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5 Apps You Use Every Day That Are Built with Python

Since established almost 30 years ago, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages. Current tech giants like Instagram and Spotify use Python to create smooth functioning and better user experience/interface (UX/UI). Python essentially has three main uses: web development, data science (such as machine learning), and scripting.

Many of the top modern-day tech companies are choosing Python, and rightly so. Here are the top 5 apps built with Python:


Instagram dominates most social channels due to its incredible ability to provide a great experience in uploading and sharing visual context. Instagram revolutionized the way images and videos are shared, which have become a part of an entire social culture.

The popular picture-sharing app relies heavily on Python to build proper functioning, including the video-sharing services and its live uploads.


The most prominent search engine in the world depends on Python. Due to its high efficiency in Google internal systems, Python is the number one language used in Google, and there's no end in sight. Python can be found in many areas hosted by Google, including Google App Engine, Google Code, AdWords, and Google APIs.

As Python prides itself on many strengths--including flexibility, scalability, and excellent performance--it's no secret that the best engine in the world utilizes this language to drive its flawless production.


Spotify, one of the most popular music apps in the world, is known for its instant listening features with zero buffering issues. Since 2008, Spotify has reached about 75 billion paid subscribers and is continuing to thrive in the market due to its high-end capabilities and perfect speed.

While the online website is housed on WordPress, the Spotify application used by billions is built using Python. Similarly, the back-end of the Spotify app uses other interdependent services, but about 80% of the entire system is Python-based.


If you’re not familiar with Netflix, we'd be surprised! It’s the world’s leading internet television network with an estimated 33 million members in 40 countries around the globe. It’s interesting to know that while developers at Netflix had the freedom to choose which technologies would be most appropriate for the relevant goal, they chose Python.

The most popular internet television network chose Python due to its rich artillery of expressive syntax, large developer communities, standard library, and third-party tools for solving any technical concerns. Python has been extremely efficient and reliable for Netflix, contributing to service quality and competitive innovation.


Home for all of your files, documents, videos, and photos, DropBox is a go-to application for ultimate storage. This powerful app is so efficient that it quickly scaled from 2000 to 200 million users. Dropbox’s former head of engineering, Rajiv Eranki, stated that they used Python for virtually everything.

As you may imagine, Dropbox needs high functionality and a well-built system with high capacity to be almost flawless, given its importance in storing others’ files. Python fundamentally powers a significant part of the Dropbox experience, including both at the backend and the client.

A talk from PyCon 2011 by a dropbox engineer stated that DropBox chose to use Python for its cross-platform support, ease of learning, and readability. These specific Dropbox features were crucial to the dynamics of their early and rapid scaling. Python’s expeditious development cycle made it possible for implementing, testing, and deploying new features.

Python has proven itself to be a reliable language used by the top tech giants and is highly trusted for top performance. With its great demand and accessibility to large community networks, learning Python can be a game-changer in the programming world.

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