course is the best way to begin realizing the benefits that this software offers. In our AutoCAD courses, you can learn a variety of techniques to improve your productivity, precision, creativity, and efficiency with both 2D and 3D drawings. Contact us today to not just learn about our AutoCAD programs, but to find out about the other design classes and certificate programs that we offer.

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