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Video: Top 10 Beginner Excel Tricks You Need to Know

In this video, we'll cover various tips and tricks for beginners to improve their Excel skills. Get a taste of some of the tricks and techniques we cover in our Excel classes with this video. We'll touch on various chart features, calculation features, shortcuts, and more.

To master these tricks and more in hands-on training see our Excel classes, offered in-person or live online by our affiliate school, NYIM.

In this video seminar we’ll cover:

  • Autofill: Automation for patterns with Excel native feature
  • Absolute Cell Reference: Carry one cell across many other cells in a calculation
  • Charts: Basics of column charts, line charts, and pie charts
  • Work with Text: Learn to split and join text
  • Data Validation: Create a dropdown of valid entries for a group of cells
  • Remove Duplicates: Quickly get rid of duplicates in a list
  • More: Cell navigation, Paste Special, and Excel shortcuts
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